Thursday, September 5, 2013
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Talking Points Memo
Factor Analysis of the War in Syria
"Both conservatives and liberals are split over Syria, and there is no question that storm clouds are gathering over the Obama administration because the President is in trouble. He needs Congress to affirm his decision to affirm military action and Congress may not do it. Talking Points is fascinated by how some prominent Americans are coming down on the issue, so let's define the opinions of some well-known people. We believe President Bush and President Clinton support action against Assad; former Vice President Dick Cheney has doubts that a strike would accomplish much. Senator Marco Rubio opposes a strike against Assad, while Nancy Pelosi is on board with an attack. Harry Reid also supports an attack, while Rush Limbaugh says the Obama administration is incapable of effective action and the Syrian plan is incoherent. Colin Powell is against attacking Assad, while Glenn Beck believes it could lead to World War III. So while opinions are all over the place, Talking Points believes the debate is healthy and there are good points on both sides. Syria is not an immediate threat to the USA, but Assad's main supporter, Iran, could very well defy the world and develop a nuclear weapon if emboldened by the lack of action against Syria. For those of you who are thinking clearly, it is important to understand that if the USA does not hold Assad accountable for using poison gas against civilians, that prohibition goes away forever. It amazes me that Russia and China continue to arm and support Syria and Iran, knowing both countries are gross human rights violators and condone mass murder. Back in America, it distresses me that some on the left will not support military action designed to protect and strengthen this country, while some on the right despise Barack Obama so much that whatever he does, they oppose. We Americans should always put country first. That being said, oppose action against Syria if you believe it would cause more harm to this country than good in the long run. I don't believe that, but I could be wrong. The Syrian dilemma is complicated and it doesn't help that America has few friends in that region. But the friends we do have badly want Assad deposed, while our primary enemy in the world, Iran, desperately wants to keep him in power. You may want to do the math."
Impact Segment
Taking a Stance on Syria
Guest: Laura Ingraham
The Factor was joined by radio talk show host Laura Ingraham, who supported the war in Iraq but opposes a military strike in Syria. "At the beginning of the war in Iraq," she recalled, "we believed the intelligence on WMD and that we could have a leadership in Iraq that would be pluralistic and that would respect religious minorities. Most of that turned out to be wishful thinking, lives have been destroyed, and Iraq is in total chaos. I don't want to see more men and women in Wounded Warriors commercials because their lives have been destroyed by another military engagement. We would lose moral authority by acting in Syria - our public is against it, most military people and veterans are against it, and most players in the world are against it!"
Weekdays with Geraldo
Syria, Politics & More
Guest: Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Rivera entered the No Spin Zone with his take on a possible attack. "I was absolutely horrified by the video of those children being gassed," he declared, "and I believe Assad did it. But I was equally horrified by the video that came out today showing Syrian rebels assassinating captured Syrian soldiers after torturing them. These are the rebels we would be supporting were we to attack Assad. In the words of Senator Ted Cruz, we can not be the air force for Al Qaeda." The Factor reminded Rivera, "Your guy Barack Obama's power will be severely weakened if he does nothing." Rivera also opined on Anthony Weiner's shouting match with a New Yorker who called him a "deviant." "This man was in Anthony Weiner's face," Rivera observed, "he was obnoxious and he was intentionally provocative. He said, 'You're married to an Arab.' This goes too far and I absolutely do not blame Weiner at all."
Factor Follow Up Segment
Far Left Politics in the Classroom
Guest: MSU Student Evan Schrage
As The Factor reported previously, Michigan State professor William Penn was caught on tape telling his students that Republicans are "dying white people" who have "raped this country." The student who taped Penn's rant, 19-year-old sophomore Evan Schrage, explained why he did it. "I honestly could not believe what was happening," Schrage said. "This man was using his position as a professor to indoctrinate students into thinking in a way that was pleasing to him, and I didn't feel any college student should have to listen to that." The Factor lamented that while Penn has been relieved of teaching duties this semester, he is still getting paid by Michigan State University and Michigan taxpayers.
What the Heck Just Happened Segment
John McCain - Flushed Out
Guests: Greg Gutfeld & Bernard McGuirk
Senator John McCain was caught playing a video poker game on his phone during this week's hearings on Syria, thus providing a healthy pot for Bernard McGuirk and Greg Gutfeld. "I know it looked silly," Gutfeld began, "but the fact is that if the guy wants to play Yahtzee he can. He spent five-and-a-half years in a prison camp and he had to learn how to pass time in the worst possible conditions. We should be happy that a lot of politicians are distracted because they do more damage when they are not distracted." McGuirk agreed that McCain deserves a poker pardon. "I always disagree 100% with Senator John McCain, but I love and respect him. I think that if he could he would take this moment back, it was a serious hearing. But I say give him a pass." Gutfeld also opined on Miley Cyrus' defense of her raunchy performance at the MTV awards show. "The most shocking thing," he observed, "is hearing her voice when she talks. She's like Madge from the Palmolive commercials, she sounds like a 40-year-old truck driver. I don't like here because she's saying all you need is attention minus achievement, which is the worst thing to tell people."
Watters' World Segment
Dumbest Things!
Guest: Jesse Watters
As a sequel to last week's special edition, Watters' World looked back at more of the ridiculous things folks have uttered to Jesse Watters. Who can forget the young bathing beauty who didn't know the meaning of the word 'liberal,' or the other genius who thought Benjamin Franklin was our 100th president? There was also the man who wanted nothing more than to be a skeleton in a science lab after his death. Once again, Watters managed to unearth a treasure trove of stunning stupidity.
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Al Vega, Stanton, CA: "Bill, I went to vote on your poll about Syria. First, I opposed action. Then I heard your Talking Points and changed my mind. Then I heard Rand Paul and changed again."

Ron Scharf, St. Louis, MO: "If Karl Rove, John McCain, or Bill O'Reilly were in the White House, I believe the majority of Americans would support action against Assad. But with Obama's record, definitely no."

Eileen Hamberger, Buffalo, NY: "Powers and Obenshain made great points. The only one giving me a headache last night was you, Bill."

Sandy Scherma, Victoria, Australia: "I am deeply troubled that you are pushing an attack on Syria, so much so that I can't watch the Factor anymore, Bill."
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Straight Talk Prevails
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