Friday, September 13, 2013
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Talking Points Memo
The Times are Changing
"In Colorado this week, two state senators were kicked out of office for their anti-gun votes. Angela Giron and John Morse supported a new gun control measure, so voters in their districts recalled them and they're out. The question is, have the folks finally had enough? Colorado has become a very liberal state - legalizing pot, failing to pass Jessica's Law, and generally being run by far-left people in Denver. But now, with the senators being booted out, change may be in the air. There's no question that this country is changing dramatically and many Americans are fed up, so folks in Colorado got the recall in motion and defeated politicians they felt were harming them. Every state and every district can do that. If you watch The Factor, you know I'm not an ideologue, I want the best problem-solvers to be elected. But this country is becoming far too dependent on government and the intrusion from Washington and the state capitals is sapping initiative and punishing people who achieve things. What happened in Colorado should be encouraging to those who value self-reliance and freedom, but we may be outnumbered."
Top Story
History Repeating Itself?
The Factor was joined by military analyst Col. David Hunt, who compared the situation in Syria with the NATO bombing that stopped "ethnic cleansing" in Kosovo. "Bombing might stop what's happening in Syria," Hunt said, "but the problem is that the side we're going with has Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. We're now supplying the rebels who are part of Al Qaeda and I don't think it's worth the risk. I feel terrible that kids were killed, but I do not see the difference between a child being killed by a bullet or gas." The Factor disagreed and put forth the argument for military action. "There's no doubt there are Islamists there, but on the other side you have Assad, Hezbollah, Iran, and Putin. The CIA is trying to arm groups that are not Al Qaeda, and I don't think I'm being unreasonable in thinking that could happen."
Impact Segment
An Inside Look at Vladimir Putin
The Factor welcomed author Michael Waller, who has studied Russian President Vladimir Putin and his tyrannical past. "He gets away with things for two reasons," Waller said. "First, he controls the former KGB apparatus at home. Second, we let him do it on the international stage, we don't stand up to him." Waller theorized that Putin benefits at home because of his macho churlishness. "He gets a lot of popularity by standing up to the United States because Russians have an inferiority complex because they are not a superpower. They have this great power pretention that Putin plays into. If you look at the body language at the meeting they last had, Putin was sitting back with his knees wide open while Obama was leaning into him like a plaintive little boy. I think Obama is afraid of him."
Lou's the Boss Segment
IRS Update
Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs entered the No Spin Zone with the latest on the IRS scandal. "New emails have been disclosed," Dobbs reported, "in which Lois Lerner - who famously took the Fifth Amendment - said the Tea Party was problematic and could be 'dangerous.' Republican Congressman now have to decide whether this investigation will be carried out to a conclusion. This administration isn't being held accountable for outright political corruption." The Factor added, "We still don't know who in the White House was the liaison for all this, but we do know that the IRS visited the White House far too many times."
Unresolved Problems Segment
Controversy on Campus
During halftime of a football game last weekend, the Alabama State marching band spelled out the name 'Trayvon' on the field. Fox News analyst Allen West dismissed the display as empty symbolism. "The death of Trayvon Martin was a tragic case," West conceded, "but this is a small-ball distraction. Maybe Alabama State should have put the number '13' out there to talk about the 13% unemployment in the black community, or maybe '40' because of the 40% unemployment for black teenagers. Or put up '72%' to signify the number of black children born out of wedlock. We have some real serious issues in the black community that no one seems to confront. I would say to the president of Alabama State, how about inviting Bill O'Reilly, Allen West, and Juan Williams to your campus to have a forum about these pressing issues?"
What the Heck Just Happened Segment
NFL Controversy and More
Guys Friday Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk tackled the controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins, whose nickname is deemed offensive by some Americans. "I am never offended by anything," Gutfeld said, "but it is a strange name. What bugs me is that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that if one person is offended, then we have to listen. If I listened to every person I offended, I would have no time to offend them." McGuirk denounced the entire political correctness mentality. "The tentacles of the grievance industry have spread far and wide. This is not some organic movement by offended Native Americans, it's being done by white P.C. liberals. There's no better feeling than to be self-righteously indignant, which is where this came from." The Factor pointed out that "Redskins" is actually a complimentary term: "There are the Indians, Braves, Warriors, and all of these things connote strength. There is no malice attached to the logo, so why don't we all relax and enjoy the game?"
Pinheads of the Week
The Million Muslim March & Hecklers on Campus
Returning for an encore, Gutfeld and McGuirk named the week's most ridiculous people and events. McGuirk nominated that ink-stained wretch Dennis Rodman, who recently returned from another visit to North Korea. "He's more than a pinhead," McGuirk said, "he's a mercenary useful idiot. He exhorted President Obama to talk to him about Kim Jong Un, but if President Obama wanted to talk to some butt-ugly publicity whore about foreign policy, he'd get Senator Chuck Schumer on the phone. Some federal agency should drag Rodman by the nose ring down to Gitmo and put him in front of a firing squad." Gutfeld singled out the so-called Million Muslim March. "A million moderate Muslims were supposed to march on 9/11, but the only people who showed up were a handful of 9/11 'truthers.' They actually proved the point that there are millions of moderate Muslims because they didn't show up. It's reassuring that nobody showed up!" The Factor denounced the students who harassed General Petraeus and called him a "war criminal" as he walked to his new teaching assignment in New York City.
Factor Mail
Viewers Sound Off
Jim Morgan, Vallejo, CA: "The president's biggest accomplishment is the expansion of the entitlement state, thereby increasing the voting base for the Democrats."

James, Wisconsin: "As a cop and police chief for nearly 40 years, I am outraged that the Newark police department is not cooperating with the Factor in the murder of young Jesus Torres. Law enforcement administrators in some places are politically correct and are afraid of telling the truth."

Jerry Olivo, Long Valley, NJ: "I believe Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who is running for the U.S. Senate, is the reason the cops won't cooperate."
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