Friday, September 20, 2013
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
The Nanny State
"The Obama administration has greatly increased the government's role in your life. Republicans want to cut spending on food stamps by 5% over the next 10 years, but even though the cut is small, the Senate and the President will not go along. When President Obama took office, 39.8 million Americans were living in poverty; four years later, 46.2 million are poor. This year the feds will receive the most tax money in history, but the feds are running a deficit of almost $650 billion. So you can see how much money the Obama administration is spending, much of it on social programs. But despite all the spending, the poverty rate continues to rise. And it's not only the poor who are suffering - in the past four years American workers have not gained anything in salary. But rich people are in good shape because their stock investments are rising. The truth is that President Obama's vision of 'income equality' is a failure. Obamacare will make it harder for small business to hire regular folks, and if you raise the minimum wage, as the President wants to do, fewer teenagers and young people will be hired. Talking Points believes President Obama has to know his policies aren't working, but liberal ideology is so invested in taking money away from successful Americans that they can't stop. In the long term, the nanny state is harmful. Cradle-to-grave entitlements weaken people and the nation."

The Factor asked Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs about the GOP's ongoing fight against Obamacare. "I'm okay with Republicans trying to shut down Obamacare," Dobbs said. "70% of Americans oppose it and some of the Democratic authors of Obamacare consider it to be a train wreck. They're trying to defund it to stop the train wreck, but at the same time fund the government." The Factor warned Dobbs that his prescription could be a disaster for the GOP: "It's going to be spun by the media and the President as Republicans wanting to throw the country off the cliff. Low-information voters and most independents will buy that, so in the long run it will hurt the Republican Party. The only way to get rid of Obamacare is for Republicans to regain power, and they will not regain power if they are seen as the party of disarray."
Impact Segment
Entertaining Exchange
FNC correspondent Ed Henry, who had a heated exchange with White House spokesman Jay Carney this week, entered the No Spin Zone to explain. "The Washington Post gave President Obama 'four Pinocchios,'" he reported, "because he said nobody had ever tied a non-budget bill to raising the debt ceiling. The Post looked at that and found several examples. The bottom line is that they're girding for a major debate, the rhetoric is flying around, they're having their facts checked, and they don't like it." Henry also explained why some Republicans continue to fight Obamacare, even though the odds are against them. "Many Republicans are frustrated that their last two presidential nominees did not stand up for the principles they wanted to espouse, and they think this might be the fight to pick, even if they lose. The flip side is that the White House is rubbing their hands together at the thought that Republicans would do this."
Personal Story Segment
Loyal Supporters
President Obama is losing support in America, Republicans oppose him at every turn, but former Speaker Nancy Pelosi describes the President as "brilliant." The Factor tested that hypothesis with Obama supporters Leslie Marshall and Cathy Areu. "President Obama is a brilliant man for many reasons," Marshall declared, "but there is a perception that Harvard types are a bit too intellectual. I don't think his policies are harming the economy, although there is no question that the rich are faring better than the middle class." Areu also defended the President's record on the economy. "He's done a good job and you're looking at the numbers in the wrong way. Unemployment is 7.3%, so the numbers aren't as bad as you're saying. The economy is better and the world sees Obama is a strong leader." The Factor replied, "More people have given up looking for work than at any time in the history of the nation."
Factor Follow Up Segment
Billy Ray on Miley
Billy Ray Cyrus is defending the raunchy performance that earned his daughter Miley widespread scorn. The Factor was joined by Geraldo Rivera, who reacted to Billy Ray's paternal defense. "There are two different forces at work here," Rivera said. "Miley Cyrus the former child star wanted to shed the 'Hannah Montana' image and embrace a new world. The way she did it doesn't trouble me nearly as much as, say, Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan. The dad is in a much more difficult place - he embraced that whole country music ethos of mom and USA. He is stuck in that corner and more is demanded of him than the ordinary dad." The Factor lamented the fact that the vulgar routine seems to have paid off, saying, "There's no question that what Miley Cyrus did is helping her commercially and she got a lot of attention."
What the Heck Just Happened Segment
Starbucks vs. Guns, Miss USA, Pinheads of the Week
Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk reacted to a public letter penned by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who asked customers not to carry weapons into his stores. "I hate people who write open letters," Gutfeld declared, "because it's a symbolic gesture and a symbolic fight. He just told his staff and customers that they are in a gun-free zone. I only go to places that say, 'This establishment is armed.'" McGuirk blasted Schultz for a different reason. "This guy is an indecisive weenie. He didn't ban guns, he just asked people not to bring them in. He said Starbucks will serve these people with a smile." The Factor concluded that Schultz was merely seeking attention: "He did this to get publicity. Now the left loves him, he'll get invited to parties in Malibu and Georgetown, and he got the Starbucks name all over the place.

The Guys Friday stuck around to name the week's most inane people and events. Gutfeld picked the parents of teens who vandalized the home of a former pro football player. "The kids took pictures and put them on Facebook, so he started a website asking people to identify them. The parents are deeply offended because he is publicizing their bratty, snotty, stupid kids." McGuirk denounced the folks who are incensed because 'Wheel of Fortune' penalized a contestant who mispronounced a word. "Those are the rules," McGuirk declared, "and you have to play by the rules. There's a precedent, they have penalized people in the past for the same thing." The Factor concluded with a a very tough and very serious message to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, whose city is riddled with murders and shootouts: "Mr. Mayor, you should resign. You can't solve the problem, this is on you. Put the state police and the National Guard in those neighborhoods, stop the mass murder. You're a pinhead, you don't know what you're doing!"
Factor Mail
Viewers Sound Off
Keith Michaels, Tampa, FL: "Bill, I understand your attitude that defunding Obamacare is not going to happen. But we should never give up fighting for what we think is right."

Kenneth Capel, Woodbridge, VA: "I say let the damn thing kick in on October 1, and let everybody see what a wreck it is. Then the vote in 2014 will go against the Democrats."

Gary Kelley, Annapolis, MD: "O'Reilly, thanks for the tip regarding I am receiving $166!"
Tip Of The Day
It's History, Not Religion
Be forewarned that "Killing Jesus," which will be released Tuesday, is a book about history, not religion. If you are extremely emotional about Jesus, it's possible that the book is not for you.