Tuesday, October 1, 2013
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
US Government Shutdown
Guest:Texas Senator Ted Cruz
"The two sides are digging in. In one corner, President Obama says the Affordable Health Care law will go forward because it was legally passed. In the other corner, Speaker John Boehner and the Republicans say the law is chaotic and mandatory sign-ups should be delayed by one year. Neither side is compromising and a new poll is interesting - only 24% of Americans say they are 'enthusiastic' about Obamacare. But another poll is bad news for Republicans, showing that 72% of Americans oppose shutting down the government over Obamacare. Once again, Talking Points believes a compromise should be accepted. If Americans want to sign up for Obamacare, please do so. But if you don't, Mr. Obama should grant the same one-year waiver to individuals that he has to some companies. Let's see how the new law plays out and take it up again next summer before the mid-term elections."

The Factor welcomed Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who has become the face of GOP resistance to Obamacare. "We've seen President Obama grant exemptions to big business and Congress," he said, "and this fight is really about whether hard-working Americans get treated the same. The House has offered compromises four times and has sent bills that fund the federal government but mitigate the harms of Obamacare. But four times Harry Reid has said no compromise, no negotiations. There is one side that is refusing to compromise and that's Harry Reid and the Democrats." The Factor suggested to Cruz that his disagreement with President Obama has become personal: "The President backed down in Syria and he looked weak so he's not going to back down from Ted Cruz. This is mano-a-mano, a macho thing."
Top Story
US Government Shutdown
Guest:Brit Hume
FNC analyst Brit Hume evaluated polls showing that most folks blame Republicans for the shutdown. "Historically this has been what happens," he said. "The Republican Party, which correctly has the reputation of being less enthusiastic about government than the Democratic Party, gets the blame. People have not appreciated government shutdowns and Congressional leaders are always at a disadvantage because the President has the bully pulpit and the biggest megaphone in the world." Hume also reported that he has been at odds with some conservative Republicans. "I have been engaging with people and they don't want to hear it. They say Ted Cruz is standing up for what they believe in and they're tired of weak-kneed leaders."
Factor Follow Up Segment
Horrific Murder in Oklahoma
22-year-old Australian Christopher Lane was shot to death in August by three Oklahoma teens, all of whom came from chaotic families. The Factor put forth this exposition on the murders and mayhem committed by violent teens: "It is family breakdown, not guns, not derelict law enforcement, not anything else. The violence is largely committed by young men of all colors, often abandoned by fathers and brought up in squalor and chaos. Let's take the indicted teenagers in Oklahoma: 16-year-old Chancey Luna, the alleged trigger-man, was living with an aunt and uncle but was asked to leave that house because of his chronic marijuana use. His father is unknown and his mother is not caring for him. 15-year-old James Edwards lived with his father. His mother is in prison on a drug charge and his father also has a criminal record. 17-year-old Michael Jones, who allegedly drove the getaway car, lived with his grandparents and was left back two grades at school before he dropped out. Jones impregnated a 16-year-old girl who gave birth to a baby boy two weeks after his arrest. This is about largely unsupervised teenage boys running wild, and it is happening everywhere in America. Rarely do you hear about the social destruction of the family in the press and I applaud the New York Times for reporting on these boys today. I also call for America's politicians to stop the nonsense and deal with the real reason we are a violent country - out of control young people. We are living in a time when drug use is celebrated and having babies out of wedlock is a prestige item in some places. Social boundaries have collapsed as the powers that be make ridiculous excuses for violent behavior, ignoring the real issue of dissolving families."
Factor Follow Up Segment
Horrific Murder in Oklahoma
The Factor invited Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes to evaluate the discourse on the Oklahoma killing and family disintegration. "It's not just the family," Colmes declared, "all kinds of things play into this. One of the kids was very religious and went to church four times a week, so you can't really judge on one thing. It's poverty, it's opportunity, it's a whole bunch of things. Some of these kids had supervision." But Crowley stressed the importance of family and religion. "When you have a good core family unit, that imparts love, boundaries, discipline, values, and faith. The collapse of religion has really slid - when you don't think God is watching you and you don't have parents, you don't have anyone to instill values or a moral code."
'Is it Legal?' Segment
Hot Legal Stories!
Guests:Kimberly Guilfoyle & Lis Wiehl
A band of motorcycle riders in New York City chased, caught, and attacked an SUV driver who had cut off one of their colleagues. Legal analysts Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle elaborated on the incident. "Only one person has been arrested for reckless endangerment," Wiehl said, "and he's looking at seven years. The rest of them are harder to get because the motorcycle guys were wearing helmets and their faces were covered." Guilfoyle reported on her own personal experience with that group of bikers. "I was in this area and these guys were blocking an intersection, getting off their bikes and obstructing traffic. They didn't care, they were causing trouble all over. It's just terrible what happened."
Stossel Matters Segment
Failing Grade for Obamacare
Guest:Failing Grade for Obamacare
Fox Business host John Stossel scrutinized a new survey showing that 75% of U.S. doctors give Obamacare a grade of "C" or lower. "Doctors don't like it because it's more complication," he insisted. "They already have the Medicare book that has 140,000 codes. There are codes that cover if you're bitten by a duck or struck by a duck, if you were pecked or if it flew into you. And now this is added onto their lives. Obamacare is 2,400 pages and they keep adding new stuff." Stossel approvingly pointed out that some doctors are only treating those with sufficient cash. "That's the beginning of a free market and that's how innovation starts. It used to be that only the wealthy could afford a cell phone or computer, but then the prices come down."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Steve Giuliano, Concord, NC: "We got a letter today saying that none of the Carolina health care doctors will be in the Obamacare insurance exchange. So we can't keep our doctor."

Edward Pratt, Jupiter, FL: "My family health insurance premium has risen 50% this year alone."

Marvin Cole, Morton, IL: "O'Reilly thinks he is God. I don't think Jesus would watch Fox News."

Roy Lauber, Kimberling City, MO: "I learned more from reading Killing Jesus than I have as a life long believer."
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