Tuesday, October 15, 2013
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Talking Points Memo and Top Story
Obamacare Chaos
Guests: Monica Crowley & Alan Colmes
"Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius has totally botched the rollout of the government-mandated insurance program. Things are so bad that even if you wanted to sign up, you probably can't. And it's never going to work because the whole Obamacare concept is impossible to understand. Even President Obama's former advisor Robert Gibbs said, 'These are glitches that go way beyond what should be expected.' It is troubling that President Obama will not acknowledge the problems Obamacare is having. All he has to do is grant a one-year delay for individuals and families, just like he did for American companies. Give the folks a break, Mr. President, your vision isn't working. Most Americans would rather wait until the system is ready and they know how much Obamacare is going to cost them. The truth is that if you are making money you will pay more for health care. That's because the President and his party want to give free health care to the poor, and the only way to do that is to take from those who have. As we have reported from the beginning, President Obama wants to redistribute income and almost everything he does leads in that direction. Barack Obama told us he was a moderate and that health care costs would generally go down. We now know those things are not true."

The Factor asked Alan Colmes and Monica Crowley to assess Obamacare's first fortnight. "We're talking about two different things," Colmes began. "The implementation and the computer problems should never have happened, but then there is the policy itself. To say Obamacare itself is not working is not true, but to say that the implementation is not working is a different issue. Eventually people are going to like it." Crowley contended that health care reform was always a way for President Obama to expand government. "In 2008 he talked about the 'fundamental transformation' of the nation and this is it. Obamacare was never about health care or health insurance or expanding access. It was about government power and control. Socialized medicine is the crown jewel of the socialist state!"
Stossel Matters Segment
Death benefit debacle
Guest: John Stossel
Using the government shutdown as an excuse, the Obama administration temporarily denied death benefits to families who had lost loved ones in Afghanistan. Fox Business host John Stossel analyzed that decision. "The President is to blame because he could have just made this go away," Stossel said. "This was just $3-million, which is what he spent just on travel for his Hawaii vacation, and they could have easily fixed this. But I've never wanted 'leadership' from Washington, I never trusted politicians to solve things. I like limited government." The Factor also placed the blame squarely on the White House "I lay it on the President because of the capability he has to write an executive order and open funding for a certain thing. I don't think there's anything worse going on as far as the damage to the nation's fabric."
Factor Follow Up Segment
Helping Hand
Guest: Ken Fisher
When the feds stopped paying death benefits to families of fallen warriors, the Fisher House temporarily picked up the slack. The Factor welcomed the organization's chairman Ken Fisher, who explained what happened when President Obama decided to resume government payments. "We were told by the Pentagon that we were no longer needed," he reported, "but it's been two weeks and as far as we know the families have not received their checks. What angered me most is that throughout this whole episode there was no sense of urgency from anybody. It took constant pounding from you and other people to get this issue front and center." The Factor unhesitatingly returned the compliment: "You work with these families and you know how much pain this causes. They're grieving for their loved ones and most of these people don't have a lot of money. You're a real patriot for stepping up."
Impact Segment
Media Bias against Religion?
Guest: Howard Kurtz
NBC News correspondent Luke Russert, a Catholic and son of the late Tim Russert, has complained that many in the media look at religious people with disdain. The Factor invited reaction from Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz. "I agree with Luke Russert," Kurtz said, "that in much of the mainstream media there is a wariness and condescension toward very religious people. But I think he goes too far in saying there is an effort to come after people of faith, to me it is more of a cultural divide. It's based in part on ignorance because the mainstream media, particularly in the big cities, tends to be a very secular business. There aren't a lot of evangelical Christians in those ranks so they almost seem like an alien species." The Factor added that many in the media are especially hostile towards Catholicism: "The priest scandal in the Catholic Church was reported with glee in much of the liberal press. The left is basically against religion because religion opposes things like gay marriage and abortion."
'Is it Legal?' Segment
Hot Legal Stories
Guest: Lis Wiehl & Kimberly Guilfoyle
Legal wizards Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle gave strict scrutiny to the latest affirmative action case to reach the Supreme Court. "Michigan voters have said it is unfair to admit people into college based on race," Wiehl reported. "They passed a referendum in 2006, but a federal court overturned that referendum, saying it violated equal protection." Guilfoyle predicted that the Supreme Court will validate the results of the referendum. "It is expected that the Supreme Court will uphold this referendum as the will of the people. This is basically a big states rights issue." The legal duo turned to Florida, where a 12-year-old girl killed herself after being bullied over the Internet." "They have arrested two juvenile girls," Wiehl said,"and charged them with aggravated stalking, which could carry a penalty of up to five years." Guilfoyle added, "This is an extension of the law to include cyber-bullying, which I think is a good use of the law."
Back of Book Segment
Redskins Controversy
Guest: Charles Krauthammer
The Factor asked Charles Krauthammer to tackle the hullabaloo surrounding the Washington Redskins and their controversial nickname. "I don't believe people using the term 'Redskins' are intending any malice," Dr. K said, "but I do believe words change and evolve over time. Fifty years ago the word 'Negro' was the most respectful word you could use for an African American, but today it implies an patronizing attitude. The word 'Redskin' has an 80-year history, but the meaning of the word has changed." The Factor pointed out that most Indians are not offended in the least, saying, "The name isn't taken as a pejorative in many Native American precincts, it connotes strength."
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Viewers sound off
Judy Roberts, Los Angeles, CA: "Bill, you and Juan should be ashamed of yourselves for not knowing the Constitution. Ted Cruz was born in Canada but he can run for president."

Michael Mann, Los Angeles, CA: "Hey, Bill, yes the Wisconsin reporter did refer to holiday songs. She is free to do that. You religious nuts are intolerant."

Jerry Londry, Sedona, AZ: "Karl Rove thinks Ted Cruz made a mistake trying to defund Obamacare. But I believe Cruz will help the Republican cause because now everyone knows who really opposed it."