Thursday, October 17, 2013
On The O'Reilly Factor...
Segment Summaries
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Talking Points Memo and Top Story
Shutdown Analysis
"The Senate and the House have approved a temporary government funding measure, which is a good thing. It avoids chaos in the marketplace and maybe these people will finally produce a responsible budget. In political circles, it is widely perceived that Republicans lost, but I don't believe that. Everybody in Washington lost. The President wants to convince you that if the economic state of the union gets worse, it's because of the shutdown, but that's not true. The reason the economy remains stagnant is Obamacare. Many companies are cutting back because they fear high health insurance costs, and it really is Obamacare that is driving much of the discord in America. Many Republicans despise the law so much that they're willing to blow up the entire government. But the folks will eventually decide whether Obamacare lives or dies. Once the new law kicks in in January and the damage becomes apparent, I believe all hell is going to break loose. But back to the shutdown: Both Republicans and Democrats tried to drive agendas in the debate. Both parties are responsible for the shutdown, and so is President Obama, who didn't provide a clear leadership structure."
Ingraham Angle
President Obama Slams Critics
Guest: Laura Ingraham
Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham provided her perspective on President Obama's negative comments about radio talk show hosts. "Now anyone who disagrees with him is not acting in good faith," she complained, "they're merely being manipulated by talk radio and bloggers. What a condescending view of red state America! That's part of the problem with the Obama approach - he doesn't understand that about half of the country doesn't agree with his policies and wants to block them. The policies don't work but he keeps doing the same thing over and over." Ingraham criticized leadership on both sides of the aisle. "The establishment in both parties has failed, which is why Ted Cruz is getting a huge amount of publicity and raising a huge amount of money. Folks are frustrated with the direction of the country. Conservatism is winning in the heartland and there are good leaders coming out of the states, but the party is divided while the Democrats are together."
Top Story
Shutdown Winners & Losers
Guest: Carl Bernstein
The Factor welcomed reporter Carl Bernstein, who has savaged the Republican Party as "a rabid organization" with a "cancerous" leadership. "The leadership of the Republican Party," Bernstein affirmed, "has appeased this no-nothing faction that brought this on. I'm talking about Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner, who went along with this craziness for a while. That is rabid leadership, this is what McCarthyism was about. They shut down the government to make their case." But The Factor accused Bernstein of painting with far too broad a brush: "There are extremists in the Republican Party, as there are in the Democratic Party. The Republican leadership wanted to give Ted Cruz and others the chance to make their case that Obamacare is harming the folks."
Kelly File Segment
Hot Legal Stories
Guest: Megyn Kelly
FNC's Megyn Kelly began her segment with the California high school teacher who was caught on tape delivering a profanity-laced tirade. "I don't think there is a legal action," Kelly said, "but both the teacher and the student who taped the teacher are in trouble. This was a situation where the student baited the teacher, tried to antagonize the teacher. I don't think this student will be in legal trouble, but there's a school policy that you are not allowed to have your cell phone in the classroom." The Factor contended that, baited or not, the teacher was dead wrong: "As a high school teacher I never said a bad word in the classroom. You never swear in front of your kids." Kelly also analyzed the case of the civilian chaplain who is suing the Pentagon. "This guy wanted to go and say Sunday mass on an Army base during the government shutdown, but he was told he could not. So he said he would do it for free because he has a separate contract with God, but the Department of Defense said no."
Miller Time Segment
Miller is Ticked Off!
Guest: Dennis Miller
The Factor welcomed an obviously agitated Dennis Miller, who was less than thrilled with the recent shenanigans in Washington. "A pox on both their houses," he said, "and no doubt they'll charge me for the pox vaccine. All I can say is this - I'm not going to spend another day wondering about these morons on Capitol Hill. Figure out what you want me to pay, I'll give them an extra $1,000, and let's never talk again. I find those guys creepy. It can't get any crazier than putting up sawhorses outside the World War II Memorial and mocking old men who gave us our country, but having no sawhorses outside the consulate in Benghazi. It's insane, we've fallen through the bunny hole!" Miller saved some vitriol for terrorist Bill Ayers, who is now on a book tour. "You're a waste of a dust jacket," Miller said to Ayers. "You're a pony tail in search of a man. Is there anything sadder than a radical who's on pension? You're a hack!"
Mad as Hell
Factor Viewers Sound Off!
Guest: Heather Nauert
Fox News anchor Heather Nauert entered the No Spin Zone to respond to letters written by angry Factor viewers. For example, New Jersey resident Diane Galdi is peeved about the $12,700 deductable in her policy under Obamacare. "This will be a big surprise to a lot of people," Nauert said, "when they find out just how much this will cost them. The whole premise of the exchanges was to provide 'affordable' insurance to low- and moderate-income people. But other people who make more than $94,000 a year for a family of four are going to be paying a lot of money. I just got off the phone with an insurance executive who says the exchanges are still not working and may be ready about Thanksgiving." Meanwhile, Ohioan Charles Urban is angry because Fox News has occasionally invited Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel to appear. "We need to have a diversity of opinion here," The Factor replied. "If you want only one opinion, watch the other networks."
Factor Mail
And now the mail...
Keith Boser, Maple Grove, MN: "O'Reilly, your Talking Points about Obamacare were right on. Thanks for looking out for me."

Jim, Elko, NV: "O'Reilly, you and Karl Rove sit there and talk about the destruction of the Republican Party. Ted Cruz is doing what we want him to do, not like the communist operative John McCain."

Gary Lapidus, London, England: "Many progressives reject religion because they are statists and believe all allegiance should be given to the state. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were in this category."
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Aging Creatively
As proven by 71-year-old Paul McCartney and 66-year-old Elton John, both of whom have new albums out, you can continue being creative no matter how old you are.