Thursday, October 24, 2013
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Talking Points Memo
Where's the Accountability?
"President Obama always looks very concerned when things go wrong in his administration. Whether it be 'Fast and Furious,' Benghazi, the IRS, or Obamacare, he pledges to 'get to the bottom of it.' But do you believe people are being held accountable? Talking Points does not. Why did hundreds of guns go to Mexico, and why did Attorney General Eric Holder not know about it? We don't know! Who was responsible for the lax security in Libya and what was discussed at the White House meeting the day before the American ambassador was murdered? We don't know! Who in the White House was involved when the IRS unfairly scrutinized conservatives? We don't know! And who exactly in the Obama administration failed to properly supervise the rollout of Obamacare? We don't know! The White House will not own up to the Obamacare chaos or anything else. We need to know exactly how the government could screw up this badly when a billion dollars was spent in the run-up. It is clear that President Obama well understands that he can say a whole bunch of stuff but really doesn't have to act on anything. He seems unwilling to demand standards of performance and he gets away with it because many Americans really don't care how their country is being run. On Obamacare, the story might be different because millions of Americans are having their health insurance canceled and millions of us will have to pay a lot more to protect our health. Once that dawns on the folks, maybe Mr. Obama will begin to take some problem-solving action. The Obama administration simply floats above it all and a generally hapless media does not demand answers. There comes a point in history when people get what they deserve. President Obama was not elected on performance, he was elected on personality and apathy. Ironically, the voters are now being held accountable as Obamacare descends into chaos."
Top Story
Reaction to Talking Points
Guest: Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson
Democrat Bill Richardson, the former Governor of Arizona, entered the No Spin Zone to assess the Talking Points Memo. "There's a tad of unfairness," Richardson said of The Factor's analysis. "On the IRS issue heads did roll and on the Benghazi issue there were demotions and an admission that there was not enough security. On the issue of the President and Obamacare, I believe Obamacare is good for this country but there have been some serious problems in the rollout. The President had a press conference where he freely admitted the problems. The objective should be fixing this." The Factor opined that HHS Secretary Kathleen Seblius has to be axed: "She was in charge of this rollout and it's a disaster. A billion dollars was spent and nothing works. Isn't three-and-a-half years a lot of time and a billion dollars a lot of money?"
Ingraham Angle
Reaction to Talking Points
Guest: Laura Ingraham

For a very different point of view, The Factor welcomed Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham. "You listed example after example," she said, "where the President pledged accountability but delivered more empty promises. No one was held accountable in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton wasn't even interviewed by the accountability review board. Governor Richardson is a nice man, but it should be wildly obvious to everyone that President Obama has failed to deliver on his basic promises of transparency and accountability. Why is no one asking real questions about the contractors that built the Obamacare website? The press should have been on this the moment there were problems." The Factor lamented, "The national media has a lot invested in President Obama because they were so active in supporting him."
Watters' World Segment
The Return of Pinheads & Patriots
Guests: Jesse Watters
Jesse Watters recently headed to Boston, where he asked some local folks whether certain politicians - among them President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Cruz, and Mitt Romney - qualify as pinheads or patriots. Watters reported the results of his extremely unscientific poll. "Only about one-third of the people knew who Nancy Pelosi was, but they called her a 'pinhead' by a two-to-one margin. And only one person out of 14 even knew who Ted Cruz was." Watters added that part two of his Boston visit will focus on other politicians and celebrities, including a certain humble correspondent. "You're involved in this one," Jesse warned The Factor, "and Joe Biden as well. We'll also have Harry Reid and John Boehner, all the heavyweights. We'll have your tabulation Monday"
Kelly File Segment
Hot Legal Stories
Guest: Megyn Kelly
FNC's Megyn Kelly scrutinized the disturbing case of 48-year-old Michael Stanley, who served time in Canada for molesting two young boys. After fleeing to the United States, allegedly assaulted a 16-year-old Seattle boy. "Canada did not handle this well," she asserted, "and now Canada basically says this is our problem. He is a U.S. citizen but he was living in Canada when he committed all these crimes. He served just three years in prison in Canada for the sexual assault of two mentally challenged young boys. When he got out he cut off his electronic monitoring anklet and crossed over into Washington State." Kelly also examined the Nevada case where a student took his parents' gun and killed a teacher. "It will be tough to subject the parents to either criminal or civil liability in Nevada, you would have to prove that the parents acted intentionally or recklessly in actually providing the gun to him."
Mad as Hell
Viewer Email!
Guest: Heather Nauert
Fox News anchor Heather Nauert joined The Factor to respond to folks who are absolutely, undoubtedly 'mad as hell.' One seething viewer is North Carolinian Patrick Foley, who is ticked off at what he perceived as media bias during the government shutdown. "The conservative group Media Research Center," Nauert reported, "did a survey of network evening news programs over the two weeks of the partial shutdown. They found that 41 stories blamed conservatives, 17 blamed both sides, and not a single one blamed Democrats." Kansan Mark Tygard wrote in to express his anger at folks who keep smacking him with their backpacks as they walk down the aisle of an airplane. "There's also the lady with the big purse," Nauert said, "and all the baby stuff you're carrying around. I'm guilty of that. Airlines deserve the blame for this because of all the baggage fees."
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Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Louis Pava, Fullerton, CA: "Bill, you were right on! President Obama is worried about his ego, not solving the ObamaCare mess."

Colleen Ryan, Christchurch, New Zealand: "I am an American citizen living here and we don't worry about health care. They take care of us all."

Dick Schemeborn, Wolcottville, IN: "I like Miller. I wish I could understand him."