Friday, October 25, 2013
On The O'Reilly Factor...
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Bad News for Obamacare
"Private insurance companies are canceling insurance policies at a huge rate. In California, Kaiser Permanente has canceled half of its health insurance plans for individuals. Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia is dropping 45% of its customers and Florida Blue has canceled 80% of its individual policies. That's just the beginning. Estimates are that Americans who have individual health insurance policies will be cut at the rate of 50%. President Obama repeatedly vowed, 'If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan.' It is clear now that the President misinformed the country about the changes Obamacare would cause. And we haven't even begun to see how group policies will be affected. But if you confront ardent Democrats like Howard Dean about the situation, they blame Republicans. Dr. Dean is saying that because Republicans oppose Obamacare, somehow the computer system doesn't work? It's becoming clear that Congress will have to act and even President Obama's most loyal supporters will have to accept that Obamacare is not ready. Talking Points expects a bipartisan bill that will delay much of the new law for a year. You may remember that we here at The Factor put forth that compromise way back before the government shutdown."

The Factor analyzed the Obamacare rollout with MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber, who advised the administration on health care reform. "We're over-reacting to short term news," Gruber stated. "When we set up the system in Massachusetts, which was a pilot for what we're doing nationally, we had 123 people sign up in the first month. But by the end of the year we had 40,000 people and the law was widely supported. For the vast majority of people, this law doesn't affect them, it will not raise employer insurance premiums. Fundamentally, this law is about providing financial security to Americans who today can be bankrupted by having a bad gene or getting in a bad traffic accident." The Factor contended that health care reform in Massachusetts has had unintended effects: "The wait to see an internal medicine physician has increased from 33 days before Romneycare to 50 days today. So I'm not seeing why you're so confident about the federal system, which is much more difficult to impose."
Lou's the Boss Segment
Bad News for Obamacare
The Factor welcomed Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, who explained Obamacare's dependence on young enrollees. "The fundamental premise," he said, "is that you reach into the pool of young people and charge them high premiums. That is the critical segment to make Obamacare work, and that is why there is so much angst over the website problems." Dobbs predicted that health care reform will lead to disastrous side effects. "We're talking about messing up one-sixth of the economy, setting back job creation and stopping the creation of new businesses." The Factor jumped to the bottom line, saying, "The real deal is that over the next ten years there will be $1-trillion in new and higher taxes leveled on working people and companies."
Fridays with Geraldo Segment
Violent Murder in MA
Geraldo Rivera reported on a heinous crime in Massachusetts, where ninth-grader Philip Chism allegedly killed his female math teacher. "This was clearly a crime of passion," Rivera said. "Nothing was taken and he killed her in such a savage way, slitting her throat with box cutters. I can only surmise that this strapping 14-year-old may have misinterpreted the 24-year-old teacher's care for him. He put her body in a recycling bin, went to the movies, and then went to Wendy's. His father is not part of his life, typically, and he will be tried as an adult."
Impact Segment
Another NSA Scandal
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is upset over reports that U.S. spy agency have snooped on her phone calls, but Fox News military analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters advised everyone to take a deep breath. "Everybody spies on everybody," he declared. "The Germans spy on Americans and the French engage in heavy industrial espionage. Until the Chinese came along, the French were the number one industrial spy threat. These relationships are like a marriage in which both spouses pretend the other spouse isn't cheating, but everybody spies on everybody!" The Factor added, "The United States spies on France and Britain and Germany just to make sure there are no double-dealings we don't know about."
What the Heck Just Happened Segment
Costume Controversy!
The Factor turned Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk loose on the University of Colorado, which has advised students not to wear "offensive" Halloween costumes such as cowboy outfits, Indian garb, hillbilly getups, and anything involving a sombrero. "I don't know what is the deal with these humorless nerds in academia," McGuirk complained. "On one hand they encourage walking around nude on campus, but you can't dress as a Mexican bandito." Gutfeld suggested that some creative student could don a cowboy outfit and then perform an act of PC jiu-jitsu. "Just say you're playing a character from 'Brokeback Mountain.' If they have a problem with that, accuse them of homophobia." The Factor wondered whether any individualistic students will defy the ban: "If Gutfeld and I were students at the University of Colorado, we would organize a group to go to class on Halloween wearing sombreros. Colleges, like the federal government, want to control every bit of what we do!"
Pinheads of the Week
Obamacare and Marine Corp Critics
The guys Friday returned to name the week's dumbest and most outrageously ignorant people. Gutfeld chose the company that fired Obamacare call center operator Earline Davis after she spoke on the air with Sean Hannity. "She was just being honest and she said that people were having a lot of problems. The next day she showed up for work, she was told you shouldn't talk to the press, and she was fired." McGuirk went with the Pentagon officials who want to scrap the traditional caps for male and female Leathernecks. "Civilian flunkies ordered the Marine Corps to explore the possibility of unisex caps. The new hat looks like something from Project Runway. A board voted to do this, but the Marine Corps Commandant will make the final decision." The Factor went with White House spokesman Jay Carney, who advised reporters to focus on good news stories featuring people signing up for Obamacare successfully. "We're not in business here, Jay, to help you. Our job is to look out for the American people in totality."
Factor Mail
Viewers Sound Off
John Maguire, Farmville, VA: "Mr. O'Reilly, your skillful interview with Governor Richardson captured the systemic mediocrity of our political system. A system so breathtakingly corrupt and inefficient, that no one is really in charge or held accountable."

Margaret Gatto, Charlotte, NC: "How could Richardson appear with you, O'Reilly, so totally unprepared. I actually felt sorry for him."

Vic Cross, Pattaya, Thailand: "O'Reilly, your excuse to Heather Nauert that you interrupt because of time constraints doesn't wash. Other hosts on Fox News don't interrupt."
Tip Of The Day
Don't Get Flustered
When you make a mistake, as James Taylor did while singing the National Anthem at the World Series, calmly correct the error and resume whatever you are doing.