Thursday, October 31, 2013
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Talking Points Memo
The Ends Justifying the Means
"America has entered another dimension. Yesterday President Obama continued his campaign of misleading statements, saying this: 'If you had one of these substandard plans before the Affordable Care Act became law and you liked that plan, you were able to keep it.' But that's not true, you can't keep it. According to the Washington Post, the President's comment rated 'four Pinocchios,' which is deception at the highest level. So why does the President continue to do this? For the USA to become a progressive nation, the federal government must control key aspects of American life, health care and the economy being the top two. Thus, the end justifies the means. Obamacare will cause many Americans, perhaps most, major inconvenience and higher health care expense. And even though President Obama's propaganda has been exposed, he doesn't seem to care. Instead of being chastened, he's emboldened. Why? Because the President believes his vision for America, including health care for all, is more noble than any truthful statement. So he justifies his actions even if deceit is involved. Instead of leveling with the folks that national health care will require deep sacrifice from many, he continues to sugar it up. Barack Obama knows that the Democratic Party and progressive Americans don't really care how he gets there, they just want more government control. If the President has to deceive to do that, so be it. I have studied the man and my analysis of him has been accurate and fair. I have never demonized the President, insulted him, or tried to marginalize him. He is a committed left-wing man who believes the USA would be a far better place if only we would all listen to him. And he'll say pretty much anything to make his progressive vision come true."
Impact Segment
Reaction to Talking Points Memo
Guests:Christopher Hahn

The Factor gave Democratic strategist Christopher Hahn an opportunity to rebut the Talking Points. "It's not the President and the Affordable Care Act that are canceling plans," Hahn insisted. "Private insurance companies are deciding that rather than meet the standards in existing plans, they'll offer their customers new plans. The private sector is making the choice to cancel these plans. But I wish the President would stop saying 'if you like your plan you can keep your plan,' he's got to start 'fessing up to the American people. Every politician who tries to sell their ideas accentuates the positive and tries to eliminate the negative." The Factor told Hahn that President Obama was doing more than merely accentuating the positive: "The President knew that these private insurance companies were not going to be able to include all the things mandated by the federal government. Thus he knew they would cancel millions of plans and he knew that premiums for some Americans would go up, yet he deceived us."
Ingraham Angle
Capitalizing on the Chaos
Guests:Laura Ingraham

Conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham analyzed how and whether Republicans can take advantage of the Obamacare mess. "When you look at the Wall Street Journal poll that just came out," she reported, "the President has the lowest numbers of his presidency. But Republican numbers aren't better, so they have to be smart. If it looks like they're just beating up on the HHS Secretary or taking advantage of this crisis, people will say, forget the political party system. Republicans have to start talking beyond the website and beyond policies being canceled. They have to tie this to liberalism and progressivism, this website is a symbol of Obama's failed promises." The Factor warned that more Obamacare side effects may be looming: "We'll have a Canada situation where you have to wait and wait, particularly to see a specialist. Then people are really going to get angry."
Mad As Hell!
What are YOU mad about?
Guests:Heather Nauert

Fox News anchor Heather Nauert entered the No Spin Zone to respond to emails submitted by some ticked off Factor viewers. Illinois resident Marc Silhan is incensed because disgraced and imprisoned Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. will get a taxpayer-supported pension. "He should in theory lose his pension because of the crimes he committed," Nauert explained, "but first he has to apply for a pension at age 62. He could get his pension, an unelected federal bureaucrat will make the final determination." Kentuckian Richard Noss expressed anger because healthy Americans have to pay for medical bills racked up by those who are obese, out of shape, and addicted. "I absolutely agree with him," Nauert said, "and so many young children are starting to suffer from adult-style illnesses. Some are getting knee replacements and some have hypertension because they're overweight."
Kelly File Segment
Holiday Stories
Guests:Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly began her segment with a story out of Kentucky, where one man dressed up as President Obama in a straight jacket for Halloween. "Nobody complained," she said, "but all 750 employees have been forced to take 'diversity training' so they understand that it's improper to hurt anyone's feelings. The villains here are the lawyers because employers have to worry about someone suing and claiming that they have been 'ethnically insensitive.'" Kelly turned to Bordentown, New Jersey, where some grade school kids have been banned from singing Christmas songs. "Fourth and fifth graders wanted to perform a winter concert that has some Christmas carols, but some parents suggested that they don't want that. The school district's legal firm determined that religious music should not be a part of the elementary program and the school folded." The Factor warned the district that they may soon have a visitor: "I'm mad about this, I may have to go down there. Stop taking it out on the kids!"
Rollin' with Carolla Segment
Halloween Advice
Guests:Adam Carolla

The Factor invited Adam Carolla to provide some All Hallows' Eve advice for the little ones. "Kids get bused into our neighborhood to get all the good candy," he groused. "When I was a kid you'd walk around your own neighborhood, but now in Los Angeles the kids in the bad neighborhood jump in a minivan and go to the good neighborhood to pilfer all the candy. I think the message is, hey, go get more free stuff from the rich guy up on the hill and get used to it, this is going to be your life. I think these kids should stay in their own neighborhood, step over the carcass of a sofa, walk to the front door and find a guy with an ankle bracelet, and get a three-year old candy corn with a cat hair in it." Based on experience, The Factor poked a giant hole in Carolla's argument: "The working class homes gave us better stuff than the rich people, plus a lot of the rich people had big dogs."
Tip Of The Day
Boston's Diamond Jubilee
The city of Boston's comeback after this year's terror bombings, capped off by the Red Sox World Series victory, proves again that good always triumphs over the forces of evil.
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off!
Gary Matthews, Goodyear, AZ: "I just listened to the Talking Points. Your thoughts disturb me greatly! The President lied to get re-elected! No way he will ever be impeached. Take off your blindfold, Bill."

Terri Caruso, Smithtown, NY: "Bill, my son is a senior at Brown University, and those students shouting down Ray Kelly were despicable. But I disagree with your assessment that Brown is no longer a great school. The education is world class."

Chris Bryant, Charlotte, NC: "As a Brown graduate, I am ashamed by the way the school treated Ray Kelly. It's embarrassing."

Craig Maasen, McKinney, TX: "Dana Perino is a liberal in disguise."