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Friday, November 1, 2013
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The Obamacare Rollout Takes Another Disastrous Turn
Eric began Friday's show with the report that only six Americans actually enrolled in Obamacare on its first day. Democratic strategist Julian Epstein downplayed the significance of that dismal number. "I'm the first to acknowledge that there have been a lot of problems with the rollout," Epstein said, "but the question is whether they will get a sufficient number of people into the exchanges. If you look at the numbers, it's pretty persuasive that they will get enough people. About 45 million people don't have health insurance, so a large percentage of those will sign up for a system where they can get very good and comprehensive health care at rates as low as $100 a month. We are clearly going to get far more than 7-million people entering into this." Eric was less optimistic about the short-term prospects for Obamacare: "They said they would get to 7-million enrollees by March, but it doesn't look like that is the case. They're going to have to either delay the individual mandate or delay the fines if people don't have insurance."
Obamacare Mess
Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry reported on the leaked information indicating that very few Americans signed up for Obamacare in its initial days. "What the White House tried to do today," he said, "is blame it on Republicans. But this is data that came in from the administration, this is internal data from the 'war room' at Health and Human Services. If the administration wants to end this, they can release the numbers they have. We know they have numbers they are looking at every day, but they won't release them. In the interest of transparency, it might help them to show the American people where we are." Henry also theorized that Kathleen Sebelius will likely remain as head of HHS. "I think her job is safe for one very simple reason - who are they going to pick to replace her? I don't think anyone would want to take on this task, and who would actually get confirmed by the Senate?
Taking Some Heat
Some world leaders are angry with President Obama after learning that the NSA has been monitoring their communications. Eric spoke with journalist Glenn Greenwald, who published the revelations initially put forth by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. "President Obama chose to tell the public things that he knew to be false," Greenwald claimed. "NSA officials lied to Congress and President Obama has repeatedly misled the public by claiming that the NSA does not invade the contents of our communications. In fact, the NSA is frequently monitoring the communication of American citizens." Eric then turned to national security observer Ric Grenell, who defended the NSA's practices. "The policy is that they are not looking inside specific emails of Americans. The NSA tells us that they are only looking at foreign intelligence coming in. Let's remember that people like Glenn Greenwald have never been on the receiving end of what we call the 'blue sheets,' which are intelligence gathering policies. When you're on the receiving end of intelligence briefings, it's a sobering experience. You're trying to keep America safe." Eric argued that the NSA oversteps its boundaries when it snoops on Americans: "I love the fact that they're listening to Angela Merkel's conversations and those of world leaders. But when you go into Americans' phone calls and emails, that's when they violate the law."
Aiding Illegal Immigrants?
The University of California, now headed by former Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano, is setting aside $5 million for financial aid to illegal immigrants. Eric welcomed Geraldo Rivera, who endorses the UC proposal. "In terms of the undocumented students," Rivera said, "they graduated high school and they were brought to California by their parents when they were small children. 38% of California is Latino, it's a tremendous demographic and a tremendous voting bloc. Only 900 undocumented immigrants are attending the University of California and they are now eligible for help. Individual states set the tone and tenor of how undocumented immigrants are treated." Rivera also praised New York City's controversial stop-and-frisk policy that is being litigated in the courts. "New York has one-third the murder rate of Chicago, and I believe stop-and-frisk has been an important part of that."
Ticket Turmoil?
A new book claims that President Obama's top aides seriously - and secretly - considered replacing Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton in 2012. Eric spoke about that claim with political science professor Larry Sabato and reporter Susan Ferrechio. "I know you have to come up with news nuggets to sell books," Sabato said, "but I think this was a low-level discussion that never got serious. If Obama had dropped Biden, we would have all said that he was admitting he made a big mistake in 2008 when he put him on the ticket." But Ferrechio argued that the book's claim is most likely true. "If the President's approval ratings had remained low, I think those low-level discussions would have become high-level discussions. I think the President would have done anything to hold onto his seat. In the end he did not need Hillary Clinton on the ticket, but if he had really needed her he would have dumped Biden."
Redskins Faceoff
The Oneida Indian Nation is demanding that the Washington Redskins change the team nickname and mascot, but team owner Dan Snyder adamantly refuses. Eric asked sportscaster Jim Gray for the latest on the controversy. "This has been growing," Gray said, "and some major media outlets now say they will not use the term 'Redskins' in covering the team. Mr. Snyder owns the team, no one can force him to change the name, ultimately it is his decision. His polling shows that very few Native Americans are upset about the name - he has a fan base and it would kill his fan base if he was to change the name. If this was a brand new team in the National Football League, you can bet that would not be the name, but there is a history and a tradition. People just need to move on."
Baseball Legend
Eric introduced Bill's recent interview with Reggie Jackson, the Hall of Fame baseball star known as "Mr. October." "I'm a religious guy," Jackson stated, "and so my thoughts are to be humble and gracious and thankful. But it took me a long time to get there, there were other people who taught me about God and Christ and being thankful." Jackson, whose father was an integral part of his life, also opined on the lack of fathers in many black homes. "Often you'll have high truancy levels in African American families because the mom goes to work and the 12-year-old stays home to watch the 2-year-old. Certainly there is a disintegration of family, and certainly it's problematic in the African American community. One way to stop that is let people know it's not the right thing to do, at least that's a start."
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