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Monday, November 4, 2013
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Why are Folks Angry about Obamacare?
Guest: Brit Hume
"Everywhere I go people are walking up to me venting about Obamacare. The consensus is that we've been let down, sold an important piece of legislation in an unfair way. To be fair, millions of Americans will embrace Obamacare, but many of those people will be getting their health insurance free of charge or for very little money. Some Americans don't really care that deceit was used in passing the Affordable Health Care law - the New York Times editorialized that President Obama 'misspoke' about the new law. 'Misspoke?' The media, which desperately wants universal health care paid for by the wealthy and working Americans, continues to downplay the problem. But it is becoming quite clear that many working Americans will pay more, in some cases a lot more, for their health insurance. During Mr. Obama's tenure, take-home pay has gone down, and that's the true measure of the economy. Also, we're getting hammered on higher taxes on just about everything. So that is why people are so angry about Obamacare - they can't afford to pay more for health insurance. Over the coming months, Talking Points predicts that Americans will become even more furious. And even though he says he doesn't know very much about the many controversies that have beset his administration, this time Barack Obama will be held responsible."

Fox News political analyst Brit Hume commented on the media's recent tendency to report on Obamacare's many deficiencies. "It isn't just people like you and me who are voicing these criticisms of Obamacare," Hume observed, "the mainstream media are in full cry about this. They've been absolutely brutal about the evasions and excuses that are being offered, they're just not buying it. And the more the administration tries to evade and obscure and blame others, the more it feeds the story. This thing is out there and it is rolling." The Factor reiterated that everyday Americans are far more concerned than in the past: "The folks didn't feel 'Fast and Furious,' Benghazi didn't pertain to them, they didn't feel the IRS going after the Tea Party, but now everybody is involved with this."
Obamacare Confusion
Guest: Juan Williams & Mary Katharine Ham
During an appearance on a Sunday political show, Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein seemed thoroughly confused about Obamacare's edicts. The Factor tried to sort through the confusion with Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams. "If you had a plan before March of 2010 when the law went into effect," Williams stated, "you're supposed to be able to keep it. But there are minimum standards that a lot of those policies don't meet." But Ham accused Democrats of willful mendacity. "The promise was that everybody could keep their plans, but that's not the case. A lot of Obamacare supporters like Diane Feinstein now exhibit feigned or true ignorance of what was in the law. She's also sort of flippant about the millions who are losing their coverage. All of this is in the service of dancing around a known lie that the Obama administration told."
Obama's Brand Damaged?
Guests: Mark Halperin
The Factor asked political reporter and author Mark Halperin about President Obama's recent popularity plunge. "I think it's possible," Halperin said, "that the President could end up having a four-year term in which basically nothing happens at a time when the country needs to get a lot done. In the fall of 2011 the President basically decided he would not get anything done, he would spend the last year of his first term attacking Mitt Romney and the Republicans. He thought that when he beat them, he could then move his agenda through. The way he ran for re-election made it more likely he'd win, but less likely that he could govern successfully." Halperin added that President Obama is now in a morass that he helped create. "When the President decided to pass health care with only Democratic votes, he put himself in the position of having health care be a constant war. Republicans are not going to want to work with him on health care, particularly after he spent the last quarter of his first term attacking them."
Bullying in the NFL?
Guest: Troy Stradford
The NFL Miami Dolphins have suspended 300-pound lineman Riche Incognito, who was accused of emotionally "bullying" another 300-pounder, Jonathan Martin. The Factor explored the incident with former Dolphins running back Troy Stradford. "Just because a guy is a football player and he's that big," Stradford said of Martin, "a lot of people think he's not a sensitive guy. We're finding out now that Richie Incognito bullied him, threatened him, intimidated him, and even left some racial slurs on voice messages. The Miami Dolphins and the NFL have a huge problem on their hands." The Factor placed much of the blame on Miami's second-year head coach Joe Philbin, saying, ""Philbin was warned in the spring that this was happening, but it escalated, so I'm laying it right on the head coach's doorstep."
Obamacare Excuses
Guest: Bernie Goldberg
Despite the chaos and widespread disillusionment surrounding Obamacare, a few liberal zealots in the media continue to defend the law. Bernie Goldberg entered the No Spin Zone with his analysis of the overall coverage. "The so-called 'mainstream media' have covered the disastrous rollout," Goldberg began, "but they deserve no credit for finally doing their job. I say 'finally' because in the three years leading up to this very few news organizations told us what was going to happen. They didn't warn us, and that is their job. When President Obama said, 'If you like your health care plan you can keep it' they simply wrote it down. That's what stenographers do, that's not what journalists do. I think the President lied to us!" The Factor was more willing to give the President the benefit of the doubt, saying, "I don't believe Barack Obama or Diane Feinstein read the law, I don't believe they know what is going on."
Sexiest Colleges in the U.S.
Guest: Jesse Watters
When an online publication declared the University of Wisconsin the "sexiest college in America," Jesse Watters immediately saddled up and headed west to Madison. Here's what a few comely Badgers told the badgering Watters. "Everyone cares a ton about how they look" ... "Sexy people just flock here " ... "It's a sexual cauldron - no homework, no studying" ... "We're all really good-looking." Back in the studio, Watters reported that Wisconsin students seem to revel in their reputation. "They're very proud of it. It's progressive to be liberal and sexy and open with yourself, everybody is embracing their sexuality."
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William Garlington, Orlando, FL: "O'Reilly, maybe it's time you began speaking for the common American rather than being soft on President Obama. Maybe it's time you began to demonize and marginalize him."

Darrell Rathburn, Columbus, OH: "Bill, you were spot on saying that President Obama will say anything because he believes the end justifies the means."

Robin Millman, Roslyn, NY: "I am Jewish, and my favorite memory of elementary school was singing Christmas carols."
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