Thursday, January 16, 2014
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Fair Coverage From the Media?
Guests:Laura Ingraham

"An amazing thing happened Tuesday night - none of the three network news broadcasts even covered the House report that says then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told President Obama on the very day Ambassador Christopher Stevens was assassinated that terrorists did it. No one covered it at night, and no network covered it Wednesday morning. Nothing! Yesterday, when the Senate report came out saying Hillary Clinton's State Department could have prevented the attack had it heeded the CIA warning, the networks did cover that story. But on the three network news broadcasts, President Obama's name was not mentioned once. MSNBC primetime has had no coverage of the Benghazi situation at all this week, while CNN did a little last night. There is almost a news blackout of how the President dealt with the fiasco. Even though he was told it was a terrorist attack the day it happened, some of his acolytes like Susan Rice told a false story to the public. Talking Points understands that the USA is not currently served by a fair media. Most outlets are sympathetic to the Democratic Party and will only reluctantly cover stories that make the Dems look bad. Benghazi is very important because it goes to the efficiency and honesty of the government. Maybe someday we'll find out what really happened."

The Factor asked for reaction from conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham. "This defies credulity," she began. "Four Americans lost their lives and it was the first time an ambassador was killed on duty since 1979. The media has been swarming all over Chris Christie and looking into every nook and cranny of the Christie administration about 'bridgegate,' but a simple question about Benghazi will not be answered? How does that ultimately serve the cause of justice or the American people? This narrative was allowed to be sold in an election year when the last thing the Obama administration wanted was the news to drop that another terrorist attack took place." The Factor suggested that President Obama would have benefitted from telling the truth about the Benghazi attack, saying, "The American people know we live in a very dangerous time and a terror attack could happen at any time."
Impact Segment
Carville Reacts to Talking Points
Guests: James Carville

For a different take on the Benghazi revelations, The Factor turned to Democratic strategist James Carville. "There's no doubt that there was a lapse in security," Carville conceded, "but Secretary Clinton was not told personally. She has accepted responsibility and it's fair to say that people who worked for her did not act aggressively enough." The Factor pointedly asked Carville why Ambassador Susan Rice falsely blamed an Internet video for the attack. "This was addressed in the bipartisan committee report," Carville responded. "There was intelligence reflective of the fact that the video played a part, that was consistent with what the intelligence community was saying." The Factor again urged Hillary Clinton to fully explain why the Americans in Libya were left vulnerable: "I want to know why she didn't order more security so those guys could be alive today!"
Kelly File Segment
More than Meets the Eye?
Guests: Megyn Kelly

Democrats in Colorado have approved a measure that would allow welfare recipients to use cash machines situated in marijuana shops. FNC's Megyn Kelly analyzed the Rocky Mountain controversy. "I'm not particularly surprised," she said, "and they didn't seem to have any problem with this at all. There are cash machines in the pot shops and they didn't want to shut them down to welfare recipients." While Kelly was merely bemused by the situation in Colorado, she expressed outrage over a story involving terror mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad. "This is maybe the most evil person we have living on the face of the earth. He has released a manifesto from his Gitmo prison cell and the judge at Gitmo has allowed it. My question is, why does one of the worst terrorists in the world get to have a voice when he is in an American-controlled prison?"
Mad as Hell
Bad Drivers, Shark Attacks, and more
Guests:Heather Nauert

Fox News anchor Heather Nauert responded to some Factor viewers who are peeved, miffed, and angry as hell. One of them, Texan James Stewart, complained about drivers who follow way too closely. "That's the fourth most common complaint about drivers," Nauert reported. "Number one is weaving, second is speeding, and hostility is third." Mark Zinn of Illinois is ticked off because Australian authorities are intentionally killing sharks. "The government of Western Australia," Nauert explained, "has a real shark problem, six people have been killed in the past few years. So the government is planning a 'shark culling' program - they put out bait and they will allow fishermen kill the sharks if they come too close. A lot of people are outraged."
Personal Story Segment
Disgrace in Michigan
Guests:Bill Schuette

As reported previously, the largest teachers union in Michigan is siding with 39-year-old Neal Erickson, who was convicted of raping one of his underage male students and now claims he is owed severance pay. The Factor welcomed Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, who declared that Erickson will never receive that money. "This rapist wants to collect $10,000," Schuette said, "but there is no way! I'm slamming the door on that, it's not going to happen. Today I spoke with the young victim and reassured him that this guy won't put a dime in his pocket. We filed a bill today that would freeze all of this rapist's assets and would capture any severance pay that might be awarded. This whole thing is just disgusting." The Factor denounced teacher union boss Steven Cook, who has been hiding under his desk: "We tried for weeks to convince this guy to come on this program and explain himself."
Back of the Book Segment
Movie Controversy
Guests: Richard Roeper

The movie "Lone Survivor," which tells the true story of a firefight between a Navy SEAL team and Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, has been a box office hit. But it's been denounced in reviews as "crude propaganda" and "war porn." Film critic Richard Roper handed out some negative reviews to his fellow reviewers. "Calling a war movie too violent," he observed, "is like saying 'Titanic' had too much water in it. I can't speak for other critics, but it seems that some people have political agendas they want to advance. This is a very well-made film and one of the most realistic depictions of war." The Factor suggested that many reviewers are revealing their anti-Americanism: "All these reviews have one thing in common, the reviewers don't like the United States. This is what they're bringing in to their reviews."
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Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Bernie Silverman, Houston, TX: "I can't imagine why what the Chicago teachers union and Reverend Wright do is any of your business, O'Reilly. What insight do you have into the situation?"

Oren Spiegler, Upper Saint Clair, PA: "Bill, thanks for making the public aware of how the Chicago teachers union cozied up to Wright. Dr. King justifiably criticized America, but never in the vile way that Wright does."

Carl Johnson, Tampa, FL: "This country has been bad since its inception. It's been a walk in the park for white folks, hell for black folks."

Robin Lipinski, White Bird, ID: "Proof that the USA is the best country is people like Wright being allowed to vent their hatred in public without punishment."