Thursday, February 6, 2014
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Talking Points Memo and Top Story
Democrats and Benghazi
Guest: Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT)

"One of the major positives coming out of my presidential interview is that I learned a lot. The far right is making a huge mistake in thinking that President Obama is actively trying to harm the nation. He is not, and his overriding concern can be summed up in two words: social justice. The president sincerely believes the deck is stacked against minority Americans and many working poor people, and he is trying to right that perceived wrong. Accepting that premise, you begin to understand his posture on almost every other issue. Take Benghazi, where the president believes the issue is trumped up by Fox News and others. He doesn't see Benghazi or the IRS situation or the ObamaCare screw-ups as important in the long run. He sees them as mistakes, believes we should all move on and support his goal of social justice. Presidents Nixon and Clinton also thought their troubles were inconsequential because they believed what they were doing for the country was far more important. Talking Points believes that the Benghazi, IRS, and ObamaCare stories are very important to the nation, but President Obama and his supporters disagree. But the president has brought some scrutiny upon himself by claiming the Benghazi attacks were 'not some systematic, organized process.' Based upon our investigation here, the attack that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans was an organized terrorist action. Also, there is strong suspicion that the Obama reelection campaign did not want that made public because it could lose the president some votes. That's a big deal."

The Factor pursued the Benghazi story with Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz. "I thought the president was elusive," Chaffetz opined. "I would like to ask him, 'Mr. President, the Benghazi facility was attacked three times in 2012, what did you do to protect our facility after it had already been bombed twice?' Nobody has ever asked him that question." Chaffetz also criticized the president for claiming the attack was spurred by an anti-Muslim video. "He went to the United Nations, he went on The View, and he went on Univision up to two weeks after the attack and was still talking about the video." The Factor urged Chaffetz's committee to elicit testimony from former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta: "He's the key, put him under oath! Nobody has asked him under oath if he told the president that it was a terror attack. I'm asking you to get your butt in gear and get your committee to get Panetta in there."
Personal Story Segment
Far-Left Criticism
Guest: Dana Perino

Some mainstream media pundits continue to denounce the White House interview as "disrespectful" or worse. The Factor analyzed that accusation with Fox News host Dana Perino, who was White House press secretary under President Bush. "I thought your interview was just fine in terms of tone," she said, "and some people are arguing that you weren't aggressive enough. Journalists flock to protect the president from any tough questioning, so they always think that it's nasty. But nobody ever thought the questions to George W. Bush were nasty. I warned President Bush that you would interrupt him because you'd want to cover a lot of ground in the time we had allotted. President Bush expected tough questions."
Factor Follow Up Segment
Targeted by the Left
Guest: Karl Rove

MSNBC has been wall-to-wall with coverage of the Chris Christie bridge scandal; other left-wing outlets are also playing it up big. The Factor asked FNC analyst Karl Rove to explain why. "Don't just look at MSNBC," Rove said, "they're the tool. Look behind them and you'll see a lot of Democrats, particularly those concerned about 2016. They looked at Christie and saw him as the front-runner on the Republican side. Their object is to tear him down and to send a message to other Republicans that this is the treatment you can expect. Christie is clearly interested in being a presidential candidate, he's ambitious, and they want to take him down." The Factor criticized the anti-Christie barrage, saying, "It is a big story if it can be proven that the governor lied to the people, but there isn't anything coming out."
Mad as Hell
Feisty Letters
Guest: Heather Nauert

FNC anchor Heather Nauert joined The Factor to respond to letters from angry viewers. One of them, Sean Conrad of Montana, is ticked because it took the death of a famous actor to spur action against heroin dealers in New York. "I had the same reaction," Nauert began. "We hear about people dying all the time from overdoses and rarely do we hear about the arrest of dealers. But I spoke with one narcotics official who told me there could have been an ongoing investigation into these dealers." Another viewer, Donna Kay Furniss, complained because President Obama showed up to the pre-Super Bowl interview sans necktie. "People used to dress up for important occasions," Nauert said, "and the topics you were going to discuss were important and deserved a little more respect." The Factor added, "Donald Trump was really mad that the president didn't wear a tie and sent him some Trump ties."
Kelly File Segment
Some Hot Topics
Guest: Megyn Kelly

The Factor welcomed Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who reported on the serious problems facing visitors to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. "Just be glad you're here," she said, "because not only are half the hotels not built, but the water isn't drinkable in many of these hotels and it'll burn your skin. You cannot take a shower, construction workers and stray dogs are coming in and out of the hotels, there's a pillow shortage for the athletes, and people are reporting bugs in their food. The runner-up city to host these games was Salzburg, Austria, which would have been perfect." Kelly also reported on a disturbing study that links marijuana use and car accidents. "Fatal car crashes involving marijuana have tripled over the past decade. Drugged driving accounts for more than 28% of traffic deaths and it's going up. This could overtake drunk driving as the number one cause of traffic accidents."
Ingraham Angle
Latest on Immigration Reform
Guest: Laura Ingraham

Speaker John Boehner now says that immigration reform should be delayed until next year at the earliest. FNC contributor Laura Ingraham listed her immigration priorities. "We don't have any credibility in immigration," she lamented. "Obama has brought down the deportation level and there's a big welcome mat at the border. We have to do border enforcement and we have to have employment verification. We also have to make it more difficult for people who are in this country illegally to stay here - they can't be opening up bank accounts and getting drivers licenses and other benefits. People want the rule of law and the Constitution followed."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
George Lewis, Albany, NY: "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is much better than the O'Reilly fantasy hour. He has more credibility as a journalist than O'Reilly."

Andrew Gabin, Las Vegas, NV: "Bill, you have to get over the fact that Stewart is cool and you are not."

Michael Doran, Saginaw, MI: "Addiction is not a disease, it's a choice. I spent 35 years drinking and using because I wanted to. I became homeless and finally stopped because I wanted to."

Alexander Guzinski, Boca Raton, FL: "When I returned from Vietnam in 1971, I got a 7% GI mortgage loan. I paid it off. The President implied this was a freebie."
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Deliver on Your Promises
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