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Monday, February 10, 2014
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Holding Politicians Accountable
Guest: Brit Hume

"I had a very nice talk with Nancy Pelosi and her husband at the White House in September. I gently asked whether she would be willing to talk with me on camera. She said absolutely yes and invited me to do the interview in her office. The exchange took place before a number of witnesses. But now Mrs. Pelosi is reneging and says I treated President Obama with 'disrespect.' I asked Mr. Obama the questions that I believe are important to the country; I did so in a respectful way and he answered the way he wanted to. Unlike Nancy Pelosi, President Obama honored his word to me. It's troubling that the questions I asked were not asked before. One reason pertinent questions about the IRS, Benghazi, and ObamaCare were not asked is that many in the media are protecting President Obama. Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera was actually offended by the interview, which he called 'unsettling.' The truth is that there is enormous pressure from supporters of the president not to put him on the spot. Two White House correspondents, FNC's Ed Henry and ABC's Jonathan Karl, are the exceptions to the rule and do ask hard questions. The mentality of some working for the president is that he is not to be challenged, but that's not the mentality here. I respect the office of the presidency, but it's my job to ask the toughest questions I can think of to everybody."

Fox News analyst Brit Hume, who covered presidents for many years, opined on his successors in the White House press corps. "This is certainly a very different atmosphere than I encountered when I first went to cover the White House in 1989," Hume said. "The first President Bush was in office and there was an adversarial atmosphere at the White House, much more aggressive. This was still the hangover atmosphere from the Watergate era when the national press felt it had been embarrassed." Hume forcefully disagreed with Nancy Pelosi's contention that the White House interview on Super Bowl Sunday was disrespectful. "You kept the tone civil, the questions were relevant and appropriate, and you did what you had to do. But to a partisan of this president, your persistent questioning would come across as disrespectful."
True Condition of Obamacare
Guest: Gary Lauer

President Obama has been insisting that his signature health care law is "working the way it's supposed to." The Factor invited reaction from health care executive Gary Lauer, who was once an enthusiastic supporter of ObamaCare. "There are some things that I like about this legislation," Lauer said, "but I really broke with this when I heard the president say it's fixed. It's not fixed! Take a look at the enrollment numbers, you need a lot more young people in this thing. There are still a lot of ideologues who believe the way to make this work is through government alone. But the risk of failure is much higher going it alone as a government entity than bringing in some of the best of the private sector."
Obamacare Interview Reaction
Guests: Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham

For more insight into the ObamaCare situation and the prior segment with Gary Lauer, The Factor turned to Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams. "This was a very self-serving presentation," Williams said of Lauer. "He's been telling the government he can do it better than anybody else and they should leave it up to him. He's a pawn for GOP spin, trying to make ObamaCare look like a failure." But Ham echoed Lauer's complaint about the bureaucracy's reluctance to work with private business. "The government has messed this up so badly. They're too incompetent to do it correctly but they're also too inflexible to get other people in, so you end up with this situation where people are not being served in the way they were promised."
Nasty Incident
Guests: Ty Miller and Desmond Mason

Oklahoma State basketball player Marcus Smart, offended when a fan called him a "piece of crap," pushed the fan and has been suspended for three games. The Factor spoke about the incident with former OSU player Desmond Mason and radio sports reporter Ty Miller. "Smart has been labeled as a player with great character," Mason said, "and a team leader. For him to suddenly decide to attack a fan is out of character for Marcus." Miller concluded that Smart needs to cool down and put the incident behind him. "It may have been an overreaction by Marcus Smart, but a lot of people were saying a lot of things. When Smart looked up the first person he saw was that fan, who has a history of being an irate fan, so he just reacted. I think he heard something and directed his anger at the wrong person." The Factor reminded everyone, "There is no evidence that a racial slur was used."
Disrespectful Interview?
Guest: Bernie Goldberg

On Friday's program Geraldo Rivera accused The Factor of acting disrespectfully toward President Obama, but FNC media analyst Bernie Goldberg entered the No Spin Zone with a far different view. "I didn't see a smidgen of disrespect on your part," Goldberg began, "but I understand why liberals might have seen disrespect. Were there interruptions? Yes, but so what? That is not disrespect. Geraldo said you stripped the president of 'his majesty,' but Barack Obama is not a king. Geraldo also said he didn't want to inject race, but one second later he brought race into it by reminding you that Barack Obama is the first African American president. Geraldo Rivera and Nancy Pelosi are reading out of the same book, they see this man as someone who can not be interrupted or questioned. They're used to a docile press corps."
Watters' World
Guest: Jesse Watters

When Jesse Watters visited Washington to confront former Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her promise to sit down for an interview, he spoke with other legislators about the prospective O'Reilly-Pelosi powwow. Here's some of what they said: Republican Congressman Steve King: "There's no reason the queen of San Francisco couldn't do an interview with Bill O'Reilly." Democratic Senator Joe Manchin: "I swear to goodness, it'll be the best experience of her life." Republican Senator Ted Cruz: "In one interview with Bill O'Reilly, 100 times more people will see her than in her usual hit on MSNBC." Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn: "Bill should give her a Factor mug and a couple of his books." Republican Congressman Peter King: "It's a good chance for San Francisco to meet Levittown, to have the elite meet the working class people." Finally, Republican Senator John McCain delivered the coup de grace: "After you do the interview then you'll know what's in it, just like Affordable Health Care."
Viewers sound off
Tony Willingham, Signal Mountain, TN: "I'm confused. Is there something wrong with being a community organizer? Geraldo says mentioning that is a sign of disrespect."

Mark Macera, Cazenovia, NY: "Bill, Geraldo's claim that you disrespected President Obama is nonsense. What's disrespectful is members of his own party asking him not to campaign for them."

John Saggese, Sylvania, OH: "I agree with Geraldo. You were overly casual with the president, Mr. O. You are not his equal."
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