Tuesday, February 11, 2014
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
How Obamacare Created a DISINCENTIVE to Work
Guests:Charles Krauthammer

"The Congressional Budget Office keeps track of taxpayer money. In a recent report, the CBO clearly said that those receiving free health care will have less incentive to work because their health needs will be assured. If they have a job they don't like, they don't have to keep the job and can live off entitlements and/or the underground economy. That report hurts the Democratic Party, which champions ObamaCare and other entitlements, so the Democratic spin from Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi is that people now have more 'freedom.' The problem is that you and I, working Americans, will have to pay for that. Talking Points has no problem paying for safety net entitlements, but now I'm being asked to pay for somebody's 'passion' by supporting their health insurance. It's clear what Senator Schumer and Congresswoman Pelosi are saying, that ObamaCare will 'free' people from low-wage jobs so they can do other things. But 'other things' might not include getting better jobs because if they got those, their ObamaCare subsidies go away. Finally, the CBO report does have some good news for President Obama and the Democrats, saying health insurance costs will probably decline about 15% from the original forecast. Does that override all the other stuff? You make the call."

The Factor welcomed Charles Krauthammer, who opined on President Obama's decision to delay the mandate that medium-sized companies provide health insurance to their workers. "At least in banana republics the caudillo dictates with class," Krauthammer scoffed, "but here it's done in the federal register. This is the 27th time that President has unilaterally amended a law that has already passed Congress. You're not allowed to do that!" The Factor contended that the continual changes to ObamaCare are probably legal, but not necessarily ethical: "I think they have the legal authority to do this on the basis that the Supreme Court would allow a 'tweaking' of the law. But there's no doubt that this is being done for political reasons, they're not doing it for the good of the folks."
Impact Segment
Should we Give up on the Drug War?
Guests:Charles Krauthammer

Returning for a second segment, Charles Krauthammer examined the notion that the war against drugs is fruitless and futile. "You wouldn't want to live in Zurich or Amsterdam where they have had needle exchange programs," Dr. K asserted, "because they don't work and they kill people in the end. It looks like compassion, but we saw what drugs did to Philip Seymour Hoffman and a whole array of others. This stuff kills! Even though a war on drugs causes corruption and involves huge expense, it keeps the number of people who suffer lower than it would be. There are people who think legalization will cause less harm, but they are living on the moon. You can not have a civilized society that allows hard drugs to be marketed, even if it's regulated."
Culture War Segment
Crowley and Colmes Take on the Drug War
Guests:Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes

The Factor pursued the legalization question with Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes. "If you know someone who is addicted to any of these powerful narcotics," Crowley said, "would you provide them with the means to continue to do it? Or would you try to do everything you could to get them off the drugs? Legalization has a corrosive effect on society." Colmes singled out Vancouver, which has set up vending machines that dispense crack pipes. "The needle exchange programs have worked and they have shown a decreased drug use in Vancouver because of these pipes. When people use dirty paraphernalia and they get hepatitis and HIV, we pay for that as taxpayers. It is a good idea to make sure that the paraphernalia is clean, which leads to recovery on the part of these people. All drugs should be legal." The Factor suggested fighting the drug war on two fronts: "If you sell hard narcotics, you get a minimum federal sentence of 20 years. And if you are addicted to narcotics, you get mandatory treatment."
Unresolved Problems Segment
Extreme Weather on the Horizon
Guests:Joe Bastardi

This has been a winter of extreme weather, with more on the way. The Factor asked meteorologist Joe Bastardi to explain what's going on. "We had a cold and stormy winter forecast for the United States," Bastardi said. "A lot of Arctic air has been driven into the U.S., and then the warm air tries to fight back. That 'fight zone' has been over the South so they get occasional storms." Bastardi also described the current California drought as part of a larger weather cycle. "This is the 1950's all over again. When the tropical Pacific starts to cool, that's when California and southern United States go into a dry situation. I think California will be dryer than normal for the next ten years, but the Pacific Northwest will be wetter than normal. This is nothing that hasn't happened before."
'Is it Legal?' Segment
Sentencing in the Killing of Brian Terry
Guests:Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lis Wiehl

A thirty-year sentence has imposed for the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. He was involved in the Fast and Furious deal. The Factor will have all the details tonight on Is It Legal?
Back of Book Segment
Stossel Matters
Guests:John Stossel

Fox Business host John Stossel examined America's burgeoning culture of handouts and entitlements. "You can see it in disability rates," he reported. "Even though we have improved health care and fewer people doing manual labor, more people say they are disabled. It's just logical - if you reward people for being helpless, more people will act helpless. Before we had the trillion-dollar welfare state, we had private charities that were better at saying this guy needs help and this guy needs a kick in the rear." The Factor placed part of the blame on public schools: "Some schools do 'social promotion,' which means you can get a degree without working hard or doing what you're supposed to do. I think it starts with the children."
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The "Killing Kennedy" DVD is now out and will make great viewing for your children and grandchildren.
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Derek Palmer, Lansing, MI: "Bill, how would Nancy Pelosi know you were disrespectful to the president when she never watches you on TV? I think she's secretly a premium member."

Susie Watson, Birmingham, AL: "I'm not sure what Geraldo and the liberal media are thinking when they say the president should be given special treatment."

Ken Grzelak, Del Rio, TN: "Kudos to Jesse Watters. For the first time in recorded history he made Senator Schumer run away from a TV camera."