Wednesday, February 12, 2014
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Segment Summaries
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Talking Points Memo
The American Left and Capitalism
Guests: Dr. Jeanne Zaino & Ellen Qualls
"With President Obama's job approval numbers falling and the Democratic Party having trouble in an election year, you would think liberal Americans would low-key it a bit. But no, they're upping the rhetoric, especially the anti-capitalism stuff. Hillary Clinton is widely seen to be the Democratic nominee in 2016, but she portrays herself as a moderate, which is not good enough for some. Many on the far left want to dismantle the entire corporate system, and we are seeing the consequences of that in the Obama administration. The president has not been a friend to corporations, he advocates high taxes to pay for an entitlement culture. Businesses know that and have not expanded, preferring to hoard profits or keep them overseas where they can not be taxed. That's why the job situation and income for working Americans is stagnant. It's hard to believe, but the far left believes the government can provide well-paying jobs on a mass scale. It cannot, and every country that has tried that has failed. So Hillary Clinton must fight zealotry on her far left. She'll defeat it, she'll get the nomination, and she'll run as a moderate Democrat."

The Factor invited liberal perspective from political scientist Jeanne Zaino and Ellen Qualls, a former Obama campaign aide. "There is an enormous and increasing division in the Democratic Party," Zaino declared. "You see the attacks that Hillary is getting from her left and many people predict Wall Street will be her Achilles Heel in 2016 the same way the Iraq war was in 2008. People on the 'progressive' left fear that she'll be too close to Wall Street and will continue her husband's moderate policies." But Qualls dismissed the notion that there is a great rift in among Democrats. "I see a rhetorical concern about whether Hillary Clinton is talking to the right people and hearing the right ideas. People on the left want to have Elizabeth Warren's voice represented in Hillary Clinton's campaign. But there is a great unanimity among Democrats that Hillary Clinton will be a great candidate and we'd love to have her."
Personal Story Segment
Targeted by the IRS?
Guest: Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson, a darling of many conservatives, claims he has been unfairly targeted by the IRS. He is now under fire for raising the specter of Nazi Germany when complaining about government power. The Factor asked him to explain and elaborate. "I believe what can happen here," Carson warned, "is that people who do not speak up for what they believe can be trampled. The objective of many on the left is to focus on a single word you're not supposed to say, like 'Nazi' or 'slavery.' That's political correctness and I do not believe in that. I'm worried because the populace is not expressing what they think because they're afraid, they're intimidated by the government and the media and the p.c. police." The Factor reminded Carson that huge differences exist between the USA and pre-war Germany. "What you said was correct, the mass of Germans were not members of the Nazi Party but they sat on their butts and allowed the fanatics to take over. That could not happen here because of our checks and balances."
Impact Segment
Another Olympic Controversy
Guests: Kirsten Powers & Kate Obenshain
A Canadian gay rights organization has created an Internet ad that uses suggestive images from the two-man luge competition to mock Russia's anti-gay attitudes. Republican Kate Obenshain and Democrat Kirsten Powers evaluated the video. "I know this is put out by people who are pro-gay rights," Powers said, "but I actually find it to be more offensive to gay people than anyone else. Being gay means being attracted to another person, not just to have sex and sexual innuendo. What's happening to gays in Russia is an extremely serious issue." Obenshain pointed out that some luge competitors have complained about the video. "These are people who have worked for years to reach the pinnacle of athletic achievement and now their sport is being mocked. I think the ad will backfire, more people will be offended by it." The Factor concluded, "I see this as almost like PETA, which does shocking things to get attention."
Washington Beat Segment
State Dinner for French President
Guests: James Rosen & Ed Henry
President Obama hosted a state dinner this week for French President Hollande, but Fox News correspondent Ed Henry was relegated to being on the outside looking in. "It looked pretty elegant," Henry said, "and it didn't look like an 'income inequality' event. These state dinners cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but Republicans and Democrats both do them. There was no dancing because they didn't want to embarrass the French president, who couldn't bring a first lady because of his affairs in France." FNC's James Rosen turned to foreign ambassadorships, which are being handed out to Democrats who raised big money for the president's reelection. "If we had a special prosecutor roaming about with an unlimited mandate," Rosen opined, "President Obama's conduct in the naming of ambassadors would likely become an area of focus. 53% of ambassadorial appointees in his second term have been political as opposed to career foreign service people. The practical effect of this is that you get a donation bundler like Noah Mamet named ambassador to Argentina, even though he has never been there."
Miller Time Segment
Olympics and More
Guest: Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller took aim at Nancy Pelosi's claim that ObamaCare gives people the freedom to quit work and pursue their "passions." "Pelosi's a tough one for me," Miller said, "because I can't tell if she's a creep or a moron. It's rich that the queen of 'forehead lock' would lecture me on 'job lock.' Bring this up to Pelosi - without term limits, it seems like she's locked in that gig. This woman is a creepy dame who has done poorly by this country. If they told me Nancy Pelosi is in another part of this studio and wants to chat, I'd say she has to find someone else to chat with. This country is more in the red than Bob Costas' eyes." Miller also discoursed on the Winter Olympics. "I can't watch curling," he confessed, "because it gives me a bad memory of a kidney stone I passed in the fall of 1998. I love the fact that man fancies himself a genius, but we have picked the one place on the planet that is not currently frozen to hold the Winter Olympics."
Did You See That Segment
A Public Shaming
Guest: Martha MacCallum
Samuel L. Jackson mercilessly mocked a local TV reporter who confused him with Lawrence Fishburne, another black actor. Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum watched video of the brutal dressing-down. "This went on for a solid two-and-a-half minutes," she observed, "and every time the reporter tried to get back to subject, Jackson just kept hammering him. He took it personally, but he could have made his point and been a gentleman about it."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Steve Boldish, Medford, OR: "Bill, I have a passion to live in Hawaii, commune with nature, and read your books. I'm glad the administration will support me."

Sandi Hartman, Allison Park, PA: "My blood is boiling. Helping people down on their luck is noble but this administration is determined to buy votes on the backs of hard working Americans. As one of nine children, I succeeded through hard work, not the government supporting my passion."

Karen Lutz, Dunedin, FL: "Bill, you made an excellent point with Charles Krauthammer. As a pharmacist, I believe that, like Singapore, the U.S.A. should have mandatory drug rehabilitation at facilities where addicts are not free to leave."
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