Friday, February 21, 2014
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
The Winter Olympics
"In a fiercely competitive contest Friday, Canada defeated the USA in hockey 1 - 0. Earlier this week, Russians were devastated when Finland knocked them out of the medal round. Putin was furious and had that gulag look in his eyes. Russia and the USA are competitors for world power, and so the Olympic Games and medals take on a huge significance. As far as Canada is concerned, we're allies but also rivals. With just 35-million people living there, Canada can't compete with us in production, but we do share a common language and heritage. With all that in play, both teams today were playing for national pride, not just a medal. And that's a good thing. Pride in your country is a positive, patriotism is a positive, and loyalty is a positive. So go USA, but let the best competitors win."

The Factor asked Geraldo Rivera about the blend of politics and sports at the Olympic Games. "Look at Germany in 1936," Rivera observed, "when Hitler felt the prowess of German athletes was a reflection of Germany's military might. But it's difficult for me to be passionate about losing to Canada - it's like losing to your cousin or losing to Minnesota. We want the USA to win, but losing to Canada is not the same as losing to Russia. Vladimir Putin had two goals with these Olympics. He wanted to demonstrate Russia's ability to create this lovely city Sochi, and he wanted to display the prowess of his athletes." The Factor agreed that a loss to Russia would have been much harder to digest, saying, "Russia and Putin are villains who are trying to hurt us, while Canada just tries to tweak us."
Impact Segment
Hostile Town Hall Meeting?
This week New Jersey Governor Chris Christie held his first town hall meeting since the "bridgegate" controversy erupted last month. The New York Times implied that Christie faced a hostile audience, but Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs begged to differ. "Looking at the New York Times," Dobbs said, "you would have thought that the governor had been torn to pieces. But this guy was there with New Jersey citizens who assembled to have a back and forth with their governor. When was the last time you saw a true give-and-take between President Obama and citizens? The New York Times decided to focus on hostility, even though there wasn't much of it." The Factor added that MSNBC has been criticizing Christie pretty much round-the-clock: "I believe there is a collusion in the left-wing press to destroy Christie because they believe he is the most effective candidate against Hillary Clinton."
Ingraham Angle
2014 Swimsuit Cover
Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham dove into the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, which as usual features comely and barely-clad women. "We went back and looked at the original swimsuit cover in 1964," Ingraham reported, "and it was an attractive woman in a bikini. But now we can forget the 'swimsuit' part of the equation. I have a young daughter and this is just one more thing to worry about. I don't think young women should be growing up to think that they have to look like porn stars or have these beautiful bodies to be appreciated by men." The Factor also lamented the pressure placed on girls in America: "Young women are barraged in every way with a certain look, and not every girl or woman is going to achieve that look. But I'm not sure there's anything that society can do about it."
Factor Follow Up Segment
Awaiting a Pipeline Decision
The Obama administration will soon make a decision on the final leg of the Keystone Pipeline, which would transport oil from the Canada tar sands to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico. Actress and environmentalist Daryl Hannah entered the No Spin Zone to explain why she strenuously objects to the project. "The Keystone Pipeline is the equivalent of putting 5.7 million cars on the road every year," she stated. "President Obama did make a commitment that if this pipeline has a negative effect on greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, he would reject it. We are endangering our water supply." But The Factor reminded Hannah that the pipeline has many high-profile supporters: "The former Interior Secretary, the former National Security Adviser, the former Geological Survey director, and others all say that we should do this, that it's best for the country. Nebraska and all these states could really use the jobs."
What the Heck Just Happened Segment
Late Night Comics Protecting the President?
Raymond Siller, who formerly wrote for Johnny Carson and The Tonight Show, accuses current late-night comics of going easy on President Obama, largely because of his race. The Factor ran that allegation past Gretchen Carlson and Bernard McGuirk. "Initially there was a lot of trepidation because of his being the first black president," McGuirk theorized. "Now it could be that people are afraid of getting audited or spied on, or maybe they still have a little bit of that Chris Matthews 'tingle-itis.' Do they go easy on Obama? Yes, most of the jokes about him are about policy flaws." Carlson contended that nearly all late-night hosts and producers are squarely in President Obama's corner. "I actually don't believe that they joke about President Obama's policies that much because they want to make him look better. Lorne Michaels, who runs Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallon's new show, said there was nothing funny about President Obama when he came on the national scene."

When asked to name the week's biggest pinhead, Carlson immediately singled out New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was spotted speeding and running stop signs just after announcing a "safe streets" campaign. "It's the hypocrisy of this happening within one week," she said. "Just two days ago the mayor was talking about reducing the speed limit in New York City because of accidents. Then his detail was speeding and blowing through stop signs." McGuirk went with the religious leaders who are warning would-be space travelers. "Muslims in the United Arab Emirates have issued a fatwa against anyone signing up for a Dutch project that will send 40 people on a one-way trip to Mars. They say it's suicidal and a waste of life, but where are these bravehearts when it comes to issuing fatwas on suicide bombers?" The Factor singled out Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, who asserted that most Americans are anti-black and racist. "That's simply not true," The Factor declared. "We looked at the AP study that Mr. Potok cited and it's not even close to being true. We suggest that Mr. Potok re-read the study and stop demonizing white Americans as racists."
Factor Mail
Viewers Sound Off
Michelle Solomons, Cape Town, South Africa: "Bill, how can you say President Obama is a patriot when he constantly tramples the Constitution?"

Don Chisholm, British Columbia, Canada: "O'Reilly, the teachers' unions are there to protect the kids? What universe do you live in?"
Tip Of The Day
California Leavin'
Thousands of Californians are moving out of the state for more affordable climes, and the exodus will continue unless state officials do something to rein in the ubiquitous fees and taxes.