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Wednesday, February 26, 2014
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Are you your Brother's Keeper?
Guests: Dr. Adolph Brown & Ron Clark
"Many of the social problems in America are the direct result of the collapsing family unit in some precincts. African Americans have a huge problem in that area, with 72% of black babies now born out of wedlock; for white Americans the number is 29%. Some disturbing facts: 48% of children in single-female households live in poverty; 71% of all high school dropouts and 75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes; and boys without fathers present are twice as likely to become gang members. The root of poverty, crime, and despair is the collapse of the traditional family. Tomorrow at the White House the president will announce a huge initiative called 'My Brother's Keeper.' Essentially it will target young black males and try to give them some hope. I will be at the White House to cover this and we will get specifics. It is long past time for Americans to join together to help the kids. Put yourself in their position - millions of children are born into chaotic homes where the parents are irresponsible or absent. How can kids like that compete against kids from stable homes? Bringing children into the world when you can not support them is stupid and cruel. Many Americans object to making judgments about behavior, but that attitude is leading to disaster and we need to begin confronting this terrible problem."

The Factor invited reaction from Ron Clark, who runs a school for low-income children, and motivational speaker Adolph Brown. "I came from a single-parent home and my brother was murdered," Brown revealed. "I made it and others like me have made it, so there's something called resiliency and responsibility. It's important that there be some type of contract with parents because it starts at home. Either the parents give children time or the judicial system will!" Clark reported that his school has succeeded in reaching children from single-family homes. "We found a 100-year old factory in downtown Atlanta and we filled it with the best teachers and staff. Our staff members are our mentors and what we've done with these kids has been miraculous." The Factor concluded that preventing single parenthood is the most effective answer: "President Obama and the First Lady should be in your face saying you don't have babies when you're 15. Don't do it!"
Are Folks Ready for a Female President?
Guests: Kirsten Powers & Kate Obenshain
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann claims some Americans may not be ready for a female president. The Factor asked Republican Kate Obenshain and Democrat Kirsten Powers whether a woman president could have any disadvantages. "I can think of one thing," Powers said. "A woman might feel like she has to act macho. For example, she might feel she has to vote for the Iraq war to make it look like she is a tough leader and is not afraid to use military force. A lot of people feel that might have been part of Hillary Clinton's calculation, that she wanted to look tough." Obenshain argued that a forceful woman could easily deal with some of the world's bad guys. "Obama is having a much harder time than some strong women would. He has been bending over backwards to be gracious and work with these people. There's no question that Hillary Clinton is tough enough, but her competency will be in question."
News inside the Beltway
Guests: Carl Cameron & James Rosen
FNC correspondent James Rosen reported the latest from the Capitol, where hearings are being held on the IRS targeting of conservative groups. "Your interview with President Obama figured prominently today," Rosen told The Factor. "Some Republican lawmakers are asking how the president can say there is not a 'smidgen of corruption' when there is an ongoing prosecution. There is also every indication that the House Oversight Committee will demand more testimony from Lois Lerner." Carl Cameron looked ahead to 2016 and possible Democratic rivals to Hillary Clinton. "Something got under Joe Biden's skin this week," Cameron observed. "He told The View that he never said that if Hillary Clinton runs, he won't. Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts also said he could run, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley has been campaigning, and former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer has taken shots at Hillary Clinton. Even liberals like California Governor Jerry Brown and former Vermont Governor Howard Dean say if Clinton is not challenged on her left, they might do it."
Using your Money to Study Pot?
Guest: Rep. Steve Cohen (D - TN)
The Factor was joined by Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen, who wants to use federal money to study marijuana. "Marijuana should not be classified with heroin," Cohen said, "and the drug czar should be able to use science to give us a sound basis for how it should be classified. By being classified as a 'schedule 1' drug, it says marijuana has no medical value and that it has the highest addiction rate of any drug. We know that's not true." Displaying characteristic simplicity and pithiness, The Factor argued against a federal study: "You smoke marijuana to get intoxicated, that's it. What else do we need to know?"
Katy Perry under Fire
Guest: Dennis Miller
Some Islamic authorities are upset because a new music video by Katy Perry includes a brief shot of a man with an Allah necklace being disintegrated. Dennis Miller advised the offended Muslims to buck up. "This is shocking," he jested, "because Muslim people usually aren't uptight about stuff. Let me say something to the Muslim world. I don't have any scimitar to grind with you, but you guys get so cranky and when you start lopping heads off, I say that's not my sort of crew, I don't dig those people. Take it easy, it's a video!"
Jessica's Law Update
Guest: Martha MacCallum
FNC anchor Martha MacCallum provided an update on Colorado, where the state legislature appears likely to once again reject a version of Jessica's Law. "This would be the third time that some form of Jessica's Law has come up for a vote," she reported, "and it appears this bill will be sent to what is known as the 'kill committee,' which has seven Democrats and four Republicans. It's very unlikely to get anywhere, and what we're talking about is a sexual assault against a child who is under the age of 12! How can you not get behind a 25-year minimum for someone who assaults a child?" The Factor urged Coloradans to pressure their politicians, saying, "If you keep electing these pinheads, this is what you're going to get out there."
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