Monday, March 31, 2014
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Talking Points Memo
Two things that will affect your life
"The rollout of the Affordable Health Care law has been complete chaos, but that doesn't mean mandatory health insurance won't work eventually. Republicans despise ObamaCare because it expands government and forces people to buy insurance they may not want. Democrats love it because it subsidizes insurance for the poor. President Obama's legacy is riding on ObamaCare; if it's running smoothly and costs are under control by the time he leaves office, he'll get credit for courage and innovation. But if it's a chaotic disaster, he'll go down in history as a poor president. Now, on to global warming. A UN panel says the Earth is in peril, especially the poor, who will apparently be harmed by man-made climate change more than others. But again, nobody really knows whether that's true. You cannot destroy your economy while embracing a phantom 'global warming' theory, even if that theory might someday be valid. But I will give you one concrete thing that all responsible people should be rooting for. '60 Minutes' reported on the Tesla electric car, which could be available to millions at a decent price in the next few years. Everybody on the planet should be rooting for Tesla. If Tesla can make a clean car, the entire auto industry can. Our air would be cleaner and our wallets thicker. But there will be resistance as many conservatives don't believe in 'global warming' and oppose alternative energy. I hope you guys rethink the energy part. I understand that many in the green lobby are arrogant, self-righteous, and dumb. But we would all be better off if clean, cheap energy becomes the norm."
Top Story
Media Coverage of the Healthcare Rollout
Guests:Bernie Goldberg
When Tea Party activist Jennifer Stefano braved an appearance on MSNBC last week, host Chris Hayes informed her that she obviously doesn't care about poor people. FNC's Juan Williams analyzed the left's ongoing effort to demonize the Tea Party. "If you look at the numbers," he reported, "people who identify with the Tea Party is at an all-time low. What you got here from MSNBC was explosive TV, but basically they brought her on to beat her up and make her into a living piņata. And she fell for it." The Factor concluded that Tea Party folks should know when they're walking into a buzz saw: "Democrats want to elevate the Tea Party and use it to scare voters in November. I don't understand why the Tea Party doesn't understand that."
Impact Segment
Another Attack on the Tea party
Guests:Juan Williams
There were violent protests in Albuquerque over the weekend, where some residents are outraged over the number of suspects shot by police recently. The Factor analyzed the alleged brutality with police representative Paul Broome and New Mexico legislator Antonio Maestas. "The police shootings are off the charts," Maestas declared. "There have been 37 shootings and 23 homicides. 23 police-involved shootings in a city of 600,000 does not jibe with the rest of the country!" But Broome contended that cops are often defending themselves against violent miscreants. "We have gangs and a mental health situation that is in a state of collapse. There is also a lot of domestic violence and police officers are risking their lives."
Unresolved Problems Segment
Outrage in Albuquerque
Guests:Stephanie Lopez & Jacob Candelaria

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, protesters believe the police are gunning down citizens for little or no reason. We'll talk to two guests from the state about what's going on there and why folks are protesting against the police.
Personal Story
Gwenyth Paltrow Said What?!
Guests:Bill McGowan

Blonde, lithe, to-the-manor-born actress Gwyneth Paltrow has raised the ire of women by implying that she has it tougher than most working moms. The Factor was joined by public relations expert Bill McGowan, who offered Paltrow some unsolicited advice. "There is nothing that rubs people the wrong way more than having rich celebrities or CEOs complaining about how tough they have it," he began, "and this was Gwyneth's 'Marie Antoinette moment.' I doubt people at her level put in the effort ahead of an interview to figure out what points they want to make. When you wing it, anything can spill out." The Factor concluded, "I think she believes it's a tough life for her going to a movie set, her perspective is just crazy."
Factor Followup
Controversy over the film Noah
Guests:Richard Roeper & Raymond Arroyo
Some religious people are upset that the movie "Noah" is light on religion, heavy on environmentalism. Catholic broadcaster Raymond Arroyo and film critic Richard Roper evaluated the movie and its messages. "The reaction I've gotten over the last few days from people who have seen the movie,'" Arroyo said, "has been nothing short of titanic. This is a dark depiction and it deviates from the Bible's story, which has rattled audiences. Noah believes God is moving him to wipe out his grandchildren!" But Roper gave the film an enthusiastic thumbs-up. "This is big-budget entertainment and it has to have a lot of factors. If you're just going to show Noah as a kindly 550-year-old man who leads the animals onto the ark, that's a 10-minute cartoon and that's been done before. Of course it deviates from the text, but so does almost every other fictional Hollywood movie ever made."
Watters' World
Jesse Watters Testing Americans in Philly
Guests:Jesse Watters
Jesse Watters ventured down the Jersey Turnpike to Philadelphia, where our democracy was born, and asked people a few of the same questions that are posed to prospective U.S. citizens. For example, how many Senators are there? One young woman said 10, while a young man guessed 300, perhaps confusing Washington with Thermopylae. And when it came to naming the president during World War II, the answers included JFK, Nixon, and Washington. Watters, displaying a severe lack of brotherly love, threatened to deport one particularly dim interviewee.
Tip Of The Day
Jesus and the Urchins
Bill's new children's book "The Last Days of Jesus" has just been released. It follows the same basic story line as "Killing Jesus" and is aimed at kids from 7 to 13.
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Jeanette Calderia, Kansas City, MO: "Talking Points nailed it! Equality is not possible. Freedom to develop our individual potential should be the goal of a noble nation, and economic freedom promotes this end. Not income redistribution and the fable of equality."

Stephen Luftschein, Rye Brook, NY: "Bill, I generally find your commentary lacking in context, but you hit a grand slam with your explanation on the fallacy of equality. It's about equality of opportunity, not outcome."