Friday, April 25, 2014
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Talking Points Memo
Cliven Bundy Controversy
"Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy broke the law for many years by not paying grazing fees. The federal government owns the land. The state of Nevada readily admits the feds have jurisdiction in the grazing controversy. Those are the facts...
"Now we know that Cliven Bundy is a man who does not see things clearly. He made very offensive, ignorant remarks about African Americans and was roundly condemned for doing so...The man foolishly asked whether blacks are better off being dependent on government as opposed to being victims of slavery. An insane and outrageous question...
"Now onto another subject in this controversy - the dishonest media. Brian Stelter, a former New York Times media writer, who is a committed left-wing zealot, now works for CNN and weighed in on the Bundy situation. He said Fox News spent weeks covering this story, and he can't think of any story on the left to which MSNBC has dedicated as much time...
"Are you that dense, that uninformed, that you make an outrageous assertion that MSNBC would not overdo a story for ideological reasons?...Ideological commentators, both on the left and the right, are often way too eager to gin up controversies without knowing the facts. It doesn't matter on the Internet. It doesn't even matter in newspapers because few notice them. But it does matter on national TV...
"According to the polls, most Americans feel the government is now intruding on freedom. And objecting to that is legitimate, but you throw away legitimacy when you jump to conclusions and do not investigate the overall situation. That's what happened in the Cliven Bundy case, and it is a cautionary tale for all of us."
Top Story
Controversial Nevada Rancher
Guests:Mike Gallagher & Basil Smikle
Glenn Beck was one of the media personalities who was very skeptical of Cliven Bundy, saying on his radio show that if the guy really thinks that slaves had a family life, it just shows you unhinged he is from reality.

Gallagher relayed that the red flag for him not to take up this case was that the guy doesn't think the federal government exists and he doesn't want to pay the fees he owes. The Factor wondered though if it's really necessary for the feds to seize this guy's cattle.

According to Basil, the real issue was the armed "militia" around him. He said, "If I owed the government a million dollars and stood in my apartment armed and waiting for them to come, that would be a problem."

Gallagher pointed out that people don't understand why the federal government won't react with the same show of force to illegal immigrants. The Factor interjected - under the Obama administration, more illegals have been deported than the previous two presidents combined. In his mind, however, the crux of the matter is the way the national media was gleeful when Bundy made his racist comment.
Factor Follow Up Segment
Positive Influence for Kids?
Guests:Eboni Williams & Penny Nance
As you may know, the Factor has been critical of the singer Beyonce for putting out music videos that are libertine in tone, believing this is especially harmful for young girls who don't have parental supervision. Along with her husband Jay-Z, she's worth close to $1 billion, so she doesn't have to do this kind of negative stuff. Time magazine put Beyonce on the cover as one of the most influential people in the word, with the article saying she empowers women - nonsense!

While admitting that the singer is certainly influential and has sold a ton of records, Nance questioned if she's the right influence. Nance is disappointed that Beyonce seems to equate power with hypersexuality and wishes she'd use her power to influence girls in a more positive way.

Eboni pointed out that Beyonce is both a businesswoman and a mogul and that's a positive influence on young black girls.

Armed with the stat that 70% of babies born to African-Americans are out of wedlock, the Factor accused the singer of not caring about this.

Nance concluded that Beyonce is one of the cool kids, so the mainstream media and entertainment industry love her, but unfortunately, she doesn't use her power for good.
Personal Story Segment
Controversial Canonization
Guest:Father Jonathan Morris
This Sunday, the Catholic Church will canonize the late popes John XXIII and John Paul II. There is controversy because JPII wasn't proactive in protecting kids against priest sexual abuse.

Father Morris explained that Pope Francis put forth these two guys, but with JPII it really began with the people, who were already demanding he become a saint at his funeral.

The Factor acknowledged that it's not fair to judge any human being, but the actions of Pope JPII were not commendable in the priest abuse scandal. He believes Cardinal Law should be in jail. Morris countered that it's not up to the Pope to put someone in jail - if there was criminal activity, the authorities should have done something about Cardinal Law.

Wrapping up the conversation, the Factor hoped JPII, from heaven, forgives him for criticizing him, but thinks the Church should have waited on making him a saint.
What the Heck Just Happened Segment
McGuirk and Kilmeade on Cliven Bundy
Guests:Bernard McGuirk & Brian Kilmeade
The Factor asked Kilmeade if Fox & Friends was sympathetic to Cliven Bundy at the beginning of the story. Kilmeade insisted at that point it was a story about excessive force because nobody knew the racial element to it. He said F&F's beef was that the federal response was the rancher's crimes were disproportionate.

McGuirk claimed the Imus Show didn't throw in with Bundy because, as supporters of law enforcement, they thought the obsession with him was inexplicable. The Factor asked if people who threw in with Bundy have lost any credibility. Kilmeade asserted that it was just a mistake.
Pinheads of the Week
The Guys Name Their Pinheads
Guests:Bernard McGuirk & Brian Kilmeade
McGuirk's selection for pinhead of the week: During an interview with Jesse Ventura, Star Trek actor William Shatner contended that Hillary Clinton would be the one to bring the country together. McGuirk maintained that Hillary couldn't unite her own party in 2008 because she's got a lifetime of polarizing baggage. Kilmeade made a funny and said William Shatner is the guy he always goes to for political advice.

Kilmeade's pick: A Jeopardy question about Herman Cain to which none of the contestants knew the answer. His assertion is that the writers and producers intentionally made the question too obscure to try to embarrass Mr. Cain. McGuirk pointed out a pattern by saying the media effectively discredited Herman Cain during the campaign.

The Factor's choice: Putin, who is an obvious choice. He recommended reading the article about the Russian leader by Madeleine Albright in the Time mag 100 influential issue.
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Sean Jackson, Tampa, Florida... "For you to think you had something to do with Beyonce being on the cover of Time is just arrogant and dumb. You grossly exaggerate your own self-worth."

Toby Ebel, Baldwin City, Kansas... "On the Supreme Court affirmative action decision, minorities need something. We've wronged them for so long."

Rick Fink, St. Clair Shores, Michigan... "I disagree with you about giving preference to poor students in college admissions. That violates the 14th Amendment."
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