Monday, July 14, 2014
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Talking Points Memo
A border war in the media
"The sight of tens of thousands of foreign children being warehoused by the United States has angered many Americans. This is a humanitarian disaster and the federal government is at fault. In 2008, the last year of the Bush administration, 8,143 children were deported. By 2013 that number had dropped to 1,669. That means the Obama administration is not aggressively seeking to send illegal alien children back to their home countries. Because of that, the human smugglers in Central America and Mexico have launched a campaign to encourage parents to pay them thousands of dollars in return for taking their kids to the U.S. border. The liberal press is telling you that the kids are coming because they're in danger in their countries; the media wants the children to be resettled here for a variety of reasons. The truth is that Central America has always been a cauldron of corruption, but we have never seen this kind of migratory movement before. This is happening for two main reasons: First, the border is not secure, and, second, the Obama administration has sent signals to the world that legal consideration will be given to people who come here illegally. If we don't have border security, Congress will never pass 'comprehensive immigration reform' - the only way many Americans will accept a pathway to citizenship is if the flow stops. Putting the National Guard on the border would stop the border intrusion cold and quickly stabilize an out-of-control situation. Would it not be humanitarian to stop the madness? But many on the left don't want to stop the illegal immigration; the Democratic Party gains heavily from voting blocs who need entitlements, as many new immigrants surely will. Most Americans understand that the rule of law on immigration has collapsed. President Obama is taking most of the flak, as he should, even though he's trying to blame the Republican House for the debacle. The problem is solvable - my immigration reform plan is posted on and it will work. But no reform will take place until the southern border is under control, and right now it certainly is not."
Personal Story Segment
Beck causing a stir at the border
Guests: Glenn Beck
Radio host Glenn Beck, who will head to the Texas-Mexico border next week, entered the No Spin to elaborate on his visit. "We're raising money through my charity to bring relief to the children down there," he said. "The churches have asked us for shoes and food and soccer balls and teddy bears." Beck stressed that his is a non-political mission of mercy. "I don't think we'll ever solve anything if we don't stop yelling at each other and accusing each other of hatred and racism. I fear we are on the edge of losing our country if we don't find ways to say that we all love the children, these are children who are in need. While Washington is arguing, we have a personal responsibility for mercy. God tells us to love one another and to help the least of our brothers."
Impact Segment
Obama sinking in the polls
Guests: Juan Williams and Mary Katherine Ham
Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham entered the No Spin Zone to analyze President Obama's declining poll numbers and the border crisis. "The president is in a position to make a comeback," Williams theorized, "as long as he focuses on those children. And remember that Congress's ratings are even lower." But Ham criticized the president for constantly demonizing Republicans in the House of Representatives. "I'm not sure he grasps or cares where he is in the polls, it certainly doesn't change his rhetoric or his speeches. Even liberals have questioned whether his antagonistic tone will help him. He wants a $3.7 billion package for the border, but he's bashing the very people he needs to agree to it." The Factor reiterated, "The only solution is to militarize the border, but the president won't do it."
Hume Zone
Hume interviews Netanyahu about Iran's nuclear program
Guests: Brit Hume
The Factor welcomed Fox News political analyst Brit Hume, who spoke on Sunday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about Iran's nuclear program. "Americans are trying to make a deal with Iran," Hume reported, "but Benjamin Netanyahu is worried that a bad deal will be made in which the sanctions will be lifted. He fears that Iran will give up very little in its nuclear program and would basically be able to go on its way." The Factor contended that American authorities have been fooled by the Iranian mullahs: "Iran is lying to the world by saying they don't want nuclear weapons, but the United States and its allies have already dropped some of the sanctions."
Kelly File
Is Nancy Pelosi a sexist?
Guests: Megyn Kelly
Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently complained that "five guys" on the Supreme Court are deciding what forms of birth control are legal. FNC anchor Megyn Kelly, who was highly critical of Pelosi, explained why. "The Supreme Court affirmed the rights of certain corporations to stand firm on their religious principles when it comes to certain contraception coverage," Kelly explained. "Nancy Pelosi and many on the left came out and tried to create this false firestorm, they decided to invent these scary caricatures of the ruling and then tell everybody that's what the Supreme Court did. She went so far as to say this is a 'scary court' and that 'five guys' are determining what contraceptives are legal. That is false! She is blatantly misleading the American people and she is suggesting that the male Supreme Court justices are not capable of ruling on issues that affect women."
Watters' World
Just how liberal is Vermont?
Guests: How liberal is Vermont?
Jesse Watters took a trek north to Vermont, one of the most left-leaning enclaves in the USA. One young woman told Watters that it's just plain wrong to kill terrorists, while a young man opined that America may well have been behind the 9/11 terror attacks. Another Green Mountain State resident summarized her philosophy thusly: "I want the entire world to know that we're all connected." Back in the studio, Watters described the folks he met in Vermont. "Some of them were drifters, one was an artist and going to school at Bennington College, where there are no grades or no requirements. The state has gay marriage, high taxes, and decriminalized pot." The Factor added that Vermont residents are represented by Bernie Sanders, the only self-proclaimed socialist in the U.S. Senate.
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Building a Nest Egg
Because it's crucial to have some savings in case of an emergency, never waste money, cut back on any vices, and always check the web for bargains. Most important, try mightily to save ten cents out of every dollar you earn.
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Dr. Eric Skocik, Dover, DE: "Absolutely disagree with Bernie Goldberg's assessment that moving to impeach President Obama would be a terrible move. He deserves it."

Susan Current, Coral Springs, FL: "Mr. O'Reilly, the segment on possible presidential candidates coming forward because of the border crisis was sadly reminiscent of the last campaign. Please don't use your pulpit to sell us the likes of Rick Perry for president."

Denis Drolet, Manitoba, Canada: "It was refreshing to hear James Carville admit it was a mistake for President Obama not to visit the border."