Thursday, August 28, 2014

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Top Story
Confronting ISIS
Guests:Mike Baker & Amber Barno
Greg began Thursday's show with President Obama's press conference about the threat of ISIS, during which the president conceded, 'We don't have a strategy yet." Former CIA official Mike Baker critiqued the president's admission. "ISIS is a national security threat," Baker said, "and there are two things you shouldn't do when confronting an enemy like ISIS. One is that you shouldn't give them advance warning about potential air strikes and the other is that you shouldn't say you don't have a strategy. Today's press conference indicates just how much the administration is struggling." James Carafano of the conservative Heritage Foundation was also taken aback by President Obama's apparent detachment. "It has been really clear that ISIS is becoming a big problem and to say that we don't have a strategy is unbelievable. This guy's been president for six years - he's predictable, he's reactive, and he's risk-averse. ISIS knows exactly what he is going to do." Greg agreed that ISIS poses a genuine and imminent threat: "It's scary to see our president consumed by climate, not by terror, like a man worrying about dandruff in a plague. ISIS is the deadliest terror group going, controlling turf the size of Maryland with oil fields and weaponry. Until our 'commander-in-cleats' takes it seriously, we're screwed."
Impact Segment
Assessing ISIS
Guest: Alan Colmes
For a different point of view, Greg turned to Fox News analyst Alan Colmes. "Why is it that lefties like you," Greg asked, "have a hard time identifying actual evil?" Colmes reply: "We scare people all the time, and now there's a Senator saying ISIS will come and take over an American city. These are the same arguments we heard about Iraq after 9/11, and we overreacted by going into two countries. According to Stratfor, which analyzes geopolitical threats, ISIS couldn't even beat the Kurds in northern Iraq or the Shiites in southern Iraq. This is being ginned up for the purpose of getting American involvement. Wait until it's a true threat to the homeland of the United States." Greg suggested to Colmes, "If all of a sudden you became President Colmes, your point of view would change because American lives are on the line."
Factor Follow Up Segment
Romney 2016?
Guests: James Carville & Kate Obenshain
A new poll in Iowa shows that Mitt Romney retains substantial support among Republicans. Greg asked Democrat James Carville and Republican Kate Obenshain whether Romney may run again in 2016. "I think there is a good chance that he's running," Carville stated. "He's run for president twice and I once said that running for president is like having sex - no one did it once and forgot about it. The Republican field has had a bad year so it looks like it's more of a possibility." Obenshain expressed regret that Romney lost in '12, but doubt about another run. "James Carville is the only person in the entire country who doesn't think the country would be better off had Mitt Romney won. There's a lot of buyer's remorse right now, which is why we're seeing those Iowa numbers. But I don't necessarily think he's going to hop into the race and the Republicans need to find somebody who can compellingly articulate the conservative vision."
Personal Story
Texas Father is Acquitted of Murder
Guest: Geraldo Rivera
A Texas jury has acquitted 32-year-old David Barajas, who apparently shot and murdered a drunk driver who had mowed down and killed his two young sons. Geraldo Rivera entered the No Spin Zone with his take on the verdict. "It was impossible for this guy to be convicted," Rivera asserted. "He was a hard-working father of two lovely children who were killed by a gang-banging dirtbag who was stoned and drunk out of his mind. Everybody knows this dad killed the man who killed his sons, but even if there was a videotape of what happened, the jury would have acquitted this poor man. And if it were me, I probably would have gotten my .357 and done the same thing." Greg theorized that the jurors simply decided to take justice unto themselves: "Whatever your political stripe, vigilante justice seems to be so attractive. People know that many bad guys get off or don't serve their full sentences."
Weekdays with Bernie Segment
Fair Coverage?
Guest: Bernie Goldberg
Greg welcomed Fox News analyst Bernie Goldberg, who has been lamenting the polarization of politics and the media, which was most recently on display in the Ferguson case. "We have become deeply divided," Goldberg said, "where if you just listen to the other guy it's tantamount to treason. In Ferguson, despite the fact that none of us knows what went on, both sides have reached a verdict. The liberal take is that the kid was black, the cop was white, the kid was unarmed, the cop is guilty, case closed. MSNBC had a contributor who said black boys are all under attack, which is insane. But conservatives aren't much better, they've decided that the kid was a thug, he robbed a store, the cop had no bad record, and the cop is innocent. I am not making an argument for wishy-washy even-handedness, but in Ferguson the facts have not come in yet." Greg blamed part of the problem on the media's well-documented bias: "Polarization has become worse because the media obedience to Obama is so devout. Any criticism of him is met with screams of outrage, which then causes the rebound effect."
Back of Book Segment
Partnering with Planned Parenthood
Guest: Penny Young Nance
Actress Scarlett Johansson has designed a t-shirt for Planned Parenthood that mocks Republicans as anti-woman. Greg scrutinized the issue with Penny Young Nance of the conservative group Concerned Women for America. "Why is it that when you're a celebrity," she pondered, "your opinion counts on everything, including abortion? If Planned Parenthood wants to design an ugly t-shirt and sell it, that's great. I would trade that for them to get their hand out of the taxpayers' pocket to the tune of $500-million a year. Let them raise their own money, I'm tired of them pilfering the taxpayer. Raise your own money!"