Thursday, February 5, 2015
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Talking Points Memo
Whatever Happened to Human Rights?
Guests:Cully Stimson & Fred Fleitz
"One of the core liberal principles is that human beings have certain rights. But throughout the Muslim world, atrocities are occurring every day. In general, women have few rights, children are routinely abused, and if you are a non-believer in Islam, you are beneath contempt in many places. Of course ISIS is the poster group for violations. Yet no matter how many people they behead, set on fire, or slaughter, the reaction from the civilized world is muted. Tomorrow, National Security Advisor Susan Rice will set forth some kind of strategy to fight ISIS. Last June I warned about the chaos in Iraq caused by ISIS and al Qaeda, but little was done. Then, in the summer, we saw beheadings of American citizens and the reaction was tepid. Finally, President Obama ordered ISIS to be bombed. He is asking Congress for a new authorization to use military force against those barbarians. But then the president has to become engaged in the process, something he has been reluctant to do. Maybe this will shake him up: A new report from the United Nations says ISIS is killing, torturing, and raping children in Iraq. In addition, Amnesty International says young girls ages 10 to 12 are being raped and forced into marriages with ISIS savages. Again, whatever happened to human rights? Why is the world standing by and watching this take place? In America, liberals should be pounding on the White House gate, yet they are largely silent. Today in the New York Times, the lead editorial was not about ISIS atrocities. No, it was about Abu Ghraib and how some Americans should be held accountable for what happened there 12 years ago. The Times wrote that to make sure everybody remembers that the USA has committed atrocities, too. In the end, thousands more people will die unless President Obama takes the lead in galvanizing the world to fight Islamic terrorism. But so far the president will not even say those words, so Talking Points is not very hopeful."

The Factor pursued the administration's strategy, or absence thereof, with former Pentagon official Cully Stimson and former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz. "Susan Rice is the president's foreign policy architect," Fleitz said, "and she is primarily responsible for the confusion we've seen with the lack of a strategy. I think she will say this is a fight against 'violent extremism,' she won't use the words 'radical Islam.' And she's going to claim successes in Iraq and Syria that we know are not there." Stimson urged President Obama to confront the butchers. "The world needs American leadership because of our unique capacity to push for the rule of law and to express the things that matter. We have the greatest armed forces in the world and we can lead if the president is willing to do that." The Factor also denounced the inaction, saying, "I am shocked at what is happening here in this alleged fight on terror, I am absolutely stunned."
White House Insider
Ed Henry on the Looming ISIS Strategy
Guests:Ed Henry
FNC White House correspondent Ed Henry has been peppering the Obama administration about what is being done to confront the ISIS threat. "We've been pressing Josh Earnest," Henry reported from Washington, "on whether the White House supports Jordan's call for more weapons. That's the real reason King Abdullah was here in Washington, he wants to lead this fight against ISIS and he wants more weapons and missions. The big development today was when Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, said she wants the White House to move quickly in getting more weapons to Jordan." The Factor suggested that politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike, are coming under increasing pressure from incensed Americans: "Every member of Congress watches this program and knows that we have no strategy to stop the raping of 10-year-olds, the beheadings, and putting people on fire."
Personal Story
Brian Williams apologizing for not telling the truth
Guests:Howard Kurtz & Lauren Ashburn
NBC News anchor and managing editor Brian Williams has frequently told a story about being in a military helicopter that was hit by enemy fire over Iraq. That story was false, Williams has apologized, and FNC media analysts Howard Kurtz and Lauren Ashburn opined. "A journalist depends on the audience's trust," Kurtz said. "This is a huge credibility crisis for Brian Williams and NBC because he repeatedly told a story that was false." Ashburn also denounced the newsman and his fabrication. "This is the biggest slap in the face to veterans. A network news anchor told a war story lie and he should know so much better. But NBC News has millions of dollars invested in his image and they're going to sweep this under the rug." The Factor scoffed at that notion, saying, "They can't sweep this under the rug, this is all over the place."
Weekdays with Bernie
Reporting the reaction to ISIS' latest atrocity
Guests:Bernie Goldberg
How is the media handling the ISIS atrocities? The Factor invited FNC's Bernie Goldberg to opine. "The New York Times editorial today," Goldberg said, "calls for accountability for civilian contractors who were involved at Abu Ghraib. It's a legitimate editorial, but liberals in general don't feel comfortable attacking even something as vicious as the things ISIS does. We checked every editorial the New York Times has run in this calendar year. There have been no editorials about ISIS atrocities, but there was one about American atrocities. I would feel better if the Times showed more outrage about what ISIS does on a daily basis."
Did You Know That?
All About Kimberly Guilfoyle
Guests:Kimberly Guilfoyle
Thursday's edition of "Did You Know That?" delved into the political past of FNC's Kimberly Guilfoyle, who was once married to then-Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom. "We had some differences in our politics," she conceded, "but he was very strong on business and that was something I could certainly support him in. I did 600 fundraisers and house parties to help get him elected, then I then served as first lady by working with children and neighborhood groups. I enjoyed that very much." Guilfoyle insisted that, generally speaking, she got along swimmingly with the ultra-liberal San Francisco political cognoscenti."
Ingraham Angle
How to Confront ISIS
Guests:Laura Ingraham
The Factor asked conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham about ISIS and the challenge of stopping its evil deeds. "If President Reagan were in power," she surmised, "America would have led a coalition and he wouldn't have allowed them to take Mosul. But we have the president that we have and I'm not comfortable sending U.S. combat forces given his track record. My concern is the men and women who are still trying to put their lives together after the last Iraq war. We should be leading a coalition that includes Jordan, the UAE, and Turkey, but before we go in we'd better know what we're doing and who our allies are."
Factor Mail
Viewers Sound Off
Brian Altic, Katy, TX: "Mr. O'Reilly, I find it troubling that you continue to harp on the idea that ISIS and Muslim extremism can be defeated by our military. You are wrong, and Rand Paul is correct."

Roy Wilson, Crestline, CA: "We defeated Saddam Hussein's well-equipped army in three weeks while losing about 150 troops. Does anyone think we cannot take out ISIS?"

Mike Bernard, Presque Isle, ME: "I agree with Alan Colmes. ISIS is not a threat to the U.S.A."

Patrick Caudle, Fort Walton Beach, FL: "A lot of pot smokers lead productive lives. Stop the 'reefer madness.'"
Tip of the Day
Beware The Times
The oft-referenced New York Times best-seller list should be taken with a grain or two of salt. The Times uses an unknown formula for compiling the list and seems to always favor books written by left-of-center authors.