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Monday, November 16, 2015
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Is President Obama Delusional?
"History will record that the two biggest deficits of the Obama administration were the failure to create a robust economy and the president's retreat from the terrorist battlefield. For years, Talking Points has been telling you the Obama administration has no strategy to defeat the ISIS threat. But President Obama somehow does not seem to understand that the civilized world is losing the fight against ISIS. Just hours before the Paris attack the president said 'we have contained' ISIS. Obviously that is not true. They are a threat worldwide, they continue to kill people with impunity. Nevertheless, the president is unrepentant and unwilling to admit that his strategy has failed. At a press conference today in Turkey he said, 'The strategy we're pursing is the right one.' The Republican Party is taking note. Senator Ted Cruz says 'Barack Obama does not wish to defend the country,' and Senator Lindsey Graham warns, 'There's a 9/11 coming, and it's coming from Syria if we don't disrupt their operations inside of Syria.' It is long past time that we the people demand ISIS be defeated, not contained. Initially President Obama called ISIS the junior varsity, but as the threat grew in ferocity and thousands of miles of territory was seized by ISIS, many expected him to take aggressive action. He did not - ordering tepid bombing and outsourcing the ground fight to Iran is not aggressive action. Now critical mass has been reached as Paris has been devastated. Mr. President, here's the strategy you should employ. France is a member of the 28-nation NATO alliance. Article Five of that alliance says that an attack on one country is an attack on all, so all 28 nations should now begin to organize a campaign to crush the ISIS killers. That should include ground troops, bombings, no fly zones, border security for Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and a central-command-and-control center based in Europe. Once NATO declares war on ISIS, things will radically change, the anti-ISIS Arab nations will step up their participation, and the jihadist group will begin to be isolated. President Obama should take the lead, along with France and Great Britain, to make all that happen. The first step is a declaration of war by NATO. Americans finally realize that the president of the United States has lost control of the war on terror. There is no question about it."
Delusional about ISIS?
The Factor asked FNC's Charles Krauthammer, a former psychiatrist, to analyze the president's stance on ISIS. "There are several explanations for his appalling performance at today's press conference," Dr. K said, "and the kindest is that he's delusional. The more likely explanation is that he knows our position is weakening, he knows that ISIS is a threat, but he doesn't think it matters. He has never thought the war on terror was important or existential, he abolished the term and thought he could end the 'war on terror' by not saying it. He doesn't want to acknowledge that it is an existential threat to the West, he thinks radical Islam is a passing phase." The Factor concluded, "If what you are saying is true, President Obama will go down in history as one of the most incompetent presidents this country has ever seen."
Paris Terror Attacks
Former CIA director James Woolsey joined The Factor with his analysis of the ISIS offensive and President Obama's reaction. "I think the president tries to set up a situation," Woolsey began, "where he establishes a narrative, and then if something departs from that narrative they try not to deal with it. They go backwards - they start with the public relations and end up with the facts, when you should start by understanding the facts and develop a policy and a strategy." Woolsey theorized that a stress on greater privacy has made the USA more vulnerable. "We have a very dangerous situation because of the so-called reforms we made in intelligence collection following the Snowden disputes. It is a lot harder for us to figure out what our opponents are doing, while it's easier for our enemies to hide things from us. We have an extremely serious situation on our hands, as serious as we have had since World War II."
How to Take on ISIS
For one more take on President Obama and the Paris attacks, The Factor unleashed FNC strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters. "Listening to the president's press conference this morning," he lamented, "I realized we're in even deeper trouble than I thought. The only president on the American continent who has done more damage was Jefferson Davis of the Confederate States. President Obama is beyond delusional - he is so arrogant and so sensitive and he can not admit he is ever wrong. And has he ever been wrong about Islamic terror! Today he reacted as though the massacre in Paris was just a political annoyance." Peters went on to predict that President Obama will never lead a NATO effort to defeat ISIS, saying, "I would welcome a NATO effort, but it won't happen because Obama doesn't want it."
College Campus Chaos
In another example of madness at U.S. universities, 'Black Lives Matter' protesters marauded through the library at Dartmouth, shouting and swearing and disrupting other students. Juan Williams and Laura Ingraham, herself a Dartmouth alumna, opined on the protests. "I think they're emboldened," Ingraham said, "and they can bully people and act like complete brats and get away with it. The protesters are indulged by wimpy administrators. If conservative students did anything like this they would be brought up before the disciplinary committee and threatened with charges." But Williams argued that the protesters are engaging in a valued American practice. "The United States has a proud tradition of people engaging in protest when they feel something is wrong in society. I don't think the library is the place to protest, but you can't say you can't protest in America. The reality is that we have racial disparities in this country."
Protests at Missouri
Speaking of campus insanity, Jesse Watters headed to the University of Missouri, where widespread protests led to the resignation of the school's president. Here's what some students told him: "It's kind of tense here, it seems like folks are scared" ... "A safe zone is a place where you feel comfortable sharing" ... "White privilege is going to a store and knowing that you're not going to be followed" ... "This country has been based on white supremacy and built on a lot of people's blood" ... "In some ways you could say I am marginalized because I am a woman and a queer student" ... "We want justice for Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin, we have to fight back!" After hearing all that, The Factor concluded, "And I thought it was bad in the 60s!"
Viewers Sound Off
Lola Butler, Mandeville, LA: "Come on, O'Reilly - you feel sorry for Kasich? You pride yourself on being fair and balanced. Not anymore. Most people think Fox was fixed for Bush and when he tanked, you switched to Rubio. You always have Trump haters on."

Ron Fillmore, Centerville, TX: "Hillary Clinton tried to join the Marines? Too bad she didn't. She would have been better able to handle the sniper fire in Bosnia."

John Atkins, Mesa, AZ: "The demonstrations on college campuses could be stopped by stopping the news coverage."
A Gross Conflict of Interest
The Washington Post has run numerous articles attacking 'Killing Reagan.' It now turns out that Fred Ryan, the paper's publisher and CEO, chairs the Reagan Library Foundation, a conflict of interest that has never been disclosed by the Post.