Tuesday, January 19, 2016
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Talking Points Memo
America's Immigration Problem
"So far this month Homeland Security has apprehended 121 Central Americans, all with outstanding deportation orders. It's the same old story: Immigration judges order people to be deported, they don't show up for hearings, and ICE has to track them down. That costs millions of dollars. So far 146 House Democrats have sent a letter to Mr. Obama, demanding that he halt the deportations. Also, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley have all denounced the raids. That's because many Democrats want open borders and amnesty in order to change voting patterns in the states. It's interesting that President Obama is enforcing immigration law when he really has no will to do it. Perhaps the president is looking at the Supreme Court, which today announced it will hear his executive order granting some aliens temporary residence in the USA in apparent violation of immigration law. Summing up: Illegal immigration a major issue in the presidential race, no doubt."
Top Story
One on One with Donald Trump
Republican front-runner Donald Trump has vowed that he will 'protect Christianity.' But from what? The Factor posed that question to Trump himself. "Christianity is under siege," Trump asserted, "and Christians are losing ground in this country, while Christians churches are afraid to get too political because they're afraid of losing their tax-exempt status. And if you get outside of this country Christians are having their heads cut off." Trump also defended his prior donations to the Clinton Foundation. "I was a great businessman and I gave to everybody. I got along with everybody, that was my obligation, and I got whatever I wanted. I assumed that money was being put to good use, I didn't know about all the private jet rides and the way they lived." Finally, Trump mocked the two leading Democratic contenders. "Hillary shouldn't be allowed to be in the election because what she did with the emails is criminal and Sanders is a socialist/communist. If you want to pay 90% in taxes, vote for him."
Impact Segment
Assessing Trump
Republican Andrea Tantaros and Democrat Mary Anne Marsh evaluated the Trump interview and his candidacy. "Trump's counter-punch has gotten very good," Tantaros said, "and the difference in his interviews with you has changed drastically. He has his answers pretty nailed down, although I would have liked to see a more fervent indictment of this administration for their treatment of Christians. He could have been stronger." Marsh suggested that Trump has painted himself into a corner with his donations. "The Clinton Foundation has done a lot of good, so Donald Trump and lots of other people have given it lots of money. But he's arguing that he gave the money for political reasons, which makes it hard to argue against the foundation."
Factor Followup
Shocking Video
A new video shows men in Sweden, presumably Muslim immigrants, sexually harassing women on the street. Katie Pavlich and Kennedy assessed the disturbing footage. "I'm disgusted when I see this," Kennedy said, "and if there are migrants breaking laws a sovereign nation has the right to kick people out. The big problem is that the police are covering up these things because they don't want to seem racist." Pavlich blamed Arab culture and progressive politics. "This is a direct result of this progressive idea that cultures around the world are the same. That's not true and countries like Sweden are importing 'rape cultures' into their societies. These men come from societies where misogyny is accepted." The Factor added that the mistreatment of women should be a warning: "There is a big cultural divide between Middle Eastern men and people in Europe. You have to be very careful when you have a mass migration."
Personal Story
13 Hours
The new movie '13 Hours,' which dramatizes the Benghazi attack, has become a favorite among conservatives who consider it an indictment of the Obama administration. The Factor welcomed director Michael Bay, who denied that his movie carries an explicit political message. "This is a very tragic story," he said, "and it avoids politics. It gives you the facts and, at the end of the day, it is an inspirational story. We have gotten amazing feedback and both sides of the aisle are impressed with the story that we told. This movie honors the type of men who put themselves in harm's way every day." The Factor gave the movie four stars and lauded Bay for not bowing to political correctness, saying, "The movie makes the Muslim fanatics look like savages and a lot of people object to that."
Is It Legal?
Planned Parenthood update
Legal analysts Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle provided an update on Planned Parenthood and the undercover videos showing its officials selling fetal body parts. "Planned Parenthood is suing the organization that made the videos," Guilfoyle reported, "alleging that the organization used fraud to gain access. Planned Parenthood says the videos should be banned." Wiehl added that Planned Parenthood is making additional claims. "They are alleging mail fraud, saying the organization sent emails pretending to be something they are not." The Factor compared Planned Parenthood to schoolyard bullies: "Planned Parenthood is trying to bankrupt this crew. Is there anything more loathsome than Planned Parenthood at this point?"
What the Heck Just Happened?
Migrant Crisis Grows
The USA Freedom Kids, a group of little girl singers, has been widely mocked by lefty Internet sites after performing at a Donald Trump rally. Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk opined on the tykes and the reaction. "Who hasn't done the same thing for a candidate?" Gutfeld joked. "I did the same thing in the '90s for Alan Keyes and, in fact, she is wearing the exact same outfit I wore in 1992. And it still fits!" McGuirk lashed out at those who have ridiculed the little girls and their routine. "This was corny and hokey, but it was innocuous. If they were twerking to the tune of a Killer Mike song for Bernie Sanders, that would be cool." The boys then turned to Milos Zeman, President of the Czech Republic, who said that integration of Muslims into Europe is "practically impossible." "He's right," McGuirk declared, "and people like him and others in Hungary and Poland might save Europe. He is fostering realism - these people don't want to assimilate, they want to dominate." Gutfeld quipped, "It's the host countries' fault for failing to see the superiority of Sharia Law."
Factor Mail
Viewers Sound Off
Tammie Raulston, Lake Jackson, TX: "Shame on you, Mr. O. You are not telling the truth about Cruz and Rubio running for president. They are not eligible. Obama was also not eligible."

Teresa Fordyce, Moorcroft, WY: "Mr. O'Reilly, you say Bernie Sanders would not be able to destroy the banks and drug companies. President Obama uses the EPA to destroy coal companies."

Rick Crandall, Aspen, CO: "Hillary has hitched her star to Obama in exchange for him telling the attorney general not to indict her."
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A Shout-Out to FNC's Little Sister
The Fox Business Network is surging in the ratings, partly because of a popular and unique prime time show called Strange Inheritance. The show and the network are absolutely worth checking out.