Monday, September 26, 2005
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Talking Points Memo
Giving peace a chance
"There was a peace rally in Washington over the weekend, with the usual suspects chanting the usual anti-Iraq war slogans. Speakers included Cindy Sheehan, Jesse Jackson, Ralph Nader, and actress Jessica Lange, that noted political scientist. Would you want any of those folks to be foreign policy advisors? The first accusation from the cut-and-run crowd is that the Iraq war is illegal. Not true. In 2002 Congress voted to take military action against Saddam if he continued to defy UN mandates, which he did. Second, many cut-and-runners accuse anyone who disagrees with them of cowardice and sending American kids to die. This kind of 4th grade argument is insulting and the personal animus behind it unacceptable. Third, many of them believe the Bush administration has caused the war on terror, and that this is a bad country run by an evil president. And finally, the cut-and-runners have no strategy to defeat Islamofascism. The world would become a much more dangerous place if the USA cuts and runs from Iraq. We have to tolerate these loopy people. But they are not looking out for you or even their own country. They are foolish people. Pray their numbers don't grow."

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Top Story
Cindy Sheehan arrested
Guest: Fox News analyst Ellis Henican

Anti-war protestor Cindy Sheehan was arrested in front of the White House Monday, and one question is whether the ranks of the cut-and-run movement will grow. Fox News analyst Ellis Henican explained why immediate withdrawal from Iraq is worth considering. "What you call cut-and-run I call facing facts and telling the truth. The sad truth is that the war in Iraq is not getting better. It's getting worse every day. We are in a bloody, permanent stalemate. This notion of staying the course makes no sense unless things are getting better." The Factor disputed the idea that the war is a lost cause. "We have good contacts in the military, and not one of them says the war is being lost. 16 of the 19 provinces are pacified and oil production is way up. What I want is for Iraqis to decide for themselves what they want to do."

Factor Follow Up Segment
Are oil companies price gouging?
Guest: David Andelman,

The Factor has accused major oil companies of taking advantage of natural disasters to set artificially high prices. Business reporter David Andelman concurred that oil companies are raking in windfall profits and should voluntarily cut prices. "They're making a lot of money, and they should do the right thing. There should be a temporary measure to get us through this difficult time." The Factor explained how big oil avoids competition. "It isn't a free market. If I wanted to start the Factor Oil Company, I couldn't get a permit to build a refinery or drill. Then ExxonMobil would squeeze the price down and drive me out of business. It's a rigged market, and now they're taking advantage of our country being under siege."

Impact Segment
Criticisms of the American Red Cross
Guest: Joe Becker, Senior Vice President for Preparedness and Response, American Red Cross

Some people have questioned how the Red Cross is handling its recent influx of donations. Red Cross executive Joe Becker responded to specific criticisms, and laid out the magnitude of what his organization faces. "Think about the task that we have. The devastated area was 90,000 square miles, the size of Great Britain. We have given over 530,000 families financial assistance, and we won't rest until all families who have true financial need receive something from the Red Cross." The Factor praised Becker and the Red Cross for answering their critics. "You need to check out recipients and make sure you're not being ripped off. You have a fiduciary responsibility to do that, and a moral responsibility to the people who gave you money. You are stand up guys for coming in."

Unresolved Problems Segment
Derek Jeter death threats
Guest: Randy Blazak, Portland State University & Hate Crime Research Network

New York Yankee star Derek Jeter has received letters warning that he will be killed unless he stops dating white women. Hate crime expert Randy Blazak pointed out that other black or mixed-race Americans have received similar mail. "It's one of those issues that goes beyond free speech and into criminal intent. There are hundreds of complaints a year, and this kind of behavior is hugely under-reported. It really reflects an ongoing problem with racism." The Factor questioned whether authorities treat mail threats with appropriate seriousness. "I don't know how aggressively this is being pursued. They never solved the anthrax cases. The Unabomber might still be out there if his brother didn't turn him in. It is a frightening scenario."

Personal Story Segment
Joran Van Der Sloot talks
Guest: Tim Green, A Current Affair

The prime suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, Joran Van Der Sloot, is now in Holland. "A Current Affair" host Tim Green told how his program landed an exclusive interview with Van Der Sloot. "We sent one of our producers to Holland to track him down. He walked up to Van Der Sloot, got right in his face, and started asking questions." Green showed some excerpts from the interview, in which Van Der Sloot said this: "I should have just stayed home that night. It was Natalee who asked me to go out with her. I didn't have any feelings for her, but I thought she was attractive and I went to the beach with her. She wanted to stay on the beach the whole night, but I told her I had to go. I kissed her but never had sex with her."

Back of Book Segment
NY Times & Geraldo feud
Guest: Geraldo Rivera

Three weeks after New York Times reporter Alessandra Stanley falsely wrote that Fox News' Geraldo Rivera "nudged" a rescue worker, the paper has finally admitted its error. In a column headlined "Even Geraldo Deserves a Fair Shake," ombudsman Byron Calame conceded that Stanley and her editors were unfair and inaccurate. Rivera expressed a measure of satisfaction. "I guess I win, but the fact of the matter is that you had the editor of the 'newspaper of record' refusing to correct a factual error because he doesn't like the person against whom the error has been committed." The Factor congratulated Rivera for challenging the Times. "This has to be embarrassing to the editor Bill Keller and the writer Ms. Stanley. It doesn't make the New York Times look very good. They lose, you win."

Rivera also commented on the earlier interview with Joran Van Der Sloot. "I thought it was a pack of lies. He has admitted in police statements that he had sex with Natalee as she lapsed in and out of consciousness on the beach. He knows exactly what happened to Natalee that night."

Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Your e mails dealt with various topics. Some excerpts:

Tom Goetzinger, Oklahoma City, OK: "O'Reilly, your constant attack on price gouging may be right on but most folks gouge themselves. Use less gas!"

John Gilmore, Albuquerque, NM: "Bill, General Wesley Clark's meeting with Cindy Sheehan gives her credibility. He should be smart enough to distance himself from her."

James Utterback, Las Vegas, NV: "We believe General Clark is better informed than you. Next time don't interrupt him."

Dr. Jim Riley, Denver, CO: "Bill, your interview with Phil Donahue was brutal but needed. These far-left people must not go unchallenged."

Dave Gjerness, Goodyear, AZ: "O'Reilly, even though Donahue called you 'Billy,' you still addressed him as sir or Mr. Donahue. I applaud you for that."

Cpl. Matt Jaggers, Iraq: "Bill, we saw your debate with Phil Donahue and I, along with many of my fellow troops, just wanted to let you know that we appreciate your standing with us. We are doing a lot of good things over here."