Tuesday, February 7, 2006
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Talking Points Memo
Kristof calls Bill out again
"A few weeks ago New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote that I fabricated the Christmas controversy and ignored the atrocities in Darfur. In my newspaper column this week I pointed out that while Darfur is important, the Times completely ignored the gross human rights violation suffered by a Vermont girl and other abused American kids. A child rapist gets 60 days and the Times doesn't mention it! This week Mr. Kristof posted another column entitled 'Helping Bill O'Reilly,' in which he asks his readers to send money so I can travel to Africa. This is strictly a gimmick and I don't mind, but Kristof is making a big mistake in his analysis. He continues to lay the Darfur situation at America's doorstep when the United Nations is where his anger should be directed. Of course that great African Kofi Annan could make Darfur a huge issue at the UN, but has chosen not to do so. That's where Mr. Kristof should be directing his ire, and also at his own newspaper, which continues to ignore the child predator situation in the USA. We invited Mr. Kristof to make his case, but so far he's been too busy."

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Top Story
Muslim violence continues over cartoon
Guests: Author Lt. Col. Ralph Peters & Thomas Falbe, Danish Broadcasting Network

Many Muslims have reacted violently to the cartoons lampooning Mohammed, first published in a Denmark newspaper. According to Danish correspondent Thomas Falbe, many of his countrymen are extremely uneasy. "There have been concrete threats against Denmark, and suggestions that Danes should be attacked. So many Danes feel the war on terror has moved closer to Denmark." Columnist Ralph Peters, while not excusing the violence, argued that printing the cartoons was reckless. "With freedom comes responsibility, and publishing those cartoons was irresponsible. They have created an enormous problem by insulting a religion gratuitously. The Europeans are always lecturing us, but they were irresponsible and people are dying because of it." The Factor wondered whether this latest violence might be a turning point. "We have had riots in France, bombings in Madrid, and now the Danes under assault. Will this finally be the step that wakes Europe up into helping in the war on terror?"

Personal Story Segment
Tenured professor denies Holocaust
Guest: Dr. Deborah Lipstadt, Emory University

Arthur Butz, a tenured engineering professor at Northwestern University in Chicago, has openly agreed with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's claim that the Holocaust is a myth. Professor Deborah Lipstadt reported that Butz has a long history of similar statements. "He's an anti-Semite, a racist, and if you read his works, he says the Jews made up the holocaust to get money. The guy shouldn't be allowed near students." The Factor agreed that Butz, tenured or not, should be removed from the classroom. "Stuff like this may be cause for dismissal because it is so virulent and causes such a poisonous atmosphere within the college."

Impact Segment
Another Catholic church scandal
Guest: Attorney Jeffrey Herman

Miami priest Rev. Neil Doherty has been accused of raping a 10-year boy almost a decade ago. In its defense, the archdiocese claims the young man should have reported the abuse much earlier. The alleged victim's lawyer Jeffrey Herman said the church is blaming the victim. "The church was told that Doherty was drugging and raping boys. Now they're going to blame this boy for being raped when he was ten years old. The strategy is that if we put enough pressure on this victim, maybe other victims won't come forward. This is shameless." The Factor agreed that the church's behavior seems tactless. "I don't understand what the archdiocese is doing. If the boy was molested he should be compensated. And if the church knew the priest was a molester and didn't take action, they should pay damages."

Factor Follow Up Segment
Mexican military aiding drug smugglers?
Guests: Congressman Michael McCall & Hudspeth County Deputy Kelly Legaretta

The Mexican Army stands accused of helping drug runners sneak narcotics into the United States. Texas lawman Kelly Legarreta witnessed an incident at the border last month. "I saw a military-style Humvee inside the US border, occupied by two men in Mexican military uniforms. The vehicle got stuck, they took out the marijuana, then burned the vehicle." Texas Congressman Michael McCall described the situation as dire. "The violence at the border is getting to the point where we are in a crisis. Whether you think they were military or cartels dressed as military, they have weapons and are a serious threat. This is getting out of control."

Unresolved Problems Segment
Improvements for African-Americans
Guests: Fox News analysts Tony Snow & Juan Williams

As Coretta Scott King was laid to rest in Atlanta, Fox News analysts Juan Williams and Tony Snow joined The Factor to discuss the state of black America. "Educational attainment is up and income is up," Williams pointed out. "The problem is that we still have about a third of black American in poverty. And the out-of-wedlock birth statistics are a tragedy." Snow agreed that while battles have been won, too few blacks are taking advantage. "A lot of bigotry has been banished, but we have a host of problems - it begins with the breakup of families and includes lousy schools. In a lot of inner city schools, there's actually pressure to fail. There is a huge cultural problem." The Factor pointed to the staggering 69% of black babies born to single mothers. "Educated blacks are doing well - buying homes, working in productive areas. But the poor blacks, mostly from fractured families, are lagging behind."

Back of Book Segment
Bloviating with Bill: First winner!
Guest: Caroline Cassagnol

Factor producers have been searching for ordinary Americans with strong opinions and powerful vocal chords. A handful have been selected to go one-on-one with Bill on the subject of their choice. First up - 47-year old Caroline Cassagnol of New Mexico, who took issue with Bill over the treatment of terror suspects. She began by laying out a broad definition of torture. "Torture is anything that subjects a detainee to unreasonable fear or cruelty, including the threat of death. Some of these people qualify for the Geneva Convention and should be afforded those rights." Cassagnol added that the US argued the other side during earlier conflicts. "This country was screaming about people who detained, tortured, and left their prisoners to rot in prison." The Factor argued that Cassagnol wants America's enemies to be given all the rights afforded to common criminals. "You're saying that when you capture suspected terrorists, you should just be able to ask them questions. This is a war, and if you don't wage it as a war you're going to lose it." The Factor also praised Cassagnol for a stellar performance in a tough arena. "You did very well and put a lot of my professional guests to shame."

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Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Many of your e-mails dealt with the Danish cartoons that incited Muslim violence. Some excerpts:

Henrik Marckstrom, Denmark: "This is not a weak country, Mr. O'Reilly. We may be small but we've stood beside America and the U.K. in the war on terror."

Jarle Sagheim, Norway: "Mr. O'Reilly, your point on the Muslim protest was 100% right. We here in Europe are weak."

Alan Gudnecht, Philadelphia, PA: "We in the west can't defeat the terrorists by insulting the Muslim God. Apologies are due."

Adam Fayez, United Arab Emirates: "Mr. O'Reilly, you would just love it if there were no Muslims in the world, wouldn't you?"

Books Mentioned

New Glory: Expanding America's Global Supremacy
by Ralph Peters