Wednesday, August 16, 2006
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Talking Points Memo
More airline terror chaos
"A female passenger caused a commotion on a flight from London to Washington - the plane was escorted by fighter jets and landed in Boston. Then some incompetent announced to the press that the woman had matches, fluid, and had written a note about Al Qaeda. That turned out to be false, another hysterical reaction to the undeniable threat of airline terrorism. It's long past time for the US to stop the nonsense and institute profiling at airports. We're at war with Muslim fanatics, so all young Muslims should be subjected to more scrutiny than granny. And we should blend some Israeli screening procedures with our own. For example, trained security people should interview those people most likely to be terrorists. Folks who have traveled to Muslim countries, people with criminal records, passengers who are Muslims age 16 to 45 all should be spoken with. And if the ACLU doesn't like it, tough! This isn't racial profiling, this is criminal profiling. But the major change America must make is switching from the hourly-wage people at the security points to trained security people at the check-in counter. That's where terrorism will be stopped. Criminal profiling is used by just about every police officer in this country, whether they admit it or not. The wrongheaded notion that you can't scrutinize Muslims, even though the terror war is driven by them, is beyond dumb. It's self-defeating and acutely dangerous. Profiling must begin now."

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Casualties in Iraq out of control
Guest: Fox News analyst Newt Gingrich

More than 3,000 Iraqi civilians were killed in July, making it the worst month so far. Fox News analyst Newt Gingrich urged the administration to step up its efforts. "You have to dramatically expand the Iraqi security forces, increase the number of Americans long enough to get the country stabilized, and help their economy grow so you're giving young people an alternative to joining militias. I'm an optimist - it is possible to win, but we are not going to win with the current strategy. The American administration has to come forward with a dramatically bolder and more aggressive strategy for winning." The Factor asserted that Iraqis have to take control of their own destiny. "American casualties are actually going down in Iraq, and the war is centered between Sunnis and Shi'a. More boots on the ground aren't going to stop Sunnis and Shi'a from killing each other. The Iraqis have to be told to step up and stop killing each other."

On the subject of Israel, Gingrich depicted the recent war as a disaster. "This was a significant defeat for the United States and for democracies. The United Nations resolution is a disaster and will not be implemented effectively. The UN has for twenty years totally failed to do their job, and there's no reason to believe they'll do it now. I predict Hezbollah will come out of this stronger than they were before the war." Gingrich also pointed out similarities between now and the 1930's. "There is an acceptance of hatred of Israel and an acceptance of anti-Semitism. How often do they need to tell us that they hate us and want to kill us? It is absolutely parallel to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis." The Factor provided a specific example. "In Iran this week they have an exhibition of cartoons that mock the Holocaust. It's almost like they're just spitting in the face of the world. yet the world yawns. There is no condemnation."
Impact Segment
Baby bomb plotters investigated
Guest: Fox News correspondent Megyn Kendall

British authorities are investigating a couple who allegedly planned to blow up their own baby in an airplane suicide bombing. According to Fox News correspondent Megyn Kendall, the initial reports seem credible. "That information is coming from British authorities. They believe these two were willing to sacrifice their own baby - they were going to put liquid explosives in the baby's bottle." Kendall also elaborated on the woman whose erratic behavior caused a London-to-Washington flight to be diverted. "This started when she was pacing back and forth in the aisle, incoherently muttering statements that sounded like 'Pakistan.' Two plain clothes gentlemen tackled her and slapped the cuffs on her, and the next thing the passengers knew two F-15 fighters were next to them and the flight was diverted to Boston."
Unresolved Problems Segment
Profiling on American airlines
Guest: Ruben Navarrette, San Diego Tribune

The Factor has advocated profiling at airports, claiming that young Muslim men should receive greater scrutiny than old ladies. But reporter Ruben Navarette called that the wrong approach. "Americans are always looking for a simple solution. On immigration we want to build a wall, and on this issue we want to profile this group of people as if that will end it. Racial profiling just doesn't work." The Factor reiterated that profiling is both smart and effective. "If the IRA were attacking Americans, I wouldn't mind being profiled at the airport. I would consider it my patriotic duty. I'd just say 'I'm Irish, pat me down.' And the evidence is incontrovertible - we're under attack by Islamic fascists."
Personal Story Segment
Solutions to terror threats?
Guests: Dr. Tony Kireopoulos, National Council of Churches

The Factor has been challenging left-leaning individuals and organizations to put forth specific ideas for fighting the war on terror. Tony Kireopoulos of the liberal National Council of Churches explained his plan. "Jesus said those who live by the sword shall die by the sword, and there's a Christian imperative to bring peace and justice to any situation. When it comes to terrorism, we must be very smart. Military strategy has proved ineffective - we have to do things that promote hope and opportunity for young people so that terrorism does not find any kind of justification. We should pursue diplomacy." When pressed by The Factor, Kireopoulos conceded that military force may be justified if Iran obtains nuclear weapons.
Back of Book Segment
Holocaust mockery in Iran
Guest: Mark Dubowitz, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies

Nearly ten years after 6-year old JonBenet Ramsey was murdered in Colorado, police have arrested 41-year old John Mark Karr, an American father of three now living in Thailand. Fox News host Greta Van Susteren declared that this arrest will shock many Americans. "There has been a lot of attention focused on the parents because they were inside the house. I spent time with the Ramseys, and a lot of people were furious with me for saying I believed Patsy Ramsey. I got an enormous amount of hate e-mail because they were convinced that John and Patsy killed their daughter. People presumed them guilty." The Factor admitted that he was among those who suspected the parents. "My suspicions were of the Ramseys because there was no sign of a break-in. Now Thai police say this guy has confessed to the crime, and I can't imagine this would be something bogus. There is DNA and that will probably tell the story."
Factor Mail
Viewers sound off
Many of you sent emails about The Factor's interview with anti-war Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Some excerpts:

Rick Sanchez, Tucson, AZ: "Bill, how clever to say that pulling the troops out of Iraq will be a perceived advantage for Iran. Are you proposing our only option is to police Iran through a failed policy in Iraq."

Paula Johndrow, Trophy Club, TX: "The congressman obviously has not learned from history. Talking to the Nazis did not stop them in the 1930s and it certainly will not stop the terrorists of today."

Other viewers wrote about the Florida prosecutor who pursued Rush Limbaugh, but is now apparently going easy on a high-profile Democrat accused of having sex with minors.

Don Lamb, Philadelphia, PA: "Bill, interesting that you used the term 'committed Democrat' to describe the prosecutor in the Limbaugh case but you never used the term 'committed Republican' to describe Limbaugh.'

Tony Infantine, South Portland, ME: "Mr. O, I realize you and Rush Limbaugh compete on the radio. Your reporting on this case proves you are truly fair and balanced."