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Bolder & Fresher Tour Comments
By: StaffDecember 10, 2012

My husband and I had the pleasure of seeing you and Dennis Miller at Caesar’s Friday night. Thank you both for such an enjoyable evening. I laughed, I learned, and more importantly, I left there with hope. I want to believe we can turn this great country back to what it used to be, and you made me feel that just might be possible. Thank you again, and I hope you and yours have a very blessed and Merry Christmas.

Patty S. – Las Vegas, Nevada


Thank you for coming to Salt Lake City with your Bolder & Fresher Tour. I took my wife of 40 years and 2 of my sisters. Your comments gave us hope the country we love will survive four more years of Obama.
Vic A. – Salt Lake City, Utah


I was lucky enough to be gifted with tickets to the Bolder & Fresher Tour’s stop in Salt Lake City for my nineteenth birthday. My family and I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to see you and Mr. Miller live. Thank you for making my birthday a memorable one.

Hannah B. – Gooding, Idaho


Took my wife to see you and Miller at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas Friday night for her birthday. On the way home she said it was the best birthday present ever.

Dave L. – Henderson, Nevada


Just saw you in Las Vegas, saw you a few years ago in Pasadena with Glenn Beck, and now can’t wait to see you in Los Angeles in March 2013. Great show…you and Miller rocked it and there was definitely NO SPIN! Maybe by your March show we’ll have an answer from the White House on Benghazi. What am I saying? The American people never know. Thanks again for your entertaining views on this horrible mess (and my state of California) is in.

Tami Y. – Los Angeles, California


Loved your Las Vegas show. The ha-ha’s were funny, and the real stuff enlightening. Come back soon.

Ken and Geri B. – Henderson, Nevada


Great show last night, Bill. It was like taking an anti-depressant. Wonderful to be with so many intelligent and like-minded folks. My husband agrees with Dennis and I think like you as far as the country’s direction. God bless you and many thanks for the great laughs. Hope you come back soon.

Babs K. – Tucson, AZ


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