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Talking Points Transcript

Tuesday's provocative Memo on how the U.S.A. is losing influence overseas.

O'Reilly & Miller on Tour!

Click here for tickets to the final shows of 2015. Column

Nancy Pelosi says we must confront ISIS on "the front of social media."

Stratfor's Intel Briefing

Europe is undergoing two interconnected crises. 

Video of the day

In one night, Sinise & O'Reilly raise over $1m for wounded vets.

Bernie's Weekly Column

Senator, “Do You Have a Personal Animosity Against Gay Americans?” 

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Wednesday's Talking Points
Liberal vs. Conservative Americans
A new poll by Gallup says that right now in the USA, left and right-wing Americans are tied in numbers.

A poll of more than one thousand adults asked Americans to describe...Read The Memo
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Talking Points Memo
Impact Segment
Personal Story
Watters' World
Weekdays with Bernie
What the Heck Just Happened?
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Where Do You Stand?
On which social issue have you changed the most over the past decade or so?
Same-sex marriage
Marijuana legalization
Childbirth outside of marriage
Haven't budged an inch on any of 'em

Legends & Lies
With his winning smile and wily charm, Billy the Kid is possibly the world’s most famous outlaw, and likely the most beloved. 

Orphaned at age fourteen and left to fend for himself in one of the most lawless...
Bill's Exclusive Commentary
No Spin News
Should Folks be Fearful for the Country?
"As I said, something is going to happen here. You can't be running up the trillion dollar debt that we have, and the terrible foreign policy that we have, an the declining school system without something going.

I do not know when, I am not a seer, but it is going to happen."
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"Worked hard on this book, as I do on all my books. It is done, it is going to be controversial - some people are not going to like it.

That is okay, what we are telling you is the truth, and the truth hurts sometimes.

I have to tell you - and I am just telling you Premium Members, I a..."
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