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The U.S. withdrew from Vietnam on March 29 of what year?

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U.S. strategy is so complex that it defies clear explanation.

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What job did Harry Reid hold before entering politics?

The Top Story Quiz

What was Bergdahl's rank when he was captured?

Stossel's Weekly Column

No matter what you do, modern liberals will tell you you're wrong. 

The Judge's Weekly Column
Government spying is almost the new normal. Column
If any minority group in this country was smeared the way conservatives are...

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Trusting President Obama
The mullahs in Iran are well aware that Barack Obama is a weakened president.

At this point the trust factor is going against the president. 

A recent Quinnipiac poll asked registered...Read The Memo
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In hindsight, would you have traded five captured Taliban commanders for Bowe Bergdahl?

Legends & Lies
The must-have companion to Bill O'Reilly's documentary series Legends and Lies.
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Religious Leadership Missing in Indiana, Across the Country
"Okay, fine, But in order for you to be a bigot, you actively have to do something to hurt another person because of whatever proclivity they have - whether it is skin color or religion or gender, whatever.

So there is no proof of that. The reason this gets traction is because the movie stars ..."
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"It is not really about gay marriage or anything like that.

You get a situation where anything will be used to advance an agenda, and that is what this is.

This law, as Kelly and I talked about last night, is pretty benign. It is not intense at all.

Could it be misused?"
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