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MARCH 05, 2015  | PM Rating: A
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Let's ask this again. At this moment, do you believe Hillary Clinton will run for the Democratic nomination?
Nope, way too much baggage
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March 06, 2015
Hear Bill's take on the day's news
"With all the controversies, I think it fair to say - and I do not think I am being unfair or partisan - that I believe Bill and Hillary Clinton have a sense of entitlement.

That they feel like they can do things because they are Bill and Hill. Where other people cannot do them."
"I do not like this sense of entitlement. I see it among the wealthy in Manhattan, Los Angeles, D.C.

We are better, we can cut the line, we can do stuff that other people can't do.

It annoys me. I get that from the Clintons.

If we want to take money while I am Secretary of State ..."
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