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Stratfor's Intel Briefing

Europe is undergoing two interconnected crises. 

Video of the day

In one night, Sinise & O'Reilly raise over $1m for wounded vets.

Bernie's Weekly Column

Senator, “Do You Have a Personal Animosity Against Gay Americans?” 

O'Reilly's History Quiz

Which quintessential silver screen cowboy was born on May 26, 1907?

News Quiz

Now that Irish voters have endorsed same-sex marriage, where in Europe is gay marriage still illegal?

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Latest Talking Points
President Obama, the Military and Climate Change
Speaking to the graduating class at the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut yesterday, President Obama said this:

May 20:

OBAMA“So I’m here today to say that climate...Read The Memo
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Is It Legal?
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Where Do You Stand?
When was America at the absolute lowest point in its history?
The Civil War The Great Depression
World War II was the worst The Cold War and the nuke threat
The JFK assassination and the awful 60s The Vietnam era was the lowest point of all

Legends & Lies
With his winning smile and wily charm, Billy the Kid is possibly the world’s most famous outlaw, and likely the most beloved. 

Orphaned at age fourteen and left to fend for himself in one of the most lawless...
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No Spin News
Hillary's Emails and Memorial Day
"...some of the emails that Hillary Clinton wrote as Secretary of State will be released by State Department.

I don't expect any big headlines there. Anything damaging was erased so the ones they have will probably be mundane."
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"That's why you saw that raid in Syria, because if the president leaves office with ISIS holding half of Syria and three quarters of Iraq he's never going to recover. His legacy will never recover.

It's self-interest for him now..."
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