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The Greek crisis is moving toward a climax. The issue is actually quite simple. 

Bernie's Weekly Column

And will the Press be there for Mrs. Clinton -- when it counts?

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Where is Oklahoma City bombing co-conspirator Terry Nichols?

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Where is Clinton’s campaign headquarters? Column
Put gender aside and simply pick the best man - or woman - for the job. 

The Judge's Weekly Column

 The short answer is: Yes, but not legally. 

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Monday's Talking Points
Income Inequality in America
It is becoming clear that Hillary Clinton will try to convince American voters that she can solve a very vexing problem.

HILLARY CLINTON: As you look across the country, the deck is still stacked in favor of those...Read The Memo
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Is It Legal?
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Where Do You Stand?
With the world in chaos, particularly the Middle East, how would you prefer that the USA act overseas?
More muscularly, with more leadership
We should do less, leave 'em alone
Our present commitment is about right

Legends & Lies
One of the deadliest gunman in history, James Butler Hickok becomes a legend for his skill as a gunman, but the nickname “Wild Bill” gives the wrong impression of this reserved and controlled man who is...
Bill's Exclusive Commentary
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What Republicans Must Do for 2016
"Europe could collapse under the strain of all the migrants coming in there.

You've got countries like Bulgaria on the Turkish border who now are putting their army to try to stop the human waves of people.

Bulgaria is a poor country - they can't afford it."
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"I keep looking at President Obama's schedule everyday, because he is really kind of disappearing. I predicted that would happen.

He has no skin in the game about Hillary Clinton, other than he would like to see a Democrat elected, because he does not want his administration to be repudiated b..."
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