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Bernie's Weekly Column

A new Gallup Poll says that on social issues, Americans are moving left. They’re becoming more liberal.

BillOReilly.com Column

Nancy Pelosi says we must confront ISIS on "the front of social media."

Stossel's Weekly Column

College has become a scam.

Stratfor's Intel Briefing

Europe is undergoing two interconnected crises. 

Video of the day

In one night, Sinise & O'Reilly raise over $1m for wounded vets.

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Thursday's Talking Points
The Decline of American Power, Part Two
Earlier this week, we analyzed how the USA is losing influence overseas, and that is putting Americans in physical danger as the jihad becomes more powerful.

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Tonight on The Factor
Factor Special: Fighting the Terror Threat
Best of the Factor
Best of the Factor
Best of the Factor
Best of the Factor
Best of the Factor
Best of the Factor
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Where Do You Stand?
Who will emerge from next July's Democratic National Convention as the party's presidential nominee?
Hillary Clinton's a lock
Bernie Sanders has a real shot
Don't count out Martin O'Malley
Elizabeth Warren will be the one
Someone else will snatch the nomination

Legends & Lies
With his winning smile and wily charm, Billy the Kid is possibly the world’s most famous outlaw, and likely the most beloved. 

Orphaned at age fourteen and left to fend for himself in one of the most lawless...
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Bill's Exclusive Commentary
No Spin News
A Glimpse into how The Factor Operates
"Every morning, we have a conference call at 10am ET. I am out on Long Island still; most of my staff is in New York City.

So anyway, on today's call, we were discussing the soccer scandal..."
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"That is why we have been in business for almost 20 years. It is hard, because it is a hot story, the Clinton Foundation.

Do I believe, overall, that the Clinton Foundation is corrupt? Yes, I do.

I think it was set up for the wrong reasons. It was set up to obtain political power..."
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