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FEBRUARY 27, 2015  | PM Rating: A+
Fridays with Geraldo
What would Geraldo Rivera do to destroy ISIS? He entered the No Spin Zone and laid out a plan....
Unresolved Problems
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The University of Minnesota has decided, in its infinite wisdom, to omit any mention of race...
Talking Points Christians in danger
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Do you plan on watching Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress Tuesday?
Every single word
I would if I could
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I have no interest whatsoever

Bill's Daily Briefing
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March 02, 2015
Hear Bill's take on the day's news
"Big week next week. On Tuesday, Netanyahu comes over to Israel to give a speech about Iran nukes that President Obama doesn't want and some Democrats are not going to attend in Congress.

I should say he's speaking before Congress, he's not just giving a speech..."
"We're waiting for the Supreme Court to weigh in on the president's executive order about immigration.

They go back and forth a million times on that but that's all about the Supreme Court..."
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