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MARCH 04, 2015  | PM Rating: B+
Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Why won't the world unite with America to fight against Iran, ISIS and Putin? It's because...
Impact Segment
Andrea Tantaros has accused the White House of being anti-Semitic. Does she stand by her comments?...
Truth Serum
The Factor was skeptical of Franklin Graham's claim that Muslims are infiltrating the White...
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Families who were victims of crimes by illegal immigrants will be here to share their heartb...
Miller Time
The sage of Southern California will share his thoughts on Netanyahu's speech about Iran and...
Did You See That?
Is the IRS really going to give tax refunds to illegal immigrants? Martha MacCallum will be...
Talking Points The trust factor
Where Do You Stand?
FNC host and analyst Andrea Tantaros has implied that President Obama harbors some dislike of Jews. Your reaction?
She's absolutely correct
Love Andrea, but disagree here

Bill's Daily Briefing
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March 04, 2015
Hear Bill's take on the day's news
"...the Israelis have a lot more to lose than America does and Obama's mandate is to protect Americans so it's not a black and white issue. That's what I'm struggling with here.

I know President Obama doesn't want any confrontations. He's counting the days until he's out of there."
"Boris Y. Nemtsov, one of Russian President Vladimir Putin's fiercest critics, was shot dead in the shadow of St. Basil's Cathedral near Red Square early Saturday on the eve of a massive opposition march to show defiance on Kremlin aggression against Ukraine. Nemtsov was shot shortly after midnight..."
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