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SEPTEMBER 23, 2014  | PM Rating: A
Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Last night, bombs began falling on suspected ISIS and al Qaeda positions in the war-torn country...
Impact Segment
We'll ask Monica and Kirsten about tonight's Talking Points and last night's idea presented...
Kelly File
While many folks talk about the merits of the internet, there are many dangers lurking on the...
Stossel Matters Segment
President Obama has worked to shrink the income inequality gap but has it done more harm than...
'Is it Legal?' Segment
Tonight, the Is It Legal ladies discuss the latest with Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl who was traded...
Back of Book Segment
Last night, we presented a plan of an international mercenary army that would work to defeat...
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Will Mitt Romney make another run at the White House in '16?
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Bill's Daily Briefing
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September 23, 2014
Hear Bill's take on the day's news
"Now, something that I did not cover today was the speech made by Attorney General Eric Holder...

I am going to do that tomorrow. We will do a story on it tomorrow. The Attorney General of the United States should not be saying things like this."
"What Putin is doing today goes right back to Stalin.

How Patton conducted war - we don't have that now. And we need it in the jihadist situation. It is a very relevant situation, and so I know you are going to like the book."
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