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Judge Nap's Weekly Column
The Constitution does not permit public no-gun zones...
Bernie's Weekly Column
Journalists can’t keep the public in the dark
Stossel's Weekly Column
North Korea is called the "worst place on earth" for good reason.
American Patriot Quiz
Schwarzenegger replaced which California governor?
Stratfor's Intel Briefing
Manned trips to Mars are on the horizon...
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Wednesday's Talking Points
Violence Growing in America
With the nation locked-in on the Oregon massacre last week, violence is once again a hot topic of conversation.

There is no question the USA is a violent country.  Our freedom...Read The Memo
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Personal Story
Factor Followup
Unresolved Problems
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Where Do You Stand?
What are the chances that you will go to see 'Truth,' the movie about Dan Rather's false accusations about President Bush?
I am a definite
Maybe on TV or DVD someday
Not even if I was waterboarded

Bill's Exclusive Commentary
No Spin News
The Fox News Channel's 19th Birthday.
"If you read USA Today—in the life section they have TV rating every week on Wednesday, you'll see two O'Reilly Factor's in the top ten of all cable news programs."Sign Up to Read More
""Fox News Channel ranks number one in basic cable primetime for the full quarter. The first time in network history.""Sign Up to Read More
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