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Misstatement? I call it a self-promoting lie.
But the Clintons are Teflon.

Great American News Quiz

What did Williams name the band he started in the late 1930s?

Stratfor's Intel Briefing

The United Kingdom is going to the polls on Thursday

O'Reilly's History Quiz

David Crockett was born and served as a state and U.S. representative in what state?

Bernie's Weekly Column

There is a split in America and it’s as wide as the Grand Canyon.

News Quiz

Where are the six Baltimore police officers who have been charged in the death of Freddie Gray?

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Tuesday's Talking Points
Defeating the Jihad by Not Being Dumb
The Garland, Texas Police Department is keeping secret the name of the hero cop who shot two jihadists dead on Sunday.

That of course for his own protection, as radical...Read The Memo
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O'Reilly Poll
Do you support the group American Freedom Defense Initiative mocking the Islamic religion?

Legends & Lies
From the wild frontier of Tennessee’s foothills emerges the legendary outdoorsman, David Crockett.  

At a time when the elite moneyed class ruled the nation, Crockett rides his reputation as a plain-talking,...
Bill's Exclusive Commentary
No Spin News
Free Speech, Behavior & Mohammad Cartoons
"What if some innocent people had been killed by these Jihadists? It was only the actions of that brave Garland, Texas police officer that stopped that.

Is that worth it? No, it is not! Loss of life is loss of life.

It is permanent.

The second thing is, as I pointed out, we need ..."
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"Very interesting column, as I pointed out in the letter section, in the Wall Street Journal today, comparing the government intrusion in Appalachia with what we see now in Baltimore - the massive money.

It takes race out of the equation, because Appalachia really has not improved all that mu..."
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