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Las Vegas Sun Article

John Finley, VP of development at FNC and Bill’s co-executive producer, talks to the Vegas Sun. Column

Grownups say the darndest things. Especially liberal grownups during a riot.

The Judge's Weekly Column

Obama has rejected not only the theory but also the practice of due process.

Stratfor's Intel Briefing

Arms have been flowing into Syria from a variety of sources.

Great American News Quiz

Roberts shocked conservatives when he provided the pivotal vote to uphold what?

Bernie's Weekly Column

Two Cheers for President Obama on Baltimore!

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Thursday's Talking Points
The Baltimore Rioting Now Leading to Madness
As we have been telling you, every excuse in the book is being used by some Americans to justify the violence in Baltimore.

Let's start with what ignited the...Read The Memo
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O'Reilly Poll
Toya Graham was all over the news after she slapped and cursed her son, who was masked and eager for mayhem. Where do you stand?
She's a heroine
No, that was downright abusive
Don't glamorize a single mom with six kids

Legends & Lies
From the wild frontier of Tennessee’s foothills emerges the legendary outdoorsman, David Crockett.  

At a time when the elite moneyed class ruled the nation, Crockett rides his reputation as a plain-talking,...
Bill's Exclusive Commentary
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Baltimore Dominating the Airwaves
"Hundreds of protesters filled the steps of Baltimore's City Hall on Thursday, again giving voice to frustration over the death of a young black man in police custody, as the department turned over its investigative findings to prosecutors."Sign Up to Read More
"Fox News reporter Leland Vittert got into a heated — and eventually physical — confrontation with activist and MSNBC host Al Sharpton, when the latter tried to keep him from questioning Democratic Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake."Sign Up to Read More
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