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Tuesday's Talking Points

Defeating the Jihad by Not Being Dumb

Stossel's Weekly Column

Misstatement? I call it a self-promoting lie.
But the Clintons are Teflon.

Great American News Quiz

What did Williams name the band he started in the late 1930s?

Stratfor's Intel Briefing

The United Kingdom is going to the polls on Thursday

O'Reilly's History Quiz

David Crockett was born and served as a state and U.S. representative in what state?

Bernie's Weekly Column

There is a split in America and it’s as wide as the Grand Canyon.

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Wednesday's Talking Points
Assessing Hillary Clinton's Status in America
A new poll by the New York Times surprised me.

It says that Hillary Clinton's trustworthy numbers have actually risen by six points since the email and Clinton...Read The Memo
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Personal Story
Impact Segment
Miller Time
Did You Know That?
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O'Reilly Poll
Do you support the group American Freedom Defense Initiative mocking the Islamic religion?

Legends & Lies
From the wild frontier of Tennessee’s foothills emerges the legendary outdoorsman, David Crockett.  

At a time when the elite moneyed class ruled the nation, Crockett rides his reputation as a plain-talking,...
Bill's Exclusive Commentary
No Spin News
Questionable Behavior from the Highest Levels
"Here in New York State, they put away Sheldon Silver and now they've got Dean Skelos - the two most powerful guys in the state legislature.

This was done by the U.S. Attorney here and they got them on..."
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"I mean, that's really a bad situation to be in.

I don't think people understand how bad it is when you can have the highest level of public official do questionable things and no one look into it...."
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