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Which former cabinet secretary has been named to run the Clinton Foundation?

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Rubio claims that he's a huge fan of which female pop star? Column

If you missed President Obama's "interview" on MSNBC this week, you had plenty of company.  

Stratfor's Intel Briefing

Their combined capabilities and resources would pose a major threat.

Bernie's Weekly Column

Outrage is one of the ways the American Left shows how compassionate it is.

Great American News Quiz

Which Walters interview had the most viewers ever for a news program?

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Thursday's Talking Points
Buying Access to the Clintons
Accusations are mounting that, while secretary of state, Hillary Clinton used her position to enrich the Clinton Foundation by doing favors for foreign governments and corpo...Read The Memo
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Where Do You Stand?
In your own life, what potential natural disaster concerns you the most?
Wildfire Volcano
Tornado Earthquake
Hurricane/Flood Never think about it

Legends & Lies
Christopher "Kit" Carson is one of most controversial figures of the American frontier. 

To some, Carson is a storied mountain man who journeys into the untamed wilds in search of adventure and a livelihood...
Bill's Exclusive Commentary
No Spin News
Keeping an Eye on the Baltimore Situation
"We are keeping an eye on Baltimore, it seems there are a few thugs down there - not a mass protest.

But they are doing some damage, and I think the police have got to peel these people off because this gets out of control."
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"I think all the stuff is the book is out, so we know that. And it will just be a matter of whether the journalists can come up with anything new.

If not, the story kind of dies, but it was big enough that people will remember, and the Republicans will certainly bring it up...."
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