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Bernie's Weekly Column

Last year when he made the deal, President Obama said it was.

Legends & Lies

Get a sneak peek before the show premieres Sunday, April 12 on FNC.

Stossel's Weekly Column

April Fools'! -- new rules don't solve the problem of reckless lending.

Great American Quiz

Heston's "from my cold dead hands" remark at the NRA convention was directed at who?

O'Reilly's History Quiz
The U.S. withdrew from Vietnam on March 29 of what year?

Stratfor's Intel Briefing

U.S. strategy is so complex that it defies clear explanation.

The News Quiz

What job did Harry Reid hold before entering politics?

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Religious Rights vs. the Constitution
It all began in 1973 when the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that abortion should be legal in the USA.

That ruling contradicts the Christian tenet that all life is sacred and that...Read The Memo
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Bill's Daily Briefing
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O'Reilly Poll
In hindsight, would you have traded five captured Taliban commanders for Bowe Bergdahl?

Legends & Lies
The must-have companion to Bill O'Reilly's documentary series Legends and Lies.
Available April 7, 2015
Bill's Exclusive Commentary
No Spin News
How Obama Measures up to Other Presidents Throughout History
"I think he is going to take a long vacation this summer, then in the fall he will be around, but I just think he has packed it in. I really believe he has packed it in.

He has got no possibility of getting ay more social justice stuff passed, that is not going to happen.

He will veto..."
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"As a historian, I always place the presidents up against one another, and he is not going to come out well in history.

The liberal historians will tout him, and I do not think he is going to get hammered because of the skin color issue, I do not think they are going to go after him.

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