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Viewer Mail for Monday, October 1
By: Factor ProducersOctober 1, 2012


“Yes, many food stamp recipients are becoming obese while on government assistance.  In many states, Medicare also pays for Weight Watcher enrollment fees.  The taxpayers are getting it coming and going.”

Eric Ruby, M.D.

Somerset, KY



The upcoming presidential vote is all about money – President Obama wants to redistribute income and set up more social safety nets, while Mitt Romney believes capitalism rules.

“What liberals don’t understand is that if you try to give everything to everybody, you end up with nobody getting anything.”

Doug Mele

Collierville, TN


“You hit the nail on the head regarding our choice between government redistribution and a free market.  You could point to Europe as a current failure of redistribution happening right before our eyes.”

Joe Healy

New London, NH


“Depending on the federal government to guarantee the outcome of anything would be like betting on a three-legged horse winning a race.”

Ronald Kowalewski

Sellersville, PA


“Obama is more than just a Robin Hood who wants to take from the rich and give to the poor.  He also wants to reward those who support him, even if they are well off in life.”

David Fields

Greeneville, TN


“We have enough government workers to police entitlements for fraud if the bureaucrats in charge wanted to do it.  They don’t.”

Jan & Howard Gibeling

Williamsburg, VA



Pundit Adam Carolla, whose family used food stamps when he was growing up, slams the vast expansion of the program.

“People on food stamps are obese because of processed foods – chips, HoHos, cakes, sodas, etc. – that can be purchased with food stamps.  They should only buy staples like rice, beans, cheese, milk, and vegetables.” 

K. Dougherty

Opp, AL


“Food stamps should be for beans, rice, fish, and milk – period.  Much of the world survives on this diet.  If this were the case, let’s see how many people would stay on food stamps.”

Peter Boonisar

Atascadero, CA


“My family qualified for food stamps during the late 1970s, but somehow my mother and father kept working to put food on our table with grit and pride.  That doesn’t seem to exist today.”

Lisa Brueggemann

Columbus, IN


“Most of us have had to take cuts to our pay and have learned to tighten our belts.  Maybe a 30% cut to the amount per month of food stamps will get people to be thriftier.”

Debra Hawkins

Bullhead City, AZ


“During the Depression, my great-grandmother fed any and all hungry strangers who showed up at her door.  The American people are generous by nature.”

Nancy Krause

Naperville, IL



Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke to “60 Minutes” about his affair with the family’s maid.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger has gone public with his infidelities in order to absolve himself.  It will only hurt his family further, but once again, Arnold is putting his own needs first.”

Lasca Low

Bethesda, MD


“I would call Schwarzenegger’s book an attempt at a public mea culpa to his wife and family.  He certainly sinned and confessing is a good thing.”

Kenneth Besig

Kiryat Arba, Israel


“The saddest part of the Arnold interview is that he is still clueless as to the lack of his own character.”

Philip Barney

San Diego, CA


“You seem surprised that Arnold would sit for this degrading interview just to promote a book.  Did you ever consider that he may be genuinely seeking redemption?”

Brad Mueck

San Antonio, TX


“I’m amazed how the media has vilified Arnold Schwarzenegger, but when it’s a Kennedy or Clinton, they are considered to be iconic pillars of humankind.”

Marianne Decker

Schaumburg, IL


“I’m sure Leslie Stahl was just as hard on Bill Clinton after his affair with a White House intern as she was with Arnold and the cleaning lady.”

Sharon Brockman

Redondo Beach, CA



Some Romney supporters complain that major presidential polls are over-sampling Democrats.  Do they have a valid point?

“Many people no longer have a landline.  Many people are on do-not-call lists.  Many people have caller ID and screen their calls.  Are these facts being considered when pollsters announce their findings?”

Marsha Watson

Bradenton, FL


“Should Romney win the first debate handily, the media will still report that the President did much better.  Without Fox News, how would we get a fair review?”

Peter Eyges

Lynn, MA


“The only polls that are not speculative are exit polls.  Other than filling air time and paying poll pundits’ salaries, why do we even bother with these polls?”

Ken Bloom

Prescott, AZ


“I live in Ohio where we get 5 to 7 calls from pollsters every day.  If I answered them, I would get nothing done.  Unless very lonely, most folks just ignore them.”

George Scortia

Dayton, OH


“One Factor that could skew polls is the inability to contact working folks.  Cell phones are not normally contacted, and when you’re working, you’re not home to take calls from pollsters.”

Josh Walton

Sheridan, WY


“I have been skeptical of the veracity of polls for awhile now.  My fear is that if we can’t get the truth from them, we are no longer a democracy.”

Patricia Folk

Columbus, GA

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