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Viewer Mail for Tuesday, November 20
By: Factor ProducersNovember 20, 2012


“The Department of Agriculture is proud to be distributing food stamps to a record of number of Americans.  The Department of Interior, however, warns visitors to our national parks not to feed the animals and make them dependent on handouts.  Thus ends today’s lesson in irony.”

Frank Allen

Puyallup, WA



The left-wing media is furious at the Factor for reporting the truth:  America has become an entitlement society and that is why President Obama was re-elected.

“The Democratic Party and its allies will continue to come after you hard for using your platform to expose the truth about our entitlement culture.”

Dann Runik

Vero Beach, FL


“I loved your very clear and reasonable Talking Points Memo about how government assistance aided Obama’s re-election.  Unfortunately, this will become the blueprint for future elections.”

Chris Ullmeyer

Myrtle Beach, SC


“You stated that over 100 million Americans are receiving free stuff outside of Medicare and Social Security.  As a veteran of the Iraq War, I receive a monthly housing allotment.  How would you classify me?”

Ian Howarth

Tucson, AZ


“Why did Republicans win big in 2010 and lose in 2012?  Answer:  the Tea Party.  Why were they invisible in 2012?”

Roger Webster, Ph.D.

Millersville, PA


“Depending on government has historically destroyed incentive and therefore lives.  I see it every day in my classroom as I work to motivate students from poverty to be their best.”

Kristin Decker

Palmdale, CA


“To quote one of our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson:  ‘The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.’”

Rick Vincunas

Granville, MA


“Entitlements have increased over the last 10 years because capitalism and the Bush tax cuts failed our country.  America woke up after the 2008 economic crash and has elected a Democrat twice.”

Steve Perry

San Antonio, TX


“I have not been as excited about watching your show since the election.  America is never going to be the same.”

Kathryn McCracken

Sedalia, CO



Americans have donated a quarter of a billion dollars to help the victims of Superstorm Sandy, but where is that money going?

“My small business was literally wiped off the map by Sandy.  For the first time in my life, I had to ask the government for help.  I was denied.  The lesson is that government is never the answer.”

Terence Libro

Sea Isle City, NJ


“John Stossel talked about the money given by Americans to help Sandy victims.  There are zero countries on the list of those who sent aid to us as we do to them following any natural disaster.”

Lindsay Damskov

Crystal Lake, PA


“Friends of mine from Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas traveled to New York and New Jersey to lend a hand after Sandy, but were turned away because they were from ‘right-to-work’ states.”

Sue Whitehorn

Carmichael, CA


“I donated to Hurricane Sandy through the Red Cross.  I just found that it didn’t go to victims, but was instead cashed at Red Cross training.  I’ll never donate again.”

Mikey Vaughan

Kokomo, IN


“The Red Cross took so long to get Sandy storm relief funds out to the folks because they had to first decide how much of it would go to organizations like Planned Parenthood.”

Joe Usher

St. Marys, GA


“Have there been many charitable contributions to Sandy victims from other countries?  I just ask because the U.S. is so good about stepping in to help others, but I wonder if we’re getting the same help after our crisis.”

Trish Panico

Madison, CT



Atheists in California are trying to kill a nativity scene in Santa Monica that has a 60-year history.

“How can residents of Santa Monica be so against any religious displays when their town is named after a religious figure?  Those who object should leave.”

Bill Suskevich

Toms River, NJ


“If Santa Monica is going to ban all expressions of religion, they’ll have to start with the city’s name.”

Frank Parrish

Volant, PA


“Christmas is a federal holiday.  Banning nativity scenes is like not allowing fireworks on the Fourth of July.”

Lorraine Mintun

Las Vegas, NV


“As someone who was born and raised in Santa Monica, one of my fondest memories was viewing the annual nativity scene in Palisades Park with my family.  The tradition enriched by life and our family.”

Linda Orcutt

Montrose, CO


“Nativity scene out?  What else would you expect from California?”

Ron Haake

Grapeland, TX


“When did it become OK to mock others’ religious beliefs?  I can’t imagine someone hasn’t pointed out atheists’ total disregard for the spirit of the holidays.”

Richard Loftus

Del Mar, CA


“Fight back, Santa Monica!  The courts may be able to ban fixed displays on public grounds, but citizens can protest by erecting living nativity scenes that are removed once the people leave.”

Jarod Bearinger

Clearwater, NE


“I was born and raised in Santa Monica, and it was our family tradition to drive by the nativity scene.  Happy memories are now being replaced by sadness.”

Susanne Casillas Steffen

Amelia Island, FL


“If Americans can’t have a nativity scene in a public park, why should federal, state, or city workers be given the Christmas holiday off?”

Kathy Fuhs

Colorado Springs, CO


“The nativity ban is ridiculous and should be lifted.  I don’t object to atheism, but freedom of speech is a two-way street.”

William Wright

Surry Hills, Australia

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