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You asked, so we answered... here's a list of some of the Factor's favorite obscure and obsolete words as mentioned by Bill O'Reilly.
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July 2014 Vocabulary Words
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[POP-in-jay] A vain and conceited dandy
Featured on July 22, 2014
[WAGG-ish] Playfully humorous, mischievous
Featured on July 21, 2014
[ten-DEN-shus] Having a strong and partisan point of view
Featured on July 17, 2014
[ihmn-PIE-uh-tee] Lack of respect for God or religion
Featured on July 16, 2014
[KRIP-tick] Mysterious, enigmatic, puzzling
Featured on July 15, 2014
[TOHR-pid] Lethargic, lazy, inactive
Featured on July 14, 2014
[SAY-pee-unce] Wisdom, sound judgment
Featured on July 10, 2014
[SI-elistik] pretending to be knowledgeable and well informed.
Featured on July 8, 2014
[VACK-you-us] Inane, foolish, silly
Featured on July 2, 2014
[GAH-muh-rull] A fool, an idiot
Featured on July 1, 2014
JULY 22, 2014  | PM Rating: A-
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