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We've assembled a collection of useful links to various reliable civics references on the Internet as a way to refresh your memory on America's history, government and politics. Take a look!'s U.S. Citizenship Test

The Declaration of Independence

United States Constitution

The Bill of Rights

Amendments 11-27

The Federalist Papers

The White House and President Obama

The United States Senate

The United States House of Representatives

Additional American History Resources

JULY 02, 2015
Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Recently released emails show that as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and her crew tried...
Impact Segment
How do Obama's and Hillary's media strategies compare? Ed Henry joins us to discuss.
Factor Followup
Was Macy's wise to cut ties with Donald Trump? We'll have a debate.
Did You Know That?
FNC anchor Bill Hemmer sits down with The Factor in the latest in our Did You Know That? series.
Unresolved Problems
Even Jimmy Carter admits America's foreign relations aren't good under Obama. Liberals David...
Back of the Book
We'll tell you about how some major airlines are under federal investigation for allegedly c...
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