No Spin Zone
A Personal Note to President Obama
By: Staff Thursday, November 8, 2012
Dear Mr. President:

You must be tired. Please take some time off; you worked very hard to get reelected. As a loyal American, I want you in good health - and that means some rest and relaxation once in a while.

But when you ramp it up again, I hope you will consider some suggestions from a citizen who's a bit disappointed in your overall performance. Please understand that I am not looking at this from an ideological perspective, rather from a sports point-of-view.

I want American leadership to win the game. That means improving the economy, bolstering protection for the folks, and running an honest operation from the White House. At this point in history, that's what winning means to me.

Let's take the economy first. Apparently, you believe that massive government spending can create well-paying jobs in the private sector. But after four years and almost a trillion dollars of federal money being fed into the economic system, that has not worked. Unemployment is about the same as it was when you took over in 2009, and wages are down sharply.

You spent a ton of our money, Mr. President; we didn't even get a tee shirt.

Now, I know some of my fellow citizens see it differently, and voted for you believing your economic vision is working. But let's be honest, the voter breakdown clearly shows that folks receiving some kind of government largess supported you big time, while those avidly competing in the marketplace voted for Governor Romney.

It was no accident that the day after your victory the stock market plummeted 313 points.

So, I hope you'll rethink the big spending deal and begin to make it easier for small business people to make money. When they are flush, the job market surges. When they feel threatened, hiring shuts down.

I well understand that the "tax the rich" mantra got you some political currency. But we both know that strategy will do little to stimulate anything other than jealousy.

On the security front, may I suggest that you be a stand up guy. Please hold a press conference and tell the folks what you know about the Libyan terror attack and why things are such a mess. This "we're investigating" stuff is a ruse. Telling us what you know does not impede any investigation.

Dodging Libya hurt your honesty index. And that hurts the country. It is very important that the folks trust you - even if they don't like you. Take that from me. My television program has been top-rated for nearly 13 years, and it's not because I'm Dale Carnegie. Most Americans respect straightforward talk even if they are annoyed by it.

In closing, congratulations on your victory. You and your guy Axelrod designed a campaign that Romney's Boston boys could not match. But that's not what's important now. Fixing the economy is.

Do that and your legacy will be assured. Fail, and all hell will break loose.
APRIL 27, 2015  | PM Rating: B+
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