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Available Gift Options with Annual Membership

Become a Premium Member today and enjoy an all-access pass to The Factor Online! With a Premium Membership, you get all of these great features:

- Automatic 10% discount on all purchases in the O'Reilly Store
- The No Spin News, Bill's exclusive analysis of the day's news stories
- Bill's Daily Briefing, all the news stories that land on Bill's desk every morning when he plans the Factor
- A thriving message board community with a wealth of opinions and information from people just like you
- Ticket presales that allow you to buy tickets to see Bill before the general public
- And much more!

Yearly memberships renew automatically each year unless you cancel. (A renewal reminder will be sent to you one month prior to your membership expiration date.) You can cancel any time before the next billing cycle begins. Sorry, no refunds after your credit card has been charged.

If you would prefer a non-renewing membership, we suggest either a 90-Day Non-Recurring Premium Membership or One Year Non-Recurring Premium Membership.

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Customer Reviews
  Jerry C. (PRINCETON, KY) on December 24, 2014
I watch everyday and love the show with no spin. I own the killing series and love it too. Hope you continue for many years.
  Cathy D. (MOUNTAIN VIEW, MO) on December 19, 2014
I watch you every night, never miss a show. My family and I rely on Bill and Fox News to learn the truth.
  David R. (ELLENTON, FL) on December 19, 2014
Having a choice of books in addition to the premium membership is a deal that cannot be refused. Undisputed fact-based research put in a No Spin way is how these "Killing" series unfold. Great website, best seller books. Thank you again!
  ThePenguin (SULTAN, WA) on December 17, 2014
I have long admired you Mr O, you inspired me to start a painting business and hire my thug friends too. I thought it was a good time to become a premium member and give back to you sir. Having resisted arrest and been in prison, your inspiration helped me to turn my life around. I am thankful for the Federal way Police and other police departments that taught me to respect the police. I am very impressed with, I chose the premium member Coffee mug as me free gift, and just ordered Killing Patton and the O'reilly factor for kids. I think I am just going to do all my Christmas shopping on

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