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Parker Roller Ball Pen Refill
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Product Description
Medium Point Ink Refills for the Rollerball Pens available in the O'Reilly Store.

Parker Gel Ink refills have a roller ball tip that allows gel ink to flow directly onto paper. Medium point produces clean, smooth lines.

Made in the United Kingdom or France. Please see refill for origin.
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Customer Reviews
  Lucille M. (EAST ROCKAWAY, NY) on June 21, 2014
I simply love the Parker pen and was doubly pleased when I received another one with my purchase. Very generous of you, Bill. I bought my sister one also and loves it. There are times when you don't know what gifts to buy for friends and family at Christmastime and this pen and refill will definitely be on my list. Thank you.
  Darryl S. (JACKSONVILLE, FL) on May 30, 2014
I really enjoy writing with this smooth......I carry it everywhere I go in a leather pouch to keep it looking pen I've ever owned and I'm a lefty.........Thank You Bill.........
  Peggy C. (BRENHAM, TX) on January 07, 2014
For Christmas, a couple of years ago I bought the pen for my sweet husband. He loved it and uses no other unless he is out of refills. So now yearly he receives refills in his stocking!!! Thank you to you, Bill, and your staff.
  Mary F. (WEST HAVEN, CT) on December 22, 2013
This is kind of a backtracking review because I obviously used the pen before I needed a refill ;) but, being the pen fanatic that I am, I must say that this pen beats every single pen I've ever held in my hand. The balance is perfectly weighted and the smoothness of the rolling ball is simply an amazing pleasure and I'm one who usually prefers a more slim style of a cartridge. I found it so incredible to use that rather than using india ink on the handmade watercolor Christmas cards I designed, I used THIS pen and the results were well beyond my expectations. I wasn't really a bit surprised at its quality because it's clear that Mr. O'Reilly would not likely back a product that didn't rise up to his standards and for that I thank him and his staff. If you want an extraordinary gift for yourself or someone you care about, THIS is the pen to give! And the Keep It Pithy notebook too! AND some refills! :)

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