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January 2015
O'Reilly's History Quiz from January 27, 2015
From this quiz:
In 1854, the Kansas-Nebraska Act allowed its residents to exercise popular sovereignty—the right to self-govern— to decide whether or not it would enter the union as a free state or a slave state, overturning what important political settlement?
O'Reilly's History Quiz from January 20, 2015
From this quiz:
Which modern president walked from the Capitol to the White House on Inauguration Day?
O'Reilly's History Quiz from January 13, 2015
From this quiz:
What amendment ended national but not state prohibition?
O'Reilly's History Quiz from January 6, 2015
From this quiz:
How many construction workers' lives were lost during construction?
JANUARY 28, 2015  | PM Rating: A+
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