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September 2014
O'Reilly's History Quiz from September 30, 2014
From this quiz:
President Hayes was the only U.S. president who fought in the Civil War to have what happen to him?
O'Reilly's History Quiz from September 23, 2014
From this quiz:
Johnny Appleseed isn't the only person famous for apples. Where do Granny Smith apples originate from?
O'Reilly's History Quiz from September 16, 2014
From this quiz:
William Howard Taft, born on September 15, 1857, is one of six presidents to hail from which state?
O'Reilly's History Quiz from September 9, 2014
From this quiz:
Who set up the first English colony in North America?
O'Reilly's History Quiz from September 2, 2014
From this quiz:
What bill did McKinley's portrait grace?
SEPTEMBER 30, 2014
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