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August 20, 2014
Lou Gehrig's Disease, or ALS, is in the headlines this week, as a video campaign called the "Ice Bucket Challenge," designed to raise awareness and funds to fight to the neurodegenerative disorder, has gone viral on social media. How much do you know about the baseball legend after whom the disease was named?
1. Gehrig attended Columbia University on a football scholarship, but dropped out after getting signed to the Yankees. What type of degree was he pursuing?
2. What was so special about Gehrig's first career stolen base in 1925?
   it was part of a double steal
   it was part of a triple steal
   it was his first of three stolen bases in the game
   he stole home
3. Who did the Yankees defeat to earn Gehrig his first of six World Series titles in 1927?
   Pittsburgh Pirates
   St. Louis Cardinals
   Chicago Cubs
   New York Giants
4. The Yankees' prolific batting lineup in 1927 was known as Murderers' Row. Who did Gehrig bat behind?
   Babe Ruth
   Mickey Mantle
   Earl Combs
   Tony Lazzeri
5. Against which team did Gehrig become the first player of the 20th century to hit four home runs in one game?
   Boston Red Sox
   Baltimore Orioles
   Philadelphia Athletics
   Chicago Cubs
6. 40 years ago, Gehrig hit his record 23rd and final career grand slam. Who finally broke this long-standing record?
   Barry Bonds
   Alex Rodriguez
   Manny Ramirez
   Mike Piazza
7. Gehrig was the first athlete to appear on what?
   a box of Wheaties
   a can of Pepsi
   the cover of Time magazine
   the cover of Sports Illustrated
8. Which actor played Gehrig in the Oscar nominated film, The Pride of the Yankees?
   Kirk Douglas
   Errol Flynn
   Cary Grant
   Gary Cooper
9. Following Gehrig's ALS diagnosis and departure from baseball, the Yankees retired his number. In 2010, Major League Baseball took the unusual step of retiring which player's number for all teams?
   Roberto Clemente
   Jackie Robinson
   Ty Cobb
   Mariano Rivera
10. Pete Frates, the Massachusetts man and ALS patient who started the Ice Bucket Challenge, set his video to which song?
   Ice, Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice
   Cold as Ice by Foreigner
   Trapped Under Ice by Metallica
   Let it Go from the "Frozen" soundtrack

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AUGUST 20, 2014  | PM Rating: A
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