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September 10, 2014
Muhammad Ali (born Cassius Clay), a great American boxer who retired from the ring in 1981, is widely considered to be among the greatest heavyweights of all time. On September 10, 1973, he defeated Ken Norton in a hard-fought split decision battle, avenging a rare loss at the hands of Norton just six months earlier.
1. Ali, then Cassius Clay, defeated a fighter from which country to earn the gold medal at the 1960 Olympics?
2. When Clay defeated heavyweight champion Sonny Liston in 1964, he became the youngest boxer to take the title from a reigning champ until that record was later broken by whom?
   Mike Tyson
   Joe Frazier
   Evander Holyfield
   Lennox Lewis
3. Why was Clay initially refused entry into the Nation of Islam?
   he was raised Baptist
   he had a falling out with Malcolm X
   he was a professional boxer
   his manager was white
4. When Ali's draft evasion conviction was unanimously overturned by the Supreme Court in 1971, which justice abstained from the case?
   Potter Stewart
   Byron White
   Thurgood Marshall
   Warren Burger
5. Who did Ali fight in the infamous Rumble in the Jungle in Zaire in 1974?
   Joe Frazier
   George Foreman
   Buster Mathis
   Ken Norton
6. How many times was Ali knocked out in his career?
7. At what age was Ali diagnosed with Parkinson's disease?
8. In 1991, Ali met with which world leader to try to negotiate the release of some American hostages?
   Muammar Gaddafi
   Saddam Hussein
   Robert Mugabe
   Ayatollah Khamenei
9. Which actor starred in the 2001 biopic about Ali and was nominated for an Academy Award for the role?
   Denzel Washington
   Don Cheadle
   Jamie Foxx
   Will Smith
10. Ali has appeared on the second most Sports Illustrated covers, behind only which athlete?
   Derek Jeter
   LeBron James
   Michael Jordan
   Tiger Woods

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