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Quiz: Legends & Lies Episode 7 - Francis Marion
Experience in what war inspired Francis Marion's guerrilla tactics?

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1. Experience in what war inspired Francis Marion's guerrilla tactics?
   War of 1812
   Iroquois War
   French and Indian War
   Seminole War
   South Carolina War
2. Francis Marion's daring earned him what nickname?
   Swamp Fox
   Swamp Bat
   Swamp Rat
   The Fox
   Wily Fox
3. Which early American author wrote a largely "legendary" biography of Marion as well as George Washington?
   Washington Irving
   Parson Weems
   Henry Livingston
   Samuel Clemens
   Ralph Waldo Emerson
4. Marion served in what elected body in 1775?
   First Continental Congress
   Second Continental Congress
   South Carolina Provincial Congress
   South Carolina State House
   South Carolina Governor
5. Why was Marion not captured when the British took Charleston in May 1780?
   Broken ankle
   Business trip
6. Marion's guerilla tactics helped the American cause after what American defeat?
   Battle of Charleston
   Battle of Yorktown
   Battle of Gettysburg
   Battle of Princeton
   Battle of Brooklyn Heights
7. Halting the British advance from the south allowed the Americans to win what decisive battle in 1781?
8. The American Revolution officially ended with the signing of what treaty?
   Treaty of Ghent
   Treaty of Paris
   Treaty of Canada
   Treaty of Bermuda
   Treaty of London
9. After the Revolution, Marion settled down and helped to write what?
   South Carolina State Constitution
   South Carolina State Song
   South Carolina State Motto
   South Carolina Fight Song
   The hymn of the Citadel
10. What Mel Gibson film was influenced heavily by Francis Marion's guerilla tactics?
   The Warrior
   The American
   The Fighter
   The Patriot

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