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This Week in History: A Giant Leap for Mankind
1. On July 20, 1969, which two astronauts made a "giant leap for mankind" by walking on the Moon?
   Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
   Neil Armstrong and Alan Shepard
   Buzz Aldrin and Jim Lovell
   John Glenn and Gus Grissom
   Deke Slayton and Michael Collins
2. What was the name of the mission that flew to the Moon in 1969?
   Saturn 1
   Apollo 17
   Apollo 13
   Apollo 8
   Apollo 11
3. What was the name of the lunar module that landed on the Moon in 1969?
   The Hawk
   The Eagle
   The Sparrow
   The Cheetah
   The Bear
4. Three astronauts flew to the Moon that July. Which one stayed behind to man the command module, Columbia?
   Jim Lovell
   Gordon Cooper
   John Glenn
   Michael Collins
   Alan Shepard
5. Before leaving the lunar module, Buzz Aldrin did what?
   Called his wife
   Read a poem
   Ate a sandwich
   Washed his face
   Took communion
6. Along with approximately 500 million people (many more followed along via radio), which president watched from the White House as Americans landed on the Moon?
   Spiro Agnew
   Dwight Eisenhower
   Richard Nixon
   Jimmy Carter
   John F. Kennedy
7. Two countries banned the moon landing broadcast, which two?
   China and Russia
   China and Brazil
   Russia and Kenya
   France and Italy
   Mexico and Canada
8. In total, how many Americans have walked on the Moon?
9. President Kennedy challenged Americans to successfully land a man on the moon by when?
   Before his next birthday
   The bicentennial
   In five years
   The end of the century
   The end of the decade
10. Seven years later, on July 20, 1976, Viking 1 landed where?

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