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September 2014
News Quiz from September 29, 2014
From this quiz:
Which well-known scientist has been caught fabricating facts and quotations?
News Quiz from September 22, 2014
From this quiz:
Dr. Ezekiel Emanel, a primary architect of ObamaCare, has decreed the perfect age to die. What does he consider the ideal age at which to cash in your chips?
News Quiz from September 15, 2014
From this quiz:
In which century did the schism develop between Sunni and Shia Islam?
News Quiz from September 8, 2014
From this quiz:
Which female Senator claims that some male colleagues made rude comments about her weight and appearance?
News Quiz from September 1, 2014
From this quiz:
President Obama spent part of the Labor Day weekend at the wedding of White House chef Sam Kass, who tied the knot with which MSNBC host?
Fisher House - Helping Military Families
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