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You asked, so we answered... here's a list of some of the Factor's favorite obscure and obsolete words as mentioned by Bill O'Reilly.
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August 2014 Vocabulary Words
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[MOON-kaff] A foolish person, a dullard
Featured on August 13, 2014
[nuh-FARE-ee-us] Wicked, evil, criminal
Featured on August 12, 2014
[TRUCK-you-lunt] Defiant, eager to fight
Featured on August 11, 2014
[BILL-ings-gate] Harsh and abusive language
Featured on August 7, 2014
[VILL-uh-pend] Despise, vilify
Featured on August 6, 2014
[NEH-bish] A submissive, timid man
Featured on August 5, 2014
[fur-SIFF-uh-rus] Scandalous, rascally
Featured on August 4, 2014
AUGUST 21, 2014  | PM Rating: A
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