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OCTOBER 21, 2014  | PM Rating: B+
Talking Points Memo and Top Story
The race card is now being played with midterm elections just two weeks away. An MSNBC pundit...
Impact Segment
The Obama administration will not allow any West African travelers originating in the Ebola-belt...
Factor Follow Up Segment
27-year old South African Olympic track star Oscar Pistorius was sentenced today to just five...
'Is it Legal?' Segment
The Is It Legal ladies react to the Pistorius verdict, Hardvard tightening restrictions on student...
Unresolved Problems Segment
A new online class being offered at the University of California, San Francisco is totally d...
Back of the Book
Why are Republicans not way ahead in the election polling when President Obama is doing so poorly?...
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October 21, 2014
Hear Bill's take on the day's news
"It really shows you that the justice system in South Africa is insane. I mean, come on.

Any person with any kind of analytic ability knows that Pistorius' story was preposterous.


Some guy broke in, locked himself in - come on."
"I can tell you that the public is angry. Whether people will go out and vote, I don't know. They spend all their time on the Internet, so I don't know.

But it will be an interesting election night on November 4, two weeks from this evening."
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