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NOVEMBER 25, 2014  | PM Rating: A
'Is it Legal?' Segment
Chaos in Ferguson, MO last night after the grand jury reaches the decision to not charge Officer...
Top Story
Charles Krauthammer reacts to the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri and what the long...
Impact Segment
Are there two different justice systems in America - one for whites and another for people of...
Personal Story
Should President Obama have done more or less when it came to Ferguson? We'll ask Karl Rove...
Personal Story
Tonight we'll ask the St. Louis Police Chief about the challenges of keeping the peace in Fe...
Back of Book Segment
The networks have been all over the Ferguson story. Has there coverage been fair? Bernie has...
Where Do You Stand?
Should President Obama travel to Ferguson?
Yes, it might help
No, would make things worse

Bill's Daily Briefing
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November 25, 2014
Hear Bill's take on the day's news
"It looks like there was enough evidence presented so that the Grand Jury could come to the logical conclusion that Michael Brown attacked Darren Wilson, the police officer. Looks like there is enough evidence to show that happened."
"I do not happen to believe that it is a systematic problem; I think it is an individual problem, but if you want to protest along those lines, I do not have any beef with you.

But once you cross the line and start hurting people - and if you burn down a business, that is hurting people..."
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