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Trump's insurgency is a grave threat to liberal America...

Judge Nap's Weekly Column
What if all the remaining presidential candidates really want the same things?
Stratfor's Intel Briefing
Constructing border walls and fences to provide national security...
American Patriot Quiz

Complete Edison's famous quote: "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% ____"

Stossel's Weekly Column
Politicians no longer just target voters state-by-state -- they target by person. 
Bernie's Weekly Column
Introspection is not something that comes naturally to a lot of journalists.
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Wednesday's Talking Points
Verbal Warfare Breaks Out Over South Carolina
After last night's vote in New Hampshire, there are five viable Republican candidates left standing: Trump, Cruz, Kasich, Bush and Rubio. 

The vote in South Carolina will be on Saturday February 20th and...Read The Memo
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Talking Points Memo
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Impact Segment
Truth Serum
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Where Do You Stand?
Among those Republicans who have exited the race, who would make a terrific vice presidential candidate?
Rand Paul Bobby Jindal
Carly Fiorina Mike Huckabee
Chris Christie Lindsey Graham

Bill's Exclusive Commentary
No Spin News
The Big Losers of New Hampshire
"So the three big losers in the New Hampshire vote are Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, and the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie.

You might say, well what about Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson? They were not ever in contention. They're pretty much done as presidential hopefuls. Now they can stay ..."
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"Whereas Sanders is meeting with Al Sharpton...I mean, what good does that do? You think anybody in South Carolina cares what Al Sharpton says? Plus, Sharpton is never going to endorse Sanders ever in a million years. He's a Hillary man all the way because Sharpton is part of the establishment. And t..."Sign Up to Read More
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