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AUGUST 01, 2014  | PM Rating: B+
Top Story
We've noticed when the president is confronted with issues within his administration he says...
Impact Segment
Lou Dobbs has been watching the situation on our southern border closely. Tonight we'll ask...
Factor Flashback Segment
Critics say that with problems overseas and on our own border, the president is losing his grip....
Unresolved Problems Segment
Polls show big time lows for both the president as well as Congress in the U.S. What accounts...
Back of the Book
As we've been reporting, the number of threats facing the United States is growing every day....
Personal Story
Senator Marco Rubio says he knows how to handle the crisis at the border. He presents the facts...
Factor Clips Border under siege
Video Of The Day Dem runs away from Obama
Where Do You Stand?
"We tortured some folks," President Obama said Friday, referring to waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay. Where do you stand?
Waterboarding is not torture
It is torture, which is always wrong
Yes, it's torture, and it was a good idea

Bill's Daily Briefing
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August 01, 2014
Hear Bill's take on the day's news
"As far as Congress is concerned, they are a bunch of pinheads on both sides. Now they are off for a month. Bye! See you, gone. A month! How do I get that job?"
"It will be interesting to see what happens in November, if voters are angry, and they turn out in the midterm. Usually they don't. I think all this impeachment nonsense and the lawsuit nonsense, this is just garbage."
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