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Quiz: Legends & Lies Episode 3 - Benjamin Franklin
After a decade cavorting with elites in London, Benjamin Franklin returns to America under a cloud of suspicion and accusations that he's a traitor secretly collaborating with the enemy. But Franklin is eager to prove himself a patriot and uses his exceptional intellect to prove it to his fellow Congressmen. Soon, the elder statesman becomes the strongest voice for revolution in the Continental Congress, and when George Washington takes command of the ragtag Continental Army, Franklin heads a secret committee to prepare the fledgling army to take on the most powerful military force in the world.

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1. The Second Continental Congress created what committee to help keep extra eyes and ears on Great Britain during the war?
   Committee of Overseeing
   Committee of Overseas Spying
   Committee of Secret Correspondence
   Operation of Secret Spies
   Central Intelligence Agency
2. A man committed to writing and receiving letters, Franklin took what role very seriously?
   Quartermaster General
   Postmaster General
   Master Electrician
   Editor in Chief
3. Franklin served as an agent to the British Parliament for what colony in both 1757 and 1764?
   New York
   New Zealand
   Virginia Assembly
4. The passage of what act profoundly affected the way in which Ben Franklin saw the relationship between the Crown and the colonies?
   Stamp Act of 1765
   Whiskey Act of 1777
   Postage Act of 1750
   Hay Act of 1750
   Emboss Act of 1770
5. Franklin was humiliated before the British Privy Council in 1774 over what affair?
   Affair of the Hutchinson Letters
   Affair of the Heart Letters
   Deborah Letters
   Franklin Letters
   Whispered Secrets Letters
6. Franklin is the only founding father to have done what?
   Lived in France
   Lived in Britain
   Signed all four key founding documents
   Never been married
   To ride a horse
7. It is hard to overstate Franklin's influence and contribution to the American cause, earning him what nickname?
   First American
   Beloved Ben
   Friendly Franklin
   Patriotic Frank
   Electric Ben
8. Franklin spent 9 years in what country, securing a necessary alliance?
9. While many thought Franklin a spy, it was eventually revealed that which secretary to the American delegation was in fact a spy?
   Edward Bancroft
   Silas Green
   Nathanial Green
   Johnny Tremaine
   Benedict Arnold
10. What did Franklin consider to be his last great civic cause?
   Judicial reform
   Voting rights

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