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Great American entertainer Tina Turner
Great American entertainer Tina Turner began her music career when she teamed up with Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm in the 1950s, and she became a superstar with her hit single "Proud Mary" in 1971. Known for her energetic live performances and powerful, her career longevity makes her one of the greatest artists of all time.
1. What job did Turner hold after her high school graduation in 1958?
   hair dresser
   teacher's aide
   nurse's aide
   piano bar singer
2. Turner's first studio recording was as a backup singer known by which name?
   Little Ann
   Annie Girl
   Tiny Tina
   Tina Ann
3. Which music producer put out Turner's first hit song, "River Deep-Mountain High?"
   Clive Davis
   Phil Spector
   Quincy Jones
   Berry Gordy
4. With whom did Turner sing a duet at the Live Aid concert in 1985?
   Mick Jagger
   David Bowie
   Paul McCartney
   Diana Ross
5. In 1985, Turner won the Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance for which song?
   What's Love Got to do with It
   Private Dancer
   Better Be Good to Me
   Foreign Affair
6. Who played Turner in the Oscar nominated "Tina: What's Love Got to do with It?"
   Phylicia Rashad
   Angela Bassett
   Pam Grier
   Alfre Woodard
7. Which Turner song was the theme song to a Mad Max movie with Mel Gibson?
   Private Dancer
   Proud Mary
   We Don't Need Another Hero
   Back Where You Started
8. The music video for "Simply The Best" featured which animal?
9. At 73, Turner was the oldest cover girl for Vogue, surpassing which woman who appeared on Vogue's cover at 62?
   Hillary Clinton
   Helen Mirren
   Barbra Streisand
   Meryl Streep
10. About a decade after moving there, Turner gave up her U.S. passport and became a citizen of which country?

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