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Quiz: Iowa Caucus Results
The first vote of the 2016 election has been cast and the winners of the caucuses in Iowa have been declared: Hillary Clinton for the Democrats, and Ted Cruz for the GOP. How closely have you been following the story?
1. Which Republican came in second in the Iowa caucus?
   Donald Trump
   Marco Rubio
   Ted Cruz
   Chris Christie
2. Following the caucus, Rick Santorum officially suspended his presidential campaign and endorsed which candidate?
   Ted Cruz
   Donald Trump
   Marco Rubio
   Chris Christie
3. Which Republican did not drop out of the race following the Iowa caucus results?
   Rick Santorum
   Rand Paul
   Jim Gilmore
   Mike Huckabee
4. Bernie Sanders dominated in Iowa among which voting group, winning 84% to Clinton's 14%?
   African Americans
   Young people
5. Which GOP candidate did Iowa governor Terry Branstad endorse?
   Donald Trump
   Ted Cruz
   Jeb Bush
   He didn't endorse a candidate
6. After registering less than 1% of the Democratic vote, Martin O'Malley suspended his campaign. O'Malley was a former campaign staffer for which presidential hopeful?
   Walter Mondale
   Gary Hart
   Michael Dukakis
   Al Gore
7. How are ties broken during Iowa caucuses?
   Coin toss
   Rock, paper, scissors
   Voters from neighboring states
   The win goes to the highest polling candidate
8. Which newspaper called for an audit of the results of the Democratic caucus in Iowa?
   Wall Street Journal
   Des Moines Register
   New York Times
   Washington Times
9. Which presidential candidate was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize this week?
   Jeb Bush
   John Kasich
   Marco Rubio
   Donald Trump
10. George W. Bush cut an ad supporting which candidate this week?
   Jeb Bush
   John Kasich
   Marco Rubio
   Hillary Clinton

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