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Great American Entrepreneur Walt Disney
Great American animator and entrepreneur Walt Disney was the foremost innovator of animated television shows and films. His influence on the entertainment industry is unparalleled, as he and his brother co-founded the Walt Disney Company, which to this day is one of the largest broadcasting corporations in the world. On October 22, 1979, his wildly popular theme park, Disney World in Orlando, Florida, welcomed its 100 millionth guest!
1. During his childhood in Missouri, a neighbor paid Disney to draw pictures of what, helping to develop his interest in animation?
   his dog
   his cat
   his horse
   his wife
2. What was Mickey Mouse's original name before being renamed by Disney's wife?
   Mortimer Mouse
   Miles Mouse
   Ike the Mouse
   Mr. Mouse Man
3. Upon learning of Disney's intention to create an animated feature length film, Hollywood deemed the idea "Disney's Folly." What was the movie?
   Snow White
4. In 1950, Walt Disney Productions was on the verge of bankruptcy, following a string of poor box office performances. The release of which film, the most successful since Snow White, helped reverse the studio's fortune?
   Mary Poppins
   Peter Pan
5. Which animated feature was the last film in which Disney played an active role before his death from lung cancer in 1966?
   The Jungle Book
   Sleeping Beauty
   Lady and the Tramp
   The Sword in the Stone
6. Urban legend claims Disney's body was cryonically frozen and stored beneath which ride at Disneyland?
   It's a Small World
   Space Mountain
   Thunder Mountain
   Pirates of the Caribbean
7. Which movie was the first billion dollar title from Disney?
   Toy Story 3
   Shrek 2
   The Lion King
8. Which current pop star did NOT appear as a Mouseketeer on the Mickey Mouse Club variety show?
   Justin Timberlake
   Britney Spears
   Christina Aguilera
   Jessica Simpson
9. Which governor inducted Disney into the California Hall of Fame?
   Ronald Reagan
   Gray Davis
   Arnold Schwarzenegger
   Jerry Brown
10. Which actor played Walt Disney in the 2013 film Saving Mr. Banks?
   Greg Kinnear
   Tom Hanks
   George Clooney
   Stanley Tucci

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