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First Lady Nancy Reagan
Great American First Lady Nancy Reagan (nee Nancy Davis) met her husband and future president Ronald Reagan while the two were both acting in Hollywood. They married on March 4, 1952, and theirs was one of the great political love stories of our time. Mrs. Reagan was considered her husband's greatest protector and champion during his White House years.
1. Where was Nancy Davis born?
   New York City
   Los Angeles
2. With which studio did Davis sign her first deal after moving to Hollywood?
   Warner Brothers
   20th Century Fox
3. What is the only film in which Davis appeared with her husband Ronald Reagan?
   East Side, West Side
   Shadow on the Wall
   Bedtime for Bonzo
   Hellcats of the Navy
4. As First Lady, she generated controversy after ordering which luxury item for the White House during the recession?
   crystal glassware
   fine china
   a water fountain
   a jacuzzi
5. Which Reagan child became estranged from Nancy after writing a book critical of both parents?
   Ronald Jr.
6. In which television sitcom did Reagan appear to promote her Just Say No initiative?
   The Facts of Life
   Diff'rent Strokes
   The Cosby Show
   Who's The Boss
7. Following the assassination attempt on her husband, Reagan consulted what type of professional to help assess the safety risk to the president?
   police detective
   private investigator
8. Reagan was the first First Lady to address the UN General Assembly. On which topic did she speak?
   the Cold War
   drug trafficking
   Alzheimer's disease
9. In 1987, Reagan was diagnosed with and publicly underwent treatment for which disease?
   Lyme disease
   colon cancer
   breast cancer
10. After her husband's death, Reagan became an advocate for which issue, trying to change President George W. Bush's position?
   gay marriage
   global warming
   stem cell research
   sex education

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