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A brand new Quinnipiac Poll shows Sen. Marco Rubio is leading the pack of Republican presidential contenders for 2016.

How closely have you been following Rubio and the other GOP candidates who have officially announced their runs for the White House? Test your knowledge.
1. The Quinnipiac poll showed Sen. Rubio in first place among registered voters with 15% supporting him. Which Republican came in second place?
   Ted Cruz
   Chris Christie
   Mike Huckabee
   Jeb Bush
2. Sen. Rubio announced his candidacy at the Freedom Tower in Miami. What is the significance of that building?
   It was a processing center for Cuban immigrants
   It was where Jeb Bush announced his candidacy for Florida governor
   It was where hanging chads were counted in the 2000 election
   It was where Elian Gonzalez was taken by federal agents
3. Sen. Rubio, in an interview with which person, recently said a Hillary Clinton presidency would be a "death blow" to the American people?
   Barbara Walters
   Katie Couric
   Elisabeth Hasselbeck
   Jimmy Fallon
4. In an attempt to appeal to young voters, Rubio claims that he's a huge fan of which female pop star?
   Lady Gaga
   Nicki Minaj
   Taylor Swift
   Katy Perry
5. When Sen. Rubio did what during his 2013 State of the Union rebuttal, it got major attention and generated at least 15 different parody Twitter accounts?
   Had a coughing fit
   Combed his hair
   Took a drink of water
   Quoted rappers Eminem and Tupac
6. Who did Marco Rubio beat in the 2010 U.S. Senate race in Florida, a victory that propelled him into the national spotlight?
   Charlie Crist
   Jeb Bush
   Katherine Harris
   Janet Reno
7. Which Senate veteran recently called Rand Paul "the worst possible candidate" on the issue of national security?
   Harry Reid
   John McCain
   Dick Durbin
   Barbara Boxer
8. Before entering politics, which profession did Rand Paul hold?
   hedge fund manager
   oil executive
9. Sen. Ted Cruz was the first GOP presidential hopeful to officially announce his candidacy. Abolishing which government agency is key to his platform?
   Homeland Security
   Veteran Affairs
10. Cruz has been criticized for poor Senate attendance, skipping the vast majority of hearings on which of his committees?
   Foreign Relations
   Armed Services

APRIL 24, 2015  | PM Rating: A-
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