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Quiz: Violent Protests Erupt in Charlotte
Violent protests erupt in Charlotte, North Carolina on the heels of more police shootings of black men. How closely have you been following the story?
1. Keith Lamont Scott's family claimed he was doing what when shot by a Charlotte police officer?
   Reading a book
   Writing a poem
   Playing with his son
   Playing with a water gun
2. When does a North Carolina law take effect forbidding the release of police footage publicly without a court order?
   October 1, 2016
   November 1, 2016
   December 1, 2016
   January 1, 2017
3. What is the name of the North Carolina congressman who was forced to apologize for saying the Charlotte protesters hate white people because they're successful?
   Robert Pittenger
   G.K. Butterfield
   Walter Jones
   Richard Hudson
4. In an interview with which news person did President Obama urge a peaceful resolution to the situation in Charlotte?
   Diane Sawyer
   Robin Roberts
   Anderson Cooper
   Chuck Todd
5. Which of the following companies is *not* among those telling Charlotte employees to stay home during the unrest?
   Bank of America
   Wells Fargo
   Founders Credit Union
   Fifth Third Bank
6. Last week, an unarmed black man was shot in which city, with video of the incident surfacing?
   Cleveland, OH
   Tuscaloosa, AL
   Oxford, MS
   Tulsa, OK
7. Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby has been charged with which crime following her shooting of Crutcher?
   Excessive force
   Illegally brandishing a weapon
   Drug possession
8. Crutcher recently served four years in an Oklahoma prison after being convicted on what charge?
   Attempted rape
   Armed robbery
   Drug trafficking
9. Police have said that which drug was found in Crutcher's vehicle?
10. Which former NFL player made headlines for saying the Crutcher shooting wasn't about black vs. white, but rather good vs. evil?
   Ray Lewis
   Randy Moss
   Peyton Manning
   Bret Favre

SEPTEMBER 23, 2016  | PM Rating: A+
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