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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
Great American Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was confirmed to the high Court on October 15, 1991. He is the second African-American to serve on the Court, succeeding Thurgood Marshall. He is known to most Americans as the subject of heated confirmation hearings after it emerged that a former subordinate, attorney Anita Hill, accused him of unseemly behavior. Often viewed as the most conservative member of the Court, he has notably come down against Roe v. Wade and school desegregation.
1. Thomas left seminary school following which historical event?
   JFK's assassination
   Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination
   the fall of Saigon
   Brown v. Board of Education ruling
2. Thomas was not drafted for Vietnam after failing his medical exam due to which ailment?
   poor vision
   poor hearing
   curvature of the spine
3. Thomas was appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals covering which district by President Bush
   Washington, D.C.
4. Anita Hill, who famously accused Thomas of sexually harassing her, worked with Thomas at which government agency?
   Department of Education
   Department of Justice
   Department of the Treasury
   the Federal Reserve
5. During his first decade on the Supreme Court, Thomas had the highest voting alignment with which fellow justice?
   David Souter
   William Rehnquist
   Antonin Scalia
   John Paul Stevens
6. Which Fox News analyst was one of Justice Thomas' early clerks?
   Megyn Kelly
   Laura Ingraham
   Kimberly Guilfoyle
   Greg Gutfeld
7. Thomas requires his staffers to watch the film based on which book by which he was heavily influenced?
   The Fountainhead
   The Color Purple
   Great Gatsby
   The Firm
8. Thomas was one of how many dissenting opinions in Hamden v. Rumsfeld, which ruled that Congress must authorize military tribunals for Gitmo detainees?
9. In 2011, some Democratic congresspeople called for Thomas to recuse himself from which cases, citing a conflict of interest because of his wife?
   Tea Party
   gay marriage
10. Supreme Court commentator Jeffrey Toobin recently accused Thomas of not doing his job because of his tendency to do what?
   recuse himself from cases
   avoid writing opinions
   refuse to talk to the media
   opt out of questioning lawyers during oral arguments

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