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Week of 4/21
1. Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his supporters have been in a high-profile standoff with armed agents from which federal department?
   Environmental Protection
2. Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, the accused murderer and former boxer who died Sunday, was the subject of a laudatory song by whom?
   Bob Dylan
   Isaac Hayes
   Pete Seeger
   Billy Preston
   Bruce Springsteen
3. The New York Police Department has disbanded a special squad known as the Demographics Unit. What was its task?
   Stop and frisk suspicious pedestrians
   Infiltrate mosques and spy on Muslims
   Employ "harsh" interrogation techniques
   Study racial disparities in criminal behavior
   Use DNA to predict a person's "violence quotient"
4. President Obama used what business as an example of unfair economic discrimination against women?
   Dry cleaning
   Pro basketball
5. Hillary Clinton's upcoming book will be called "Hard Choices," the same title as a memoir written by which other secretary of state?
   Dean Rusk
   Cyrus Vance
   Thomas Jefferson
   John Foster Dulles
   Lawrence Eagleburger
6. The Obama administration has once again delayed making a final decision on what?
   Keystone pipeline
   Medicaid expansion
   Sanctions against Syria
   Common Core standards
   Campaign finance reform
7. Billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will spend $50-million to influence what issue?
   Gun control
   Tobacco use
   Climate change
   Drug legalization
8. "I have earned my place in heaven," he declared last week. Who?
   Michael Bloomberg
   Jeremiah Wright
   Al Sharpton
   Bill Clinton
   Al Gore
9. A single company has manufactured the six best-selling cell phone handsets of all time. Which firm?
10. How did "420" come to symbolize marijuana use?
   Bob Marley died on 4/20/1981
   There are 420 chemicals in cannabis
   It is police radio code for drug crimes
   4:20 PM was the time to get high after school
   No one actually knows how the term originated

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