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Week of 8/25
1. The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office has determined that President Obama definitely broke the law when he did what?
   Changed the date of the ObamaCare employer mandate
   Used executive action to limit carbon emissions
   Declined to enforce existing immigration laws
   Traded inmates for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl
   All of the Above
2. Which country pays ransom to terrorists in exchange for the release of hostages?
   All of the Above
3. Photojournalist James Foley, who was murdered by ISIS terrorists last week, was also held hostage for 44 days back in 2011. Where?
   North Korea
4. Some people are demanding that St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch be replaced in the Michael Brown case. Why?
   He is a conservative Republican
   His father was killed by a black man
   He has been in the job for less than a year
   He is 77 and considered by some to be too old
   He once prosecuted a black rap artist for obscenity
5. President Obama's favorite golfing partner is Marvin Nicholson, who has teed of with the president 134 times. What is his job or connection to the president?
   Former NBA player
   Friend from Chicago
   Democratic fundraiser
   White House trip director
   Assistant White House chef
6. The Islamic Society of North America, the nation's largest Muslim group, holds its annual convention this week. Who is the keynote speaker?
   Eric Holder
   Bill Clinton
   Jimmy Carter
   Hillary Clinton
   George W. Bush
7. The Ice Bucket Challenge, which has swept the country in recent weeks, is meant to raise money for what illness?
   Multiple sclerosis
   Clinical depression
   Autism and Asperger's
   Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
8. Hillary Clinton has been ridiculed for the long list of demands she presents to anyone hiring her as a speaker. Which is NOT among them?
   Presidential hotel suite
   No media coverage of speech
   Transportation on a private jet
   Approval of the introductory speaker
   Gluten-free meals from a five-star restaurant
9. Announcer Don Pardo, who died last week at age 96, initially gained fame in the 1950s as the voice of which game show?
   Family Feud
   Match Game
   The Dating Game
   The Price is Right
   The Hollywood Squares
10. "White folks was in the caves when we was building empires ... we taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before them Greek homos." Who said it?
   Ben Carson
   Eric Holder
   Al Sharpton
   Jesse Jackson
   Louis Farrakhan

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