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2014 Year End Quiz
We've made up this quiz, get ready to start.
We're gonna' find out who's dumb and who's smart.
The Year End Quiz is comin' to town!

We'll know if you've been sleeping, or if you've been awake.
We'll know if you've been bad or good, so don't even try to fake!

Oh, get ready to go, give it your best.
Fifty queries in all, it's quite a tough test.
The Year End Quiz is comin' to town!
1. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 departed from Kuala Lumpur on March 8th, en route to what destination that was never reached?
   Tokyo, Japan
   Beijing, China
   Mumbai, India
   Karachi, Pakistan
   Jakarta, Indonesia
2. Which cable network asked a "psychic" to divine the possible fate of Flight 370?
   All of the Above
3. President Obama and other government officials often refer to the Islamic State as ISIL, with the "L" standing for what?
4. Which of these men wrote to the Islamic State, asking to become a citizen?
   Ted Kaczynski
   Charles Manson
   Mumia Abu Jamal
   Major Nidal Hasan
   Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
5. In which nation are same-sex couples now legally permitted to marry?
   All of the Above
6. Brendan Eich, CEO of the innovative high-tech company Mozilla, was forced to resign in April because of his beliefs about what?
   Gun control
   Affirmative action
   Same-sex marriage
7. Comedian Sid Caesar, who died in February, hosted TV's "Your Show of Shows" in the early 50's. Who was his female comic sidekick?
   Elaine May
   Mary Healy
   Anne Meara
   Imogene Coca
   Moms Mabley
8. The family of slain Missouri teen Michael Brown was represented by attorney Benjamin Crump, who had been involved in what other high profile case?
   Rodney King
   O.J. Simpson
   Trayvon Martin
   Tawana Brawley
   All of the Above
9. "Don't let anybody tell you that it's corporations and businesses that create jobs." Who said it in October?
   Joe Biden
   Al Franken
   Bernie Sanders
   Hillary Clinton
   Elizabeth Warren
10. In which of the following states was there no 2014 Senate race?
   New Jersey
11. Which newly-minted Republican Senator reported for National Guard duty two days after winning in November?
   Joni Ernst, IA
   Thom Tillis, NC
   Tom Cotton, AR
   Cory Gardner, CO
   Shelley Capito, WV
12. Thomas Duncan, the Ebola patient who died in October in Dallas, entered America from which nation?
   Ivory Coast
   Sierra Leone
13. When the 114th Congress is sworn in next month, it will have no members who are what?
   Openly homosexual
   World War II veterans
   Without a college degree
14. Bill Cassidy, who defeated Mary Landrieu in Louisiana, will be the fourth of these in the Senate. What?
   Ordained ministers
   Former TV anchors
   Active duty military
15. Malala Yousafzai, co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, has what distinction among all the people who have been given that award?
   First female
   First Muslim
   Youngest winner
   First posthumous winner
   First to win while in prison
16. Which female Senator claimed that some male colleagues made rude comments about her weight and appearance?
   Diane Feinstein
   Claire McCaskill
   Elizabeth Warren
   Barbara Mikulski
   Kirsten Gillibrand
17. Which Senate race was the most expensive in history?
   North Carolina
   New Hampshire
18. Which former member of President Obama's cabinet strongly disapproved of the swap that exchanged Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban commanders?
   Robert Gates
   Leon Panetta
   Eric Shinseki
   Janet Napolitano
   All of the Above
19. Which veteran anchor/host resigned from CNN in 2014?
   Wolf Blitzer
   Sanjay Gupta
   Carol Costello
   Candy Crowley
   Ashleigh Banfield
20. Meanwhile, CNN axed which low-rated prime-time host?
   Wolf Blitzer
   Erin Burnett
   Piers Morgan
   Anderson Cooper
   All of the Above
21. Before settling on Chuck Todd as moderator of Meet the Press, NBC executives reportedly approached whom to replace David Gregory?
   Jon Stewart
   Bill O'Reilly
   Greg Gutfeld
   Chelsea Clinton
   Melissa Harris-Perry
22. Which Republican presidential prospect won the straw poll at the ultra-conservative Values Voters Summit in September?
   Ted Cruz
   Rand Paul
   Ben Carson
   Marco Rubio
   Mike Huckabee
23. Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, once considered a rising Republican star, was convicted of what crime in September?
   Drunk driving
   Campaign finance abuse
24. Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier, who brutally ruled Haiti for fifteen years, died in October. Where die he spend the final years of his life?
25. In an election described as "an earthquake," the UKIP party won a national vote in the United Kingdom. What was part of its platform?
   Withdrawal from the European Union
   No subsidies for "green" energy
   Stricter immigration controls
   Lower corporate taxes
   All of the Above
26. The price of single share of which company's stock reached $200,000 last summer?
   General Electric
   Berkshire Hathaway
27. In a major defeat for the United Auto Workers, employees at which Tennessee plant rejected union representation?
28. Which Central American nation, some of whose residents flooded into the USA in 2014, has by far the world's highest murder rate?
   Costa Rica
   El Salvador
29. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch dispatched conservative columnist George Will because of a column he wrote about what issue?
   Gay rights
   Sexual assault
   Climate change
30. Senator Harry Reid denounced them as "un-American" on the floor of the Senate. Who?
   The Tea Party
   Charles and David Koch
   "Global warming" skeptics
   The National Rifle Association
   Rush Limbaugh and conservative radio hosts
31. Which well-known ad slogan was jettisoned after 20 years?
   Got milk?
   Just do it
   Eat Mor Chikin!
   A diamond is forever
   The other white meat
32. Female celebrities and business leaders were involved in a national campaign intended to ban which word, which they say is harmful to little girls?
33. Who replaced Diane Sawyer when she stepped down as anchor of ABC World News in September?
   Dan Harris
   Juju Chang
   David Muir
   Martha Raddatz
   Elizabeth Vargas
34. A veteran correspondent at CBS News left the network, at least in part because of alleged liberal bias. Who?
   Chip Reid
   Bill Plante
   Rita Braver
   Jan Crawford
   Sharyl Attkisson
35. After 130 years in print, which women's monthly ended home delivery and cut back to four editions a year?
   Woman's Day
   Family Circle
   Good Housekeeping
   Ladies' Home Journal
   Better Homes And Gardens
36. Jeremiah Denton, who died in March at age 89, was shot down over North Vietnam and held as a POW for eight years. What position did he later hold?
   Head of the FBI
   Delta Airlines CEO
   United States Senator
   Ambassador to Vietnam
   Commandant of the Marine Corps
37. Which American city has instituted a plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, highest in the nation?
   San Diego
   San Francisco
38. Which syndicated columnist declared that Ambassador Christopher Stevens wasn't murdered in Benghazi, but died of "smoke inhalation?
   Howie Carr
   Eleanor Clift
   Paul Krugman
   Maureen Dowd
   Arianna Huffington
39. James Brady, who died in August, was severely wounded when John Hinckley tried to kill President Reagan. Who took over his role as White House spokesperson?
   Tony Snow
   Dana Perino
   Ari Fleischer
   Larry Speakes
   Marlin Fitzwater
40. Another former White House spokesman, Larry Speakes, died in January. Which president did he serve?
   Bill Clinton
   Gerald Ford
   Jimmy Carter
   Ronald Reagan
   George H.W. Bush
41. Soon after taking office in January, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio vowed to outlaw what?
   Armed cops
   Street vendors
   Subway musicians
   Horse-drawn carriages
   Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
42. Which nation won the most medals at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics?
   United States
43. The U.S. Open, a major tournament in a once popular sport, was canceled in '14 for the second year in a row. Which sport?
   Women's golf
   Pocket billiards
44. Former Washington Mayor Marion Barry, who died in November, was convicted of what crime in 1990?
   Resisting arrest
   Drug possession
   Indecent exposure
   He was never convicted
45. Which job did the late Ariel Sharon never hold in Israel?
   Prime Minister
   Foreign Minister
   Defense Minister
   Army Major General
   He served in all those positions
46. Which band played in Israel in June, despite pleas by other rockers to boycott the country?
   The Kinks
   Pink Floyd
   Led Zeppelin
   Rolling Stones
47. Which musician went on tour for the first time in nearly 40 years?
   Grace Slick
   Ringo Starr
   Cat Stevens
   David Bowie
   Aretha Franklin
48. And which singing star released what he says will be his final song?
   Billy Joel
   Tony Orlando
   Kenny Rogers
   Barry Manilow
   Glen Campbell
49. Which longtime staple of network television came to an end in 2014?
   Weekday soap operas
   Afternoon game shows
   Saturday college football
   Saturday morning cartoons
   Prime time situation comedies
50. The O'Reilly Factor was once again America's most watched cable news program in 2014. When did The Factor take over the top spot?

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