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1. Among the speakers at this week's Democratic convention will be the mother of which teenager who was killed by a policeman?
   Oscar Grant
   Freddie Gray
   John Crawford
   Michael Brown
   Hadiya Pendleton
2. And who will not give a major address to the delegates in Philadelphia?
   Michelle Obama
   Sen. Bernie Sanders
   Mayor Bill de Blasio
   Sen. Elizabeth Warren
   Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
3. The 18-year-old man who slaughtered nine people in Munich last week was born and raised in which city?
4. Before entering politics, Senator Tim Kaine worked in which profession?
5. Which billionaire is endorsing Hillary Clinton?
   Carl Icahn
   Steve Wynn
   Sheldon Adelson
   T. Boone Pickens
   Michael Bloomberg
6. According to Secretary of State John Kerry, who or what is as big a threat as ISIS?
   Fox News
   Air conditioners
   White supremacists
7. Since black Americans started voting in large numbers, who was the last Republican candidate to win a majority of their votes?
   George H.W. Bush, 1988
   Barry Goldwater, 1964
   Richard Nixon, 1960
   Alf Landon, 1936
   None of the Above
8. Wright State University in Ohio has withdrawn from hosting the first presidential debate in September. What was the school's stated reason?
   Too expensive
   Fear of mass protests
   It would interfere with academics
   The school's auditorium is too small
   Donald Trump's immigration policies
9. The final one of these will be manufactured this week. What?
   CD player
   Film camera
   Electric typewriter
   Answering machine
   Video cassette recorder
10. Producer Garry Marshall, who died last week at age 81, was behind some of the most successful TV shows in history. Which was not included in his body of work?
   Happy Days
   Mork & Mindy
   The Odd Couple
   All in the Family
   Laverne and Shirley

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