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1. Donald Trump has released his first TV ad of the general election campaign, which targets Hillary Clinton on which issue?
   Health care
   Foreign relations
   Government spending
2. Trump's new campaign CEO Steve Bannon had been in charge of which right-wing website?
   Free Republic
   Breitbart News
   American Thinker
3. In addition to the United States, only seven NATO nations have joined the fight against ISIS. Which of these countries is missing in action?
   United Kingdom
4. Which Democratic Senator wrote a scathing op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, demanding that other NATO countries step up and do their part?
   Barbara Boxer, CA
   Richard Dubrin, IL
   Bernie Sanders, VT
   Chuck Schumer, NY
   Dianne Feinstein, CA
5. Who is John Bel Edwards?
   Milwaukee Mayor
   Louisiana Governor
   Released Iranian hostage
   Olympic marathon gold medalist
   Hillary Clinton's campaign manager
6. Which conservative legal group has won a lawsuit that forces Hillary Clinton to answer more questions about her emails?
   Cato Institute
   Judicial Watch
   Federalist Society
   Thomas More Law Center
   Landmark Legal Foundation
7. Black Lives Matter held a protest last week outside the former home of which deceased singer?
   John Lennon
   Elvis Presley
   Michael Jackson
   Whitney Houston
8. John McLaughlin, who died last week at age 89, hosted The McLaughlin Group for 34 years. Who was not part of his original punditry panel?
   Howie Kurtz
   Pat Buchanan
   Robert Novak
   Jack Germond
   Mort Kondracke
9. Which popular gossip site has gone belly-up and will vanish this week?
   Hollywood Life
10. As of next week, yellow taxi cab drivers in New York City will no longer be required to do what?
   Read a map
   Make change
   Speak English
   Silence the radio
   Take passengers with babies

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