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Week of 10/22
1. According to CNN, why was it acceptable that President Obama had more time to speak than Mitt Romney in last week's debate?
   He is the incumbent
   He speaks more slowly
   He had both the first and last response
   Romney failed to use all his allotted time
   The timekeeper's stopwatch malfunctioned
2. President Obama and Mitt Romney cracked jokes at the Al Smith dinner in New York City last week. Who was Al Smith?
   College president
   Murdered policeman
3. George McGovern, who died Sunday at age 90, carried just one state when he ran against Richard Nixon in 1972. Which?
   South Dakota
4. Temporarily putting aside their differences, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney appeared in a video to heap praise on Robert Griffin III. Who is he?
   Navy SEAL
   Football player
   Charter school founder
   Government whistle blower
   Nobel Prize winner in physics
5. Which magazine has decided to pull the plug on its print edition?
   The Nation
   The New Yorker
   The Weekly Standard
6. Which sponsor dropped Lance Armstrong last week as more details of his cheating emerged?
   Under Armour
7. Which business leader, a lifelong Democrat, has endorsed Mitt Romney?
   Bill Gates
   Jeff Immelt
   Lee Iacocca
   Penny Pritzker
   Warren Buffett
8. Syria's dictator Bashar Assad, who has killed tens of thousands of his own people, has decided to ban something to promote better health. What?
   White rice
   Refined sugar
   Infant formula
   Silicone breast implants
   Genetically modified food
9. Which mononymous singer will provide halftime entertainment at February's Super Bowl?
10. MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell, even more unhinged than usual, used his show to challenge whom to a fistfight?
   Craig Romney
   Tagg Romney
   Josh Romney
   Mitt Romney
   Ann Romney

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